Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Shoot-Out

Episode 2 of Two Weeks to Live begins with a stand-off  as Kim confronts her Father’s killer, Jimmy. She confirms her Father’s name is Bill Noakes. Only,  Jimmy can’t remember who he is. After a trick involving a trap door, Jimmy scrambles for a gun and the two engage in a stand-off.

This inevitably leads the duo to fight around the house. Kim and Jimmy both trade blows until the former knocks the man down and turns him into a bloody mess. Outside meanwhile, the two boys discuss Jay’s relationship problems with his girlfriend Beth.

Back in the house, Kim takes Jimmy upstairs and there, finally, he understands who she is. As Kim mentions the end of the world, she turns the news on and there’s obviously nothing there about a nuclear apocalypse. It’s just the opportunity Jimmy needs to grab a knife and throw it across the room. It hits Kim in the shoulder; a lucky escape from death.

Outside though, Kim speaks to Nicky who happens to be downstairs. There, she realizes it’s all one big prank. Unfortunately this prank gets completely out of control as Jimmy grabs Kim and tumbles off the balcony. As he does, he sputters the name “Joe” and dies.

With Kim in shock, the two boys struggle to deal with the situation given Jimmy’s death. Jay decides they need to call the police. However, Kim has other plans – including chopping up the body into little pieces.

While they debate, Tina travels down to that very same diner from before, looking for her daughter. There, she finds evidence she’s been there with a picture of her up on the wall.

In a strange twist of fate, it turns out Ian – the guard Kim shot last episode – isn’t actually dead. As he regains consciousness and looks to head down to hospital, Kim struggles to forgive Nicky for his lies.

While Kim leaves, inside the house Ian believes Jay is going to smother him with a pillow and admits that there’s 500 grand hidden in the fireplace. As they grab the bag of money, Kim takes off leaving them all stranded at the house.

The Episode Review

If there’s one big highlight here it comes from Sean Pertwee. He’s fantastic is this role and easily the comedic centre of this series. It’s a pity they’ve killed him off so soon as he could have been the bright spot of this show. The stand-off between Kim and Jimmy was good too and their lines really flowed well together.

Despite some nice twists and a couple of decent jokes, this show just isn’t all that funny. It doesn’t quite have the comedic timing needed to really pull off the dark humour and the script lacks that cutting edge too. Hopefully things will pick up but with Sean Pertwee gone, I’m struggling to see who will provide the comedy.

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