Twinkling Watermelon — K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Episode 9 of Twinkling Watermelon starts where we left off with Eun-gyeol asking Yi-chan to stop pursuing Se-kyeong as he likes her. Eun-gyeol is shocked when Yi-chan reveals that he would not stop liking Se-kyeong. Yi-chan adds that he doesn’t care if Eun-gyeol joins the band and the two get into a fight, leaving Yi-chan with a bloody nose.

Chang-a who is observing this from nearby gets mad at Eun-gyeol for injuring Yi-chan. At the same time, Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) tries to tend to Yi-chan and Eun-gyeol is shocked. Eun-gyeol tries to check up on Yi-chan but the latter grabs his hair. All of a sudden, the PE Teacher shows up and all the students scuffle.

Yi-chan who is away from the band truck, runs there. He is about to get caught by the teacher but Chang-a shows up and saves him by causing the teacher to trip. Yi-chan notices how Chang-a has saved him yet again.

Meanwhile, Eun-gyeol tries to stop Eun-yu from running away. He grabs her hand and takes her to the school pool. The two hide there for a bit until they are out of the other teacher’s reach.

Eun-yu wonders what Eun-gyeol is up to and asks about his public confession. She asks him tricky questions and Eun-gyeol thinks hard before answering them. He tries to imply that he has always had feelings for her (Se-kyeong) and Eun-yu begins to second-guess her judgement. 

Eun-yu asks Eun-gyeol to confess his true feelings for her but the two are caught by the teacher. They are taken to the principal’s office where Ji-mi scolds them. Ji-mi asks Eun-gyeol to leave after giving him a warning and asks Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) to stay back. She is shocked to learn that Se-kyeong is back from the States and coaxes her to start attending school regularly now that she is back.

Afraid that the principal will call her mother, the real Se-kyeong who is actually in the States, Eun-yu decides to start going to school the following day. Meanwhile, Chang-a is upset with Eun-gyeol for injuring Yi-chan and refuses to talk to him all day. Eun-gyeol runs after her, trying to convince her to talk to him when Eun-yu finds them in the hallway.

Eun-yu wonders what Eun-gyeol is up to as he’s clearly obsessing over Yi-chan initially and being coy with Chang-a minutes after confessing his feelings for her mother, Se-kyeong. On the contrary, Yi-chan and the rest of the band members get punished for causing trouble in the elite school.

The band members try to recharge from the beating by going to a Karaoke bar. There, Hyun-yul tells Yi-chan that he will consider dropping out of the band if Eun-gyeol is not a part of the band. Yi-chan is perplexed while Eun-gyeol tries his best to talk to Chang-a but she continues to ignore him.

After school, Eun-yu asks Eun-gyeol to go out with him for a meal and tries to force him to eat the spicy jokbal. Eun-gyeol agrees to eat if it means that much to her but Eun-yu stops him. She leaves the restaurant and tries to think of a different fool-proof way to determine who her mother’s true first love was.

On the way out, Eun-yu has an argument with Eun-gyeol and goes back home. She tries to recall if there was any other detail that her mother gave that could determine who her first love was. A flashback shows Se-kyeong telling Eun-yu that she fell in love with the person when they sang a serenade for her at the Spring Festival. Eun-yu thinks that the best way to determine who the true first love is would be by attending the Spring Festival in secret to see who her mother’s true first love was.

That night, Eun-gyeol goes to Chang-a’s room to give her the next sign language lesson. Chang-a hits him with her books and runs out of the room. When Eun-gyeol picks up one of Chang-a’s diaries, he reads how his mother had already fallen in love with Yi-chan. Chang-a comes back to the room, snatches the diary out of Eun-gyeol’s hand and kicks him out.

Eun-gyeol goes to his room and thinks about the complicated situation he is in. He then gets a call from Yi-chan who calls him at the restaurant for breakfast along with the rest of the band members. During the meeting, Yi-chan gets angry at Eun-gyeol for trying to stop him from pursuing Se-kyeong. Eun-gyeol apologises to Yi-chan and the two come to a consensus.

Yi-chan tells Eun-gyeol that he is not going to stop Eun-gyeol from pursuing Se-kyeong and adds that Eun-gyeol should also not stop him from doing the same. They also decide to sing a song for Se-kyeong at the Spring Festival in order to give her the chance to pick the person she wants to be with. With that, Eun-gyeol agrees to rejoin the band.

On their way out, the other three band members go their way while Yi-chan and Eun-gyeol talk about his new arrangement of tutoring Chang-a. Eun-gyeol explains how he came to live with Chang-a’s family and adds that he needed to stay there and tutor her for a while. Eun-gyeol asks about Grandma and joins Yi-chan to go to the boarding house. 

