Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Twinkling Watermelon starts with Eun-gyeol being taken to the same hospital as Chung-a. At the same time, Se-kyeong hears the phone ringing at the booth and answers the call. She speaks to Master and is familiar with him. Master mocks her for living someone else’s life.

Just then, Se-kyeong comes clean to reveal that she is On Eun-yu. She is also Se-kyeong’s daughter who has come back to the past. A flashback shows Eun-yu’s childhood. In the States, Se-kyeong had turned into her mother.

Eun-yu was forced to learn how to play the cello just like Se-kyung did when she was little. Eun-yu’s father, Ji-hwan, is the only person who helped escape her mother.

However, after Se-kyeong starts drinking, Eun-yu’s father files for divorce, leaving Se-kyeong to grow up with her mother. After Mr Viva’s death, Se-kyeong comes back to Korea with Eun-yu for her biological father’s funeral. During that time, Se-kyeong asked Eun-yu to stay with her forever. Years go by and Se-kyeong raises Eun-yu to be a replica of herself, forcing her to study music just like she did.

One day, Se-kyung runs into her friend, Yoon Sang-a, from school. Sang-a brings back memories of Se-kyeong’s teen years and she is taken back to the good old days. Se-kyeong starts drinking and tells Eun-yu all about her first love from high school.

Se-kyeong tells her daughter and Eun-yu wishes Se-kyeong had married her first love instead of Ji-hwan. She is tired of Se-kyeong’s stories and tells her mother that she wishes she was never born. Eun-yu leaves Se-kyeong’s house and goes to live with her father.

The two fight and Se-kyeong slaps Eun-yu for talking back to her. Eun-yu visits her father’s house and sees that he has a new girlfriend. She leaves and spends the night alone for fear of being attacked by strange men on the street. Just then, she sees two moons in the sky just like Eun-gyeol and enters the Viva La Vida Music shop.

She meets Master and sells her cello to him for some cash. Eun-yu tells Master that she wants to spend the money to the fullest before ending her life. Eun-yu leaves the store and suddenly finds herself in the year 1995. There, Se-kyeong’s friends recognise Eun-yu as Se-kyeong. Eun-yu decides to live as Se-kyeong as she looks just like her mother anyway.

The episode moves back to Eun-yu’s call with Master. She tells him that she is going to find Se-kyeong’s first love, who she thinks is Yi-chan, and wants to make sure they end up together to change Se-kyeong’s fate. Master hints that Yi-chan might not be Se-kyeong’s first love which gets Eun-yu worried.

Meanwhile, the doctors use shock treatment to try and wake Eun-gyeol up. In his unconscious state, Eun-gyeol asks to see his father and go back home before he blacks out. Yi-chan tries to talk to Chung-a by writing on a notepad. Chung-a tells herself that Yi-chan was only being kind to her because he pitied her.

Yi-chan is called out by the nurse but in the meantime, Chung-a writes a note to Yi-chan explaining herself. In the note, Chung-a writes how she sent the invitation to him with good intentions and promises to never see him again. Yi-chan follows after Chung-a and asks for a chance to apologise.

Chung-a who has her wall up tries to avoid Yi-chan but he forces her to join him for a meal. Yi-chan asks Chung-a to fax him in case of emergencies which makes her heart flutter for him. Yi-chan drops Chung-a at home and makes her laugh with his antics.

Before leaving, he asks Chung-a if he knew who Eun-gyeol is but she denies having any knowledge of him. That night, Chung-a thinks about her day with Yi-chan. Yi-chan goes back to the boarding house and is dejected that Eun-gyeol is not back yet. At the hospital, the nurse alerts the doctors that Eun-gyeol’s bed is empty, with his guitar pick left behind.

In the meantime, Eun-yu decides to find her mother’s real first love. She recalls Se-kyeong saying her first love was someone who loved extremely spicy food. She decides to test the theory out and invites all the band members on a date individually. All other band members fail Eun-yu’s spicy eating challenge but Yi-chan comes out with flying colors.

Yi-chan tells Eun-yu (whom he thinks is Se-kyeong) how he’s worried that Eun-gyeol is AWOL. Eun-yu tries to cheer him up and their date ends quite well. Eun-yu is certain that Yi-chan is her mother’s first love. However, she is still perplexed about not testing Eun-gyeol out.

She is hesitant to confirm Yi-chan as her mother’s first love because she hasn’t tested to see if Eun-gyeol also enjoyed eating spicy food. She recalls sharing a moment with Eun-gyeol the day she asked him if he had feelings for her.

That night, Yi-chan goes back home and thinks that Eun-gyeol is back. He gets disappointed when he sees Bal San in his room instead. Bal San tells Yi-chan that Eun-gyeol often helped the other boarding house residents by doing their assignments in exchange for money.

Yi-chan is also shocked to learn that Eun-gyeol made money by charging a fee from the residents, including Bal San. Bal San also tells Yi-chan that he was saving up to make sure he could get Yi-chan a new guitar because he wanted his father to shine. Yi-chan gets emotional and hopes for Eun-gyeol to return.

The next day, Yi-chan tells the bandmate that he would rather not perform on stage than do it without Eun-gyeol. The bandmates try to find a replacement for Eun-gyeol but Yi-chan is persistent that they go looking for Eun-gyeol instead.

The day goes by with Yi-chan going around town, looking for Eun-gyeol. Chung-a tries to contact Yi-chan again but notices how fax machines are very expensive for her.

Coincidentally, she spots Yi-chan on the street at the same time and runs after him. However, Chung-a gets stopped by a car and Yi-chan runs away in the meantime. Yi-chan gets a call from an unknown number who tells him that they know where Eun-gyeol is.

They offer him Eun-gyeol’s location in exchange for a reward. However, the goons call Yi-chan to a shady location and thrash him up. Chung-a runs into Eun-yu/Se-kyeong who is still chasing after Yi-chan. Chung-a is not able to recognise Se-kyeong and runs after Yi-chan.

Yi-chan is lifeless in the alleyway and recalls all the fun times he spent with Eun-gyeol. He remembers how Eun-gyeol had asked him to be careful for a year. On the contrary, the episode ends with Eun-gyeol returning back to 2023.

The Episode Review

This plot twist was something I did not expect from the show. The way my jaw dropped when it was revealed that Se-kyeong was actually the real Se-kyeong’s daughter. I did not make much of the fact that Eun-yu could hear the telephone ring.

From what we see in this episode, there is a possibility of Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu developing a romantic relationship in the future.

The way things ended here, I am worried that it will be too late before Eun-gyeol can save his father from losing his hearing. Eun-gyeol now seems happy to be back in the past but it is possible that he will regret it when she finally meets his parents and sees the consequences of his actions.

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