Two Summers Season 1 Ending Explained – Who is the blackmailer?

Two Summers To Forget

It’s been a long, drawn-out summer, both in the past and present, for our characters. Finally, all the drama and pent-up frustrations come to a head as we finally come to understand what happened in both timelines.

What is Luk’s role in all this?

Last episode we learned that Luk’s child, Jen, is actually Peter’s. Luk is sterile and unable to have kids, a secret that Lia has been keeping from him this whole time.

Meanwhile, Luk’s camera was used to film the incident, with Luk replacing the tape in the camera with another. Unknown to Peter, Stef and Didier though, who destroy the videotape and believe their ordeal is over.

When Luk found out, it caused a chain reaction as he told Lia, who in turn showed Sofie the video, who then asked Romee for advice. Saskia ended up becoming part of this whole ordeal, as they worked together.

Who is the blackmailer?

Episode 6 of Two Summers starts with us finally getting some answers, as the event from the start of episode 1 are re-framed with everything we’ve learned so far. Peter is in the bathroom and Romee sends the incriminating message, blackmailing Peter and asking for 100 Bitcoin.

Back on the island in our present timeline, Luk continues to deal with the bombshell reveal in his relationship. Namely that he’s not Jen’s father and that accolade unfortunately belongs to Peter.

We also learn that Lia used to be a sex worker and Didier was one of her clients back then. After a few times she stopped taking his requests. He was never aggressive with her but she didn’t like the way it made her feel so she stopped. Of course, when they saw each other on the island again after all these years, it causes no end of issues.

Is the blackmailer revealed?

While the boys have all been concerned and whispering all season long about who could be spreading the video, the girls too have had their issues. Namely that of Saskia and Lia deciding they should stop this obsession of boys VS girls. Saskia has a good thing going with Stef and doesn’t want to ruin that because of what happened 30 years back.

With everything starting to spill out into the open, Didier decides to open up and reveal the truth at dinner that day. As they show up and gather round the table, Saskia is noticeably absent. Romee leads them all inside the house… where the videotape is playing on the TV for all to see.

Peter scrambles to turn it off, as the party spills over to the balcony once more to finally air out all these issues. There, Peter fumbles with his words, claiming that Sofie “wanted this” and tries to justify his heinous actions. This obviously riles everyone up , with Didier trying to pass the blame off to Mark, who’s obviously dead.

Is the truth about Jen revealed?

The situation involving Jen spills out as well, with a frustrated Luk confronting Saskia about sleeping with Peter. This has a chain reaction of causing Romee to lose her temper too, eventually telling the group that she’s sent the video off to the three largest press agencies, including Belga. This is actually a lie, as we find out, but the damage is done.

Peter and Romee break up while Lia and Luk’s relationship hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Mowgli commits suicide down by the shore, which sends ripples across the whole group and sends another dark cloud over the island for the weekend.

With everything out in the open, we jump forward once more to the interviews, as the investigator promises to be in touch with whether this will turn into a criminal case or not.

How does Two Summers end?

All of our characters receive letters in the post with their verdict, and each of our main cast react in their own ways. They’ve all received court summons for the impending criminal trial.

Now, given Sofie earlier told the investigator, Salima, that she doesn’t want to press charges, the clear relief in reading her letter with Didier seems to be indicative that this is not going to be taken any further.


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37 thoughts on “Two Summers Season 1 Ending Explained – Who is the blackmailer?”

  1. I am here to find an explanation for the ending! Glad to know I’m not alone.Terrible! Agree with the comments about the difficulty in figuring out who’s who from teen to adult. Could have been a great show, but some scenes from the past were too repetitive and it leaves you hanging as to the characters’ lives😡

  2. Thanks to Klaus and E. for explaining the ending! I speak French and German and I’ve seen bad subtitles. But in this case, for people who don’t speak Flemish, it’s unforgivable that the subtitles were wrong in the most critical final scenes. So it would seem Romée might be charged and the others are summoned as witnesses, so we know the prosecutor proceeded with a criminal trial. Maybe? But exactly what the charge is and who is charged are details expected by fans of mystery crime shows. Otherwise what’s the point? And for the record, it was a group of clueless, self-indulgent white Europeans who are all morally compromised (except Luc) and in the end, who cares about any of them? Most British and Scandinavian crime series these days are effortlessly diverse.

