Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Twinkling Watermelon starts with Chang-a writing a letter to Yi-chan. In her letter, Chang-a writes about her struggles as a deaf person. She tells him that her biological mother treated her quite well but after her parents’ divorce,  Chang-a was left with an evil stepmother called Ji-mi, who treated her badly.

Years go by and Chang-a grows up to become someone who avoids social gatherings with the rest of her family. During one such gathering, Chang-a spots Yi-chan as she is hiding out in her room. She notices him causing a ruckus at the event and accidentally troubling Ji-mi.

Chang-a recalls seeing Yi-chan more often and whenever he was around Se-kyeong. She writes to him about their interaction in the sports room. Chang-a then writes about the day when she saw him talk to Se-kyeong after she returned from the States. Chang-a leaves them alone but Yi-chan follows after her trying to apologise to her. She takes a taxi and goes back home. Yi-chan picks up a key on the side of the street as he watches Chang-a leave.

Meanwhile, Se-kyeong tells Eun-gyeol that she has returned to Yi-chan’s life because of him. She tells him that she wanted to defy him which is why she had returned. Eun-gyeol accuses her of toying with Yi-chan’s feelings but she asks him to leave.

Yi-chan and Se-kyeong have a chat wherein she apologises for insulting him in the past. She asks for time to get to know Yi-chan better.

That night, Eun-gyeol restlessly waits for Yi-chan to return from his date with Se-kyeong. He gets upset hearing how everything went well. Eun-gyeol eavesdrops on Yi-chan’s conversation with the guests at the boarding house, where he tells the boys how his date with Se-kyeong went.

Eun-gyeol goes out to meet Se-kyeong, wondering what she plans to do as she has threatened to kill herself. He sees how Se-kyeong is enjoying ramen and being all jolly and calls her bluff for wasting his time. Eun-gyeol warns her, demanding she never show up in front of Yi-chan.

The next day, Yi-chan brags about his date with Se-kyeong at school and gets ready for their first practice session as First Love Memory Manipulators. Instead of getting the warm welcome he wished for, the band members scold Yi-chan for being reckless with his face as he rode a skateboard.

The band then jams for a bit and Eun-gyeol recalls how his father reacted to seeing him perform with Spine9 and compares it to how carefree Yi-chan is now. After the jam session, the band members have an argument about what they should do next.

Despite Eun-gyeol’s warning, Se-kyeong shows up at the school and invites all members of the band to the fair. She asks Eun-gyeol to stay back but when he realises Yi-chan would have a lot of fun with Se-kyeong in his absence, he joins the group.

Throughout the day, Eun-gyeol tries to stop Yi-chan from having fun at the fair and tries to get in the way, interrupting his date with Se-kyeong. At the end of the day, the group sit at a local food vendor, eating some corndogs. Se-kyeong and Eun-gyeol get into an argument where she ends up spraying ketchup on him.

After he cleans himself up, Se-kyeong talks to Eun-gyeol in private. He tells Se-kyeong to stop toying with Yi-chan’s feelings because he is destined to be with someone else. Se-kyeong assumes that Eun-gyeol is talking about himself. She starts teasing Eun-gyeol when all of a sudden Yi-chan shows up in front of them.

Eun-gyeol saves Yi-chan from tripping after stepping on a banana peel, pushing Se-kyeong in the process. Yi-chan calls Eun-gyeol aside and gets furious at the latter for ruining his day. The other bandmates and Se-kyeong overhear Eun-gyeol obsess over Yi-chan and assume that the two are in a relationship.

Yi-chan tries to defend his sexuality to Se-kyeong and the group eventually go to their respective homes. Eun-gyeol follows after Se-kyeong and tries to clarify that he didn’t have romantic feelings for Yi-chan but was protective towards him because of a secret. Se-kyeong assumes that Eun-gyeol has feelings for her and Eun-gyeol is overwhelmed with emotion. He ignores Se-kyeong’s comment and claims that not everyone is in love with her as she assumes.

That night, he tries his best to get Yi-chan to focus on studying rather than talking to Se-kyeong on the phone. The next morning, Yi-chan tells his bandmates that he has decided to change the last song of their setlist as per Se-kyeong’s request.

All bandmates but Eun-gyeol agree to the change. Eun-gyeol argues they don’t have the time to practise a new song before their show and threatens to leave the band when Yi-chan fights with him.

Yi-chan’s bandmates push him to bring Eun-gyeol back and he runs after him, trying to bring the guy back. Eun-gyeol and Yi-chan have an argument where Eun-gyeol accuses Yi-chan of only being part of the band to impress Se-kyeong. Yi-chan seems unfazed by Eun-gyeol’s threat which prompts Eun-gyeol to leave the band for good.

Yi-chan enters the music room and tells the others that Eun-gyeol is taking a break and will return later. Eun-gyeol goes his way, upset about the fact that the younger version of his father was being so immature. He decides to leave the boardinghouse and sleeps by a convenience store.

That evening, Yi-chan gets home and is scolded by his grandmother who is angry at him for fighting with Eun-gyeol. Yi-chan is annoyed by the fact that Eun-gyeol left the boarding house due to a petty fight. Meanwhile, the store owner wakes Eun-gyeol up, asking him not to sleep outside her shop.

As he is walking away, a telephone from a nearby phone booth starts ringing. He answers the call and finds Master on the other line. He scolds the man for sending him into the past without his permission and asks to go back to the year 2023.

Master tells Eun-gyeol that if he were to return to 2023 just like that, a lot of things would be different. He clarifies that Eun-gyeol’s visit to the past changed the course of a lot of things including Se-kyeong’s return from the States.

Master adds that Eun-gyeol could choose to use these hints that he’s giving him to change the course of his father’s life. Eun-gyeol decides to participate in a singing audition the following morning instead.

At the same time, Yi-chan runs into Chang-a and tries to apologise for calling her deaf. He notices Chang-a’s name tag and wonders why Eun-gyeol wanted him to end up with her. However, Chang-a starts fainting and Yi-chan realises that she has a high fever. He carries Chang-a and takes her to the hospital.

Eun-gyeol gets an electric current from touching a microphone in the middle of the rain during the audition. He passes out on stage and is rushed to the same hospital where Yi-chan took Chang-a.

The Episode Review

With so much going on in this episode, I am sure Eun-gyeol will develop feelings for Se-kyeong. I am also afraid that the daughter Se-kyeong is raising in 2023 could be Eun-gyeol’s biological child, further complicating things between them.

The whole point of Eun-gyeol performing on stage and getting electrocuted seems confusing but we can hope for some explanation in the episode to come. 

All things considered, the show is taking a very interesting turn as there seems to be a romance brewing between Yi-chan and Chang-a. I hope Eun-gyeol witnesses his parents fall in love because it would be such a wholesome experience for him. 

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