Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


A Whole New World

We begin episode 1 of Two Weeks To Live in the North of England as our protagonist, Kim, enters a diner. With a wad of money, she’s conned into giving up cash for buying food and using the bathroom.

When she returns, the waitress called Mandi finds her husband on the floor beaten down and with “oink oink” written across his head. This is Kim’s doing and as she leaves, she drives down to the South Coast. Following a clue left behind with an envelope, she arrives outside a pub.

Kim stumbles inside in high heels. After knocking over a very angry-looking man’s drink, she settles in at the bar. Two boys – Jay and Nicky – happen to have made a wager that the next person to arrive would be the girl Nicky asks out on a date. Lo and behold, that’s Kim.

At the bar, Nicky gets talking to this girl who happens to have a list of things to do before the end of the world. It turns out Kim is the daughter of a Doomsday Prepper and believes the end of the world is nigh.

Meanwhile, up in Scotland a woman sits in the tranquil forest and starts painting. Midway through however, she finds her target and shoots it dead. As we soon learn, this is Kim’s Mother Tina. Inside the cabin, Kim is nowhere to be found. It’s here it becomes apparent that she’s run away. Left in her wake is a message to her Mum apologizing and promising she’ll be okay.

Back on the South Coast, the two boys invite Kim back to their apartment. Midway through smoking and drinking, Kim has to take a pollution pill. While they talk, Jay sneaks away and starts researching on the computer.

As we see from a flashback, Kim is haunted by horrific memories of the past, including her Father being stabbed. Jay snaps them back to reality as he tricks Kim into believing the world is going to end in 2 weeks. It’s all completely fabricated of course but Nicky is not so sure Jay’s joke is the right way to go.

Believing the end is upon them, Kim puts her plan into motion as the two boys follow. This brings them to a lavish house where Kim brandishes a silenced gun and kills one of the guards. Her target happens to be a crime boss named Jimmy. Jimmy, as fate would have it, may well be the guy responsible for killing Kim’s Father.

The Episode Review

With a light cliffhanger at the end, the twist is interesting enough to keep you watching to find out what happens next. When it comes to the comedy though, there isn’t really anything all that funny here. The series shoots for that “End of the F***ing World” vibe but doesn’t quite achieve it. Still, there’s enough intrigue here to keep you watching but whether this drama can sustain that interest across 6 episodes remains to be seen.

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