Twisted Metal – Season1 Episode 6 “DRVTHRU” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Twisted Metal opens with a flashback to the time when Quiet and Loud worked at OC Farmlands. Quiet reveals that she has secured a bondage contract wherein they could have their lives back in four years after working for someone with a beach house. She convinces Loud to follow suit and we jump back into the present day.

John has brought Quiet to an Astral diner in Omaha. They fight over the fact that John isn’t sure Stone is dead. And during their fighting, they make out and get physical with each other in the ball pit. 

In a flashback, it is revealed that three years into the OC contract, Quiet has been abused by her keeper. She is literally a slave to her “owner”. This is how she got into the habit of not speaking a lot to the extent of going mute. Loud is running the counter in a diner, not faring much better than her. A crazy shooter is at large in the vicinity and the diner goes into lockdown. Loud hugs Quiet in the back room and tries to cheer her up. He also shouts at the manager, who threatens to “badly hurt” Loud with a knife. 

The crazy shooter is a keeper like Quiet. She announces to everyone that OC does not plan on keeping their contracts, and even after her four years is over, she is still in deep servitude. She is soon killed by the Reaper squad.

In the present, Quiet tries to walk away without waking up John. But she is unable to do so. John thinks Quiet’s plan to kill Stone isn’t a good idea. Just then, we hear thunderstorms and John exclaims that it is a “Watkyn Storm.” They rush inside as bolts of lightning strike the ground. Quiet points out that Evelyn is out in the open and will get hit by the lightning. So John ventures outside and brings it into a shed, injuring himself with a bolt in the process. 

Since the storm will go on for a while, Quiet and John play an innocuous game while talking about their past lives. John believes in ocean ghosts and UFOs, while Quiet cites a visit to Disneyland as her fondest memory. The quickfire repartee leads to another physical session in the ball pit. John casually proposes to Quiet to come with him to San Francisco for a life together. But she gets upset and does not believe it would be any different than OC. She has the guilt of getting her brother killed in pursuit of wanting a better life. John tries to convince her to move on but she says something hurtful about John never having a family.

In a flashback, we see that the store manager was about to offer Loud to the Reapers. But Quiet saved him by killing all of them.

In the present, both Quiet and John have trouble sleeping. The former is hungry but cannot get the gas in the kitchen to work. John gets up and tries to help replace the gas. Quiet breaks down saying she “can’t let go,” referring to the trauma of seeing her brother die in front of her. John holds her and they have dinner together before sleeping in the ball pit.

In the morning, John discovers that Quiet is gone. But when he ventures outside, she is by Evelyn. Dropping her obsession with Stone, Quiet agrees to go to New Chicago with John. 

The Episode Review

Quiet and Loud’s tumultuous past really crucified corporate servitude and opened up another strange part of Twisted Metal’s universe. Stephanie Beatriz is much better when she has the opportunity to set the pace in a scene. She did it amply in episode 6, which hinged on the connection between the brother and sister.

The ball pit session was something we were all looking for and it didn’t disappoint. What followed after it was not as impressive though, once again exposing the show’s frailties I have been talking about for the whole season. 

One cannot doubt the final outcome – Quiet trying to move on from trauma – but the way this episode got to the conclusion was problematic. It seems unlikely the show will break out of this habit. So for now, it is best to sit back and enjoy the weird humour and explosive action in the series instead of extrapolating our expectations unnecessarily.

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