Grandma is happy to see Eun-gyeol and tries to convince him to come back to live with them even if he is getting paid a lot more than she could pay him. Grandma asks Yi-chan to go outside and get something to drink for Eun-gyeol.

Durin that time, Grandma tells Eun-gyeol how she had a hard time raising Yi-chan. She asks Eun-gyeol to come back and live with them because she was worried that Yi-chan was going down the same path as his father. Eun-gyeol is shocked to learn that Grandma knows how Yi-chan got into trouble over the last few days.

Yi-chan also overhears the conversation from outside and gets to thinking. After dinner is over, Eun-gyeol walks outside the boarding house and finds Yi-chan waiting for him there. He offers to walk Eun-gyeol to Chang-a’s house.

Eun-gyeol asks Yi-chan about his accident and wonders if he hurt his ears during the incident. Yi-chan gets irritated by Eun-gyeol and instead asks him to thank Chang-a for saving his life. Eun-gyeol is baffled to learn that Yi-chan and Chang-a had already met and shared an interaction which was different from what his father had told him. He runs back home to try and talk to Chang-a about it.

The next morning, Eun-yu gets dressed to go to her mother’s school, pretending to be Se-kyeong. The boys at school swoon over Se-kyeong while she tries to talk to Sang-ah. She is shocked to learn that Sang-ah was her mother’s friend because she remembers them being very distant from each other.

Meanwhile, Eun-gyeol spots Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) and remembers the promise he made to Yi-chan. He tries to run away from her and Eun-yu decides to chase after him to understand why he’s running away from her. A student at the school calls Ma-joo and tells him that Se-kyeong is chasing after Eun-gyeol. Ma-joo informs Yi-chan about the issue.

Yi-chan decides to start practising for the Spring Festival in order to have the upper-hand in comparison to Eun-gyeol. However, he learns that the school coach gave the music room to the Science club. With nowhere left for him and his band to practice, Yi-chan is worried. Hyun-yul offers to help the band in this situation and asks Yi-chan and the others to follow him.

Meanwhile, Eun-gyeol manages to hide away from Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) where he writes an apology letter to the school for his recent behaviour. Eun-yu finds Eun-gyeol and continues to run after him all over the school. Their chase ends with Eun-yu finally catching up, asking why he’s running away from her.

Eun-gyeol tells her the truth and reveals that both he and Yi-chan had decided to stay away from her until the Spring Festival. Eun-yu concludes that the ball was now in her court and she could give the advantage of being with her to any candidate she likes. Eun-gyeol gets a call from Ma-joo who tells him about the new location the band was practising at.

Eun-gyeol decides to show up at the spot with Chang-a in order to get her to start communicating with Yi-chan. However, Eun-gyeol is shocked that Yi-chan had already invited Se-kyeong there. Eun-gyeol asks Yi-chan to go out with him for a one-on-one chat. In the meantime, Eun-yu uses sign language to try and communicate with Chang-a.

The other boys from the band are shocked to learn how Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) was familiar with sign language while Chang-a finds it odd as she herself did not know any sign language. Outside, Yi-chan and Eun-gyeol argue over Se-kyeong’s presence. Yi-chan argues that Se-kyeong is only there because she’s going to help the band with the costumes for the festival.

Eun-gyeol also adds that Chang-a is an amazing artist who’s going to help the band with portraits. Eun-gyeol decides that they should make sure Se-kyeong and Chang-a are both competent for their job. He suggests that he’ll test Se-kyeong’s skills and adds that Yi-chan should test Chang-a’s skills.

Taking advantage of the situation, Eun-gyeol takes Se-kyeong on a long ride on her scooter. At the same time, Yi-chan tries to communicate with Chang-a using sign language. He looks at Chang-a’s sketches and ends up seeing one of his made by Chang-a.

On their ride, Se-kyeong’s scooter runs out of fuel. Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) is upset with Eun-gyeol and throws a fit. They are both stranded in the middle of nowhere. Eun-gyeol offers his jacket to Se-kyeong as they sit on a bench near the street.

Eun-gyeol asks Se-kyeong to give him a chance like she was giving one to Yi-chan. She asks him to sing for her and prove his feelings for her. Eun-gyeol does indeed sing for her and Eun-yu is mesmerized by Eun-gyeol’s voice. The episode ends with Eun-gyeol trying to kiss Se-kyeong.

The Episode Review

From the way this episode ends, it is clear that Eun-yu is the girl that Eun-ho used to date. The way Eun-yu knows how to use sign language makes me further certain about the fact. It is also unclear how Eun-gyeol has caught feelings for Se-kyeong because he knows her to be the old woman from the future. 

I am afraid that Eun-gyeol will have to walk away from this story, being heartbroken only to finally be further hurt after discovering that Eun-yu is also from the present time and, in fact, is his brother’s girlfriend. On the contrary, I am very excited to see Yi-chan and Chang-a fall in love as the show progresses.

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