  3. It would also make some brain sense to ensure, the young and old version of characters do have similarity. They were 20 then so could not have grown much taller right and look at Didier, I mean fat or thin is understandable but height? Another character is Sophia, hair color and looks so different. Its like trying to confuse us audience with a suspense which never was there..How was Lea in the blackmail list…doesnt make sense ya

  4. Well, the ending destroyed the otherwise good show…No matter how nice the suspense is stretched, the ending is supposed the most important part of the whole show as audience have spent their precious time watching and love to see a conclusion rather then kept in the dark. Producers should be mindful that Netflix is targeting international audience and hence the subtitles should show what the letter is about. Fine its non verbal, but we dont even know what is the letter about . Is it a summon? Is the case closed?? Never gonna watch any movie from this producer..Ending was Anti climax

  5. I loved the series. I thought I understood it completely, but someone in an above comment said Luc didn’t film the rape with his camera. Who did film it then? I liked the foreshadowing: the carelessness with the gun and Mowgli even admonishing Peter and pushing away the gun. I really love European films; this one was not a disappointment.

  6. Loved the series. Didier far too emotional and irritatimg. His younger version was far better looking. I feel that Stef was too strong a character to take his own life. He had overcome great adversity as a child. It is unlikely that soemeone of his past and consequent make-up would have ended up like that. Romee is largely unexplored and underdeveloped. I would have liked to have learnt more about her.

  7. We can all agree non-consensual sex is wrong. Yet, very seldom is anything ever really black and white, like how Rommey and Lia see it. We grow to despise Rommey, and we want her punished, perhaps as much as we want the rape participants punished. I liked the movie for forcing me to think about why this is and to question my own beliefs and prejudices.

    Unlike others, I feel most of the actors were decently casted to look
    like their young/old versions. The only one that bothered me was Peter. Old Peter absolutely did not resemble teenage Peter.

    Did anyone else catch the mistake at the end when the group is walking down from the house to get into the boats to leave the island? Mowgli (the deceased) is part of the group, in his bright blue shirt.

    So Rommey and Lia were the blackmailers? We are shown Rommey texting Peter on the toilet before they leave home the video and request for Bitcoin. Then in the last episode Luc tells Lia he’ll never forgive her for what she’s done. It’s already established that Rommey and Lia have become friends prior to this island trip. Yet, I am still not 100% sure. Is the ambiguity necessary??

    I also hated the ending. We’ve invested this much time learning the characters, casting judgments based on what the director wants us to see. We are led along by the ear, then boom “OK you figure it out from here.” How inconsiderate. Just a clue from an expression or a partial view of the letters could have provided much needed sense of closure. Don’t need to spell it out, but a better hint would have been nice. But no.

  8. I think it turns out Luc is blackmailing his brother as he’s angry at the fact that he’s not Jen’s biological father; Peter is. It seems Sophie does get hold of the video though. We are challenged to think about guilt, responsibility, youth vs. adulthood, and to what extent events are under our control or we are swept along by their unfolding, our own impulsive and unthinking behaviors, a perfect storm—liquor, sexual desire, group daring, misunderstandings, perhaps willful ones, and innate character flaws that lead to our moral failures. No one is a monster in 1992, but a monstrous event occurs that the men are all responsible for.

  9. Very good series, I thought it was easy enough to understand and identify characters past and present. The ending was a little predicable, I knew the gun would be of significance, still though I thought the final episode came to a solid conclusion.

  10. Ending was horrible. Plus it irritates me that Lia, an outsider, came in and basically destroyed everyone’s lives. Romee was a COMPLETLY unlikeable character from the beginning, and it took me 4 episodes to figure out who was who between the 2 timelines. I’ll never get this time back. UGG.

  11. The past timelines were much stronger than the present timelines. I found the adults to be less sympathetic than their younger counterparts, and there was too much squabbling among them, which made the story drag. It’s never made clear why Romee decided to blackmail Peter, and Sofia didn’t appear to be in charge of her own agency. I COULDN’T STAND Didier and found him to be a constant irritant as an adult. I wasn’t convinced of his relationship with Sofia and subsequent marriage.

    Despite my misgivings I enjoyed the drama, largely because I found the young actors very compelling and relatable.

  12. The problem for foreign viewers seems to be lazy subtitling on Netflix for the final sequence.

    As i watched it in its Flemish/Dutch original version with German subtitles it was clear to me that the letters were court summons because the subtitles told me so.

    To be sure i checked the dubbed version (German) too and it had the same subtitles…

    So to me it was clear from the start that a criminal case was opened.

    Maybe subtitling and/or dubbing in other languages haven’t explained that so well?

  13. Great disappointment with the ending, ruined the whole show. And who was who in the past and present, couldn’t guess first few episodes, especially Didier, so different.

