Twisted Metal – Season1 Episode 7 “NUTH0UZ” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Twisted Metal begins with another flashback. We go back in time to 1989 on the set of a sitcom once called Two Scoops but now called “Billy and Two Scoops.” Marcus Kane, the erstwhile lead of the show, isn’t happy with the new addition to the show’s title. When the taping begins, Marcus is overshadowed by Billy, a beautiful golden retriever. In his unhinged rage, he grabs a pair of sewing needles and kills Billy in front of everyone.

We jump forward into the present. John and Quiet have reached the gates to pick up the package. But a moat stands in their way. A stone triggers the entrance to the building. A voice guides them through the scary hallway and John guesses it is Calypso, who is a famous figure in the region. John picks up the package and the duo leaves. They hit the road once again. To avoid Topeka, they will have to take the longer route and head back through the North.

Agent Stone is informed by Carl on the radio that Sweet Tooth has hit three more outposts. He has taken all prisoners from the facilities and is heading “somewhere important.” And that “somewhere” is Blackfield Asylum. Sweet has a score to settle.

Quiet and John reach a pit stop (Nuthouz) where Milkmen usually stop for refreshments and food. They meet Mary there, John’s old girlfriend whom he deserted. Mary is one of the best Milkmen in history, Mr Slam, the bartender, reveals to Quiet.

It turns out that Marcus is actually Sweet Tooth. After the incident, Marcus was sent to the asylum. He was there for ten years and made many “friends” along the way. Stu, who is with Marcus, learns that the co-star he murdered was a dog and that Marcus locked his parents in one of the cells, where they rotted and died (after the bug). Stu is clearly shaken but doesn’t want to upset Marcus. Marcus emotionally confesses to their skeletons that he never wanted to do the sitcom. His parents forced him to do it because it made them rich.

Marcus and Stu walk back into the courtyard and discover that Stone and his officers have killed all the prisoners. They shoot at the duo and presume them to be dead. But Mike is among the shooters and it seems he has purposely missed.

At the pit stop, John reveals to Mary that this will be his last run. He also tells her about New San Francisco. Mary tells all the other Milkmen and John uses this to his advantage as he asks everyone, “Who do I give this package to?” A fight breaks out amongst all the eager Milkmen. Some from Mary’s gang also attack John and Quiet.

It eventually boils down to Quiet and Mary. Quiet holds her blade to Mary’s throat. This is when Mary reveals that she became jealous as John didn’t ask her to come with him. Quiet spares her life by saying, “Don’t let revenge ruin a second chance in life.” Mary does not back down and Quiet eventually stabs her in the chest.

At the asylum, Stu once again saves Mike’s life as he convinces Marcus that Mike could lead them to Stone.

The episode ends with a huge breakthrough in Quiet and John’s relationship. The latter hands the car keys to Quiet. As they leave, we also see Pit Viper, a Milkman from the bar, texting Stone the location where the duo are headed. 

The Episode Review

The opening instantly reminded me of Jordan Peele’s infamous Nope which was released last year with a pivotal role reversal.

Sweet Tooth is an iconic character and his presence in the show has truly been felt. That is one aspect that the creators have executed really well until now. The quick jog back into his past and psyche had sinister underpinnings and inflated further the character’s potential for mania. The Pits stop was also highly effective in giving a taste of John’s past life and the general camaraderie between the Milkmen community. 

Calypso’s voiceover was in his signature style, just like the game. The scene could have been better though. Shortfalls like Pit Viper’s connection to Stone spoil the overall appeal of certain plot developments.

Stu’s character is a little problematic in terms of his personality and relevance. Perhaps he has overstayed his welcome and this is where his arc stops. 

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