Twisted Metal – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Who makes it alive from the final showdown?

The finale of Twisted Metal is marked by the beginning of the showdown between Stone and his men and the Milkman and his allies. It also features Sweet Tooth’s iconic firehead look from the game.

There are a slew of explosions and bullets flying across the compound as the jostling starts. In this tense moment, Quiet clears John’s confusion about “Jello.” Until now, John had been saying “Jello” thinking it meant goodbye because he had heard Raven’s fake husband say it when the dinner was about to end. He was actually bringing out Jello the desert but John didn’t quite understand it. 

Sweet Tooth initially helps Watts and John by killing Stone’s men. But given that he is a psychopath, his loyalties quickly change to neutral. He intends on “killing everyone,” which makes Stu and Mike very anxious. Watts plays her part by expertly driving Twister around the track and saving Roadkill from a missile launched by Stone.

Seeing that he is out of control, Mike finally decides to act on his instincts and points a gun at Sweet. But the clown is able to put him in a headlock and asks Stu to kill Mike. But Stu makes the decision to kill Sweet instead and jumps off the truck with Mike.

Sweet is still alive and jumps on Stone’s car from the back of the truck. He is then run over by Mike and Stu in a car. All we see lying on the road is Sweet’s clown mask and his best friend Harold, a brown paper bag.

Roadkill is headed for the final stretch but is pursued by Stone. Quiet is at the steering wheel and she decides to confront Stone. She turns the car around and heads straight for him. As the car approaches Roadkill, she pulls out a ramp from the bumper, sending Stone straight into the air and making him crash.

Stone is still alive as he holds a gun to Quiet’s head. He says his final piece to Quiet about how he wanted to secure the streets. After the apocalypse, everyone who insulted him for being a mall cop rushed to him for safety. All they wanted was for them to be put in order and that is exactly what he did.

Quiet sees right through him, calling him a “sad lonely man looking for control.” She was distracting him while John regained consciousness. John throws Quiet’s blade at Stone’s face. He finally manages to correct his follow-through!

Quiet doesn’t shoot Stone and instead, puts the gun in front of him. This is sweet revenge for Loud as now Stone has to choose between dying a slow death due to the blade or killing himself. As Roadkill drives away, we hear a loud gunshot, indicating Stone has killed himself.

John and Quiet finally reach the gates of New SF and Raven is called out. The package is delivered and she welcomes John as a citizen. But she doesn’t allow Quiet to come inside with him. This makes John tearful and he backs down from the offer. Quiet pushes him to accept it and emotionally bids him goodbye by shooting him so that he is injured and can be taken inside.

Ending Explained:

What was inside the package from Calypso?

The guard hands over a package to Quiet to be delivered to San Diego. But she simply throws it into the crowd of homeless people outside the gates. Raven reveals to Mike, her personal security, that she has bigger plans for John. She intends to use him for a task. But not straight away. That is why she didn’t allow Quiet to come inside as she would have “complicated things.”

We finally get to see the contents of the package that John risked his life to get for Raven: ice cream. Yes, Calypso sent ice cream for Raven… even though it was not the right flavour.

Is John happy being on the inside?

John transitions into life on the inside but deeply misses Quiet in his life, sensing a part of him didn’t make it inside.

In a moment of utter shock, it is revealed that Raven has hired citizens of New SF to go undercover and report on John. Everyone around him – his group of friends, pedestrians, even his new girlfriend, Diane – are all working for Raven and reporting on John’s mental state. Quiet, meanwhile, has become a Robin Hood of sorts, stealing deliveries from the Milkmen and giving them away to the homeless. 

For what task does Raven need John’s services?

John announces to Raven that he doesn’t want to stay any longer. Before he leaves, Raven shows John his real home. As soon as she found out about him, she dug deep into his past. She even gives him photos of his family – his parents and even a little sister. But John is still not convinced. He declares that “Quiet is my home” and he wants to go back outside. Raven gets her guards to apprehend John and threatens him with a task. She wants him to participate in a racing tournament where the best drivers from all over the world will compete to achieve one goal: survive.

We see that someone is putting together a list of rivers that includes Watts, Mary, and The Preacher, among others. John has to win the competition for her to give Raven her heart’s desire.

Meanwhile, Quiet is stopped by a gang of masked mercenaries. One of them claims to be John’s sister and wants to know his whereabouts. In a post-credits scene, we learn that Mike and Stu have ventured on their own away from all the chaos. Although they have fake plastic girlfriends, they are at least out from Sweet’s thumb… but not for long. He waltzes in from behind, killing Mike and taking Stu hostage. Sweet Tooth is alive and kicking!

The Episode Review

The finale of Twisted Metal perfectly sets up the show for a second season. It was a satisfying episode all around, wrapping up pretty much the entire arc for this season. For fans of the game, that initial sequence in the Dam was a treat and the most authentic rendition of the game’s spirit in the show. 

The new developments, like the tournament, John’s sister, and the revelation that Sweet Tooth is alive, took away the limelight from the epic showdown, however. The finale lost its own significance to an extent by paving the way for the new season. If that does not materialize, perhaps the finale won’t be viewed in the same light. But as things stand, episode 10 is a decent end to the madness that season 1 of Twisted Metal brought to life. 

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