Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 16 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 16

The season finale aka Episode 16 of Twinkling Watermelon starts with Ji-mi scolding Joo-yeob for failing to make an impact on Mr Yoon despite living with him for 12 years. She tells her son that Eun-gyeol, a boy who suddenly showed up in their life had managed to impress Mr Yoon and suggests that Eun-gyeol was Mr Yoon’s secret son.

Who caused the accident on Yi-chan?

Joo-yeob is infuriated by the insult and goes out drinking. At the bar, Joo-yeob’s friends also discuss how Eun-gyeol was possibly Mr Yoon’s secret son, further instigating Joo-yeol. He decides to kill Eun-gyeol to eliminate him and ends up crashing into Yi-chan instead.

At the spot of the accident, Yi-chan is injured while Eun-gyeol holds him. Eun-yu who is also arriving at the music shop witnesses the accident and makes a note of Joo-yeob’s car plates. Yi-chan is rushed to the hospital while Bal San signs the paperwork for his surgery. On the operating table, Yi-chan envisions what his life would be like if he were to go to college and graduate to fulfil his Grandma’s dreams.

What happens to Cheong-a?

The next day, Cheong-a is having breakfast with Mr Yoon. Mr Yoon attempts to use sign language to communicate with his daughter. Cheong-a smiles as Mr Yoon struggles with sign language but tries nevertheless. Mr Yoon’s heart is full upon seeing his daughter’s smile. He asks if Cheong-a would like to accompany him on a business trip abroad and Cheong-a agrees.

Mr Yoon then learns that Joo-yeob has caused Yi-chan’s accident. He tells his secretary to look into the best college for the deaf as he wants to take Cheong-a abroad. At the same time, Master calls Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu respectively, telling them that they had to go back to the place they travelled to 1995 from if they want to make it back to 2023.

Unbeknownst to the fact that Yi-chan had been in an accident, Cheong-a sends a fax, thanking him for always being there for her. Cheong-a tells Yi-chan that she is going abroad with her father and tells him that she will soon be back to be with him.

Does Yi-chan lose his hearing?

At the hospital, Eun-gyeol learns that Yi-chan has lost his hearing. Grandma rushes to the hospital and breaks down when she finds out. Yi-chan tries his best to cheer Grandma up but is confused because he cannot hear anything.

Eun-gyeol breaks down upon seeing Grandma and runs outside the hospital to find out who caused the accident. He meets Eun-yu who tells him that it was Joo-yeob. Joo-yeob is at the police station and asks the cop to let him go as it was an accident. He asks for his lawyer when Eun-gyeol shows up at the station and threatens to kill him.

Eun-gyeol accuses Joo-yeob of causing the accident on purpose to try and kill him which gives the cop more leverage to build a case against Joo-yeb. Mr Yoon also washes his hands of what happened to Joo-yeob but agrees to help fund Yi-chan’s college education as a compensation.  

What does Choi Hyun (Grandpa Viva) give Eun-gyeol?

Eun-gyeol blames himself for the accident but Eun-yu tries to reassure him. She asks him to think about the 2023 versions of his parents and asks him to look back at the future he would have. He calls himself a failure for not being able to stop the accident. Eun-yu asks Eun-gyeol to free himself from the burden he has been carrying for years. She adds that he had not only saved her life but also Cheong-a’s.

Eun-gyeol is comforted by the comment while Eun-yu asks him to see her at her house at 9 pm that night as it was the only chance for them to get back to their lives in 2023. 

Does Eun-yu connect with Se-kyeong? 

Eun-yu gets packing after coming back home but finds her mother’s teenage version there. Se-kyeong is shocked to see a girl who is oddly identical to her. However, Eun-yu tells her mum that she should stop trying to impress her adoptive parents. She also asks her to be more kind to her future daughter and advises her to try and talk to Choi Hyun, asking him why he abandoned Se-kyeong as a child. Se-kyeong is shocked by Eun-yu’s words and runs away.

How does Eun-gyeol bid farewell to Yi-chan?

Eun-gyeol shows up at Choi Hyun’s music shop and calls him “Grandpa Viva”. He thanks the man for everything he had done to him when he was little and bids him a farewell. Choi Hyun asks Eun-gyeol to listen to the casette that Yi-chan was trying to bring to him.