  14. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one confused with the ending. Got so confusing – after a while, I didn’t really care who sent the video. First off, I didnt care for the casting – no one looked remotely like their adult selves – seems to be the trend now to leave the audience hanging. don’t care for it at all.

  15. You miss the all point. It ends like that because the director wants you to decide charging people as your moral, thats better this way. You saw the whole story and explanations in your point of view and you ve already blamed someone, right? nothing will change on your mind when you see the results.
    The only think that i miss why mowgli did it to himself, he is so emotionally weak, maybe he thought this was the life, no one to trust, always drama and he became the drama.
    but always u can create yourself a new path away from people, poor him.

  16. This was a mess. It took about 3 episodes before I could figure out who was who in the past and present. I still don’t know how it ended. The cop said they would receive letters letting them know if it would be taken to court or not right? So they all got letters but it doesn’t show us what they said. I have no idea. I hate endings that mess with you.

  17. I felt so cheated in the end -there was no wrapping up of the entire story
    Also that horrible ?Gangrape video was played too many times
    Total waste of time

  18. When the prosecutor was reviewing the charges with her associate, they were only considering two charges: 1. Accidental manslaughter and 2. Blackmail. In addition, as letters were being opened the Sophie’s letter was a a couple of stapled pages. The other letters were also thick (as in a couple pages stapled together. However, only one letter was thin and showed the front envelope to Romee and from For Justice and stated: “To be handed over immediately to/“ And this was a thin envelope. Which leads me to. Eli eve Romee was being summoned regarding the above mentioned charges.

    My 2 Cents

  19. Enjoyed “2 Summers” was disappointed with the end. Had to Google to try to get an understanding of the weak cliff hanger ending and still unclear.

    I do not believe a season 2 can hold my interest what could be the plot? a trial rehashing what was revealed in season 1? Season 1 was very good though!

  20. I enjoyed it from start to finish.
    In the end they each receive a summons meaning there is a court case. One or some will be to face criminal action and others will be to provide a witness account.
    In the end it’s left to the viewers who are the jury to debate who they think is guilty.

  21. Well agree with others, had to Google to get explanation of the ending, still not clear, very disappointed as enjoyed it on the whole

  22. What the hell just happened in the last episode…stuck with all 6 to be left guessing..🥵

  23. Terrible ending. I do not enjoy movies anymore that can’t give you a decent ending. What’s with this new trend, it stinks

  24. I agree that the ending was terrible. I hate watching movies like this. We call them ” cliffhangers”. It was a total waste of time. My husband hated the story plot. I will never watch another movie by this producer

  25. Omg- I searched for an ending too. Summarized whose body was taken off island, but still never found out why
    Geese, Netflix – you can do better than this. We can care only s ouch how your stories end—- then we give up and don’t watch

  26. I like the ending, though since it seemed Sophie was upset and not relieved, I believed Rommie would face charges. A summons seems like there is a trial and you are summoned to testify or to face charges. Even Rommie concluded what she did was wrong while it was in fact a complicated situation, therefore similar to what ‘the boys’ did. ‘The boys’ could also face charges even if Sophie didn’t agree to press charges, the court could move forward.

  27. Agree 100 % to this comment:
    The ending was terrible. I had to Google it to out how it ends I was so confused some of them reacted to the letter some not at all ! I was like what is this anyway amazing job otherwise

  28. I’ve just finished”Two Summers” & was relieved that I was not the only one who sought information about the story’s ending. It was a well written drama that held many pertinent points that resonate with us today. I, like others, would have preferred an conclusive ending but it’s lack of clarity only suggests a second, Two Summers” is en route.

  29. The ending was terrible. I had to Google it to out how it ends I was so confused some of them reacted to the letter some not at all ! I was like what is this anyway amazing job otherwise

  30. To correct the above summary – Luc did not film the gang rape. It was on his camera but he wasn’t there when it happened.

  31. What is wrong with writers today? Why can’t they wrap up their stories so we, the audience, do not have to search for an explanation? Is it supposed to be artistic to force us to form our own interpretation? If they don’t know how to end their stories, they should stop wasting our time.

  32. The ending of two summers was terrible. I had to Google it to find out what the ending was supposed to mean. Absolutely ridiculous ending to an otherwise brilliant piece of work. What a shame!

  33. I had to come here to figure out what they were reading. Could have been Migua called his lawyer and left them all his estate before he committed suicide. But that would have been far fetched. Just seemed there should have been an ending the viewer couldn’t tell what it was.

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