Eun-gyeol takes his casette player out and listens to the song on the casette which also had a message from Yi-chan. In the message, Yi-chan thanks Eun-gyeol for leading him over the past few months like a father. He promises to be Eun-gyeol’s father in his next life which makes Eun-gyeol sob.

Eun-gyeol rushes to the hospital and bids one final farewell to Yi-chan and the two get emotional. Yi-chan tries his best to overlook his new hearing disability and tries to communicate with Eun-gyeol. Eun-gyeol asks Yi-chan to keep his promise to him and asks him to look forward to having a very happy family in the future.

Does Eun-gyeol make it back? Does Yi-chan get his hearing back?

Eun-gyeol finally arrives at Eun-yu’s house but finds a note from her suggesting that she has already left. He gets to the book shop where he finds Master. Master gives Eun-gyeol the guitar Grandpa Viva promised to give him. Eun-gyeol appears confused but Master asks him to stop overthinking.

As Eun-gyeol leaves the store, he sees that Master actually is Choi Hyun / Jonathan / Grandpa Viva. At the same time, Yi-chan is having a hard time trying to live with his hearing disablity. He tries to jump off the hospital building for a moment but ends up trying to overcome his disablity. He then tries to learn sign language better.

What happens to Eun-gyeol’s band – SPINE9?

Eun-gyeol wakes up in the year 2023 and finds himself in the guesthouse of the Yoon family home. He notices that his family is now much richer but decides to understand that later. He leaves the house and tries to find Eun-yu but a mob of female fans crown him.

The SPINE9 members take Eun-gyeol to the venue of their concert. Eun-gyeol learns that SPINE9 was going to tour abroad with Dong-jin. He is shocked to learn that he’s a famous musician and loved by many fans. The band takes Eun-gyeol to the concert venue and he learns from Eun-ho that their mother was the new CEO of Jinsung Instruments who took over the business after Mr Yoon’s death.

Eun-gyeol is thrilled to learn that the members of Twinkling Watermelon are all still friends as the bandmembers visit the event, still trying to charm Cheong-a.

How did Eun-gyeol change Yi-chan’s fate?

Eun-gyeol is also shocked to learn that Yi-chan graduated from the same college for the deaf as Cheong-a. He finds out that Yi-chan used his musical skills to make guitars for Jinsung Instruments and that he was at the launch event for one of the new guitar’s Yi-chan helped create. 

Yi-chan’s speech talks about how he had thought his life was over after losing his hearing gets all the listeners, especially Eun-gyeol emotional. Yi-chan signs that he had finally gotten the girl and had made it big in life despite his disability. 

Does Eun-yu make it back to the present?

Ma-joo, who is now Eun-gyeol’s boss and manager asks him to get dressed for his performance. Eun-gyeol leaves to go outside and finally has a one-on-one conversation with Yi-chan. He hugs his father and thanks him for keeping his promise. Eun-gyeol rushes to the dressing room but ends up dropping the cassette that Choi Hyun gave.

Eun-gyeol gets on stage and performs with SPINE9, which reminds the Twinkling Watemelon members of their days in the band. The bandmates wonder if Eun-gyeol reminds them of someone they knew but Yi-chan has a clue after seeing the cassette. As the group begins to perform their encore, Eun-gyeol spots Eun-yu and rushes out to stop her.

How does Twinkling Watermelon end?

As it turns out, Eun-yu also had made it to the present with the help of a farmer after her scooter had broken down. She thanks Master for all his help and promises to see him when she was older, calling him Grandpa. The episode ends with Eun-gyeol kissing Eun-yu as they had finally made it back to each other in their present lives as well.

The Episode Review

The show has ended on a high note and all the tears as well as the laughs now seem worth it. Despite ending on a happy note, the show still feels rushed and incomplete because we did not see much of what happened to Se-kyeong and Eun-yu in the present.

What happened to Ji-mi was not satisfactory in the least and I really wish for the show to be renewed for a second season because it would be so interesting to see Cheong-a and Yi-chan find their way back to each other. All in all, this one was a pretty great show with up and coming actors. 

With Twinkling Watermelon coming to an end, Mondays and Tuesdays will not be the same as the show has left viewers with a lot of emotions. I am sure many fans of the show would love more seasons of this well-written time travel fantasy drama. 

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