Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Episode 15

Episode 15 of Twinkling Watermelon starts in the alternate universe that Eun-gyeol hadn’t travelled into. We see Yi-chan being beaten up by Jin-do’s goons while Dong-jin is a band member of “First Love Memory Manipulators”.

The band breaks after the attack which leaves Yi-chan with a broken foot. Yi-chan tells Ma-joo that he is going to meet Choi Hyun (also known as Jonathan) to seek his help in producing and releasing a song for a new band he wants to start.

Ma-joo tells him that he won’t be able to join Yi-chan at the music shop and asks him to go visit Jonathan by himself. Yi-chan arrives at the shop but Jonathan is busy after a visitor suddenly shows up. He asks Yi-chan to go back home without listening to his song. On the way back, Yi-chan meets with an accident that leads to his hearing loss.

The episode moves to Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu discussing how the following day was possibly when Yi-chan lost his hearing. Eun-yu tells Eun-gyeol that Eun-ho made her read a story based on his father’s hearing loss which meant that Yi-chan met with the accident on Memorial Day. Eun-gyeol is still not sure why his father kept the incident a secret from him and not his brother.

Eun-yu mentions that Eun-ho had learned about the accident from Ma-joo who had told him how Yi-chan had cut ties with his friends after losing his hearing. Eun-yu is now determined to stop the accident and tells Eun-yu that he is going to make sure Yi-chan does not leave the house the following day. Meanwhile, Grandma tries her best to communicate with Chang-a.

This prompts Yi-chan to make a spinning chalkboard from a woodworker that Grandma and Chang-a use to write on to communicate with each other. That night, Eun-gyeol finally goes to the boarding house after giving a hug to Eun-yu for her help.

As soon as he arrives there, a few cops accuse him of kidnapping Chang-a and take him to the police station. However, in the car, the fake cops reveal that they were hired by Ji-mi. Ji-mi’s men force Eun-gyeol to sign an affidavit that would force him to keep silent about how she was treating Chang-a.

Despite signing the papers, Ji-mi asks the men to send Eun-gyeol far far away by trapping him in a boat. In the meantime, Ji-mi gets ready to leave when Mr Yoon shows up at the house. He asks the maids to take him to the dark, unlit room that Ji-mi often kept Chang-a in. The maids are hesitant but finally give in. Mr Yoon asks Ji-mi to open the room and notices how the walls were recently covered with wallpaper.

He rips the wallpaper and finds Chang-a’s drawings that she had made on the walls over the 12 years that Ji-mi kept her confined there. Mr Yoon is disgusted by Ji-mi’s actions and asks her to move out immediately. Ji-mi tries to argue with him but Eun-gyeol shows up at the house out of nowhere.

A flashback shows how Eun-gyeol had managed to get Jimi’s men to stop driving him away by choking the driver. Just then, one of Mr Yoon’s men shows up and takes Eun-gyeol home upon orders from Mr Yoon. Present-time Eun-gyeol is grateful that Mr Yoon cancelled his business trip after seeing the urgent fax that he had sent.

At the boarding house, Chang-a makes food for the guests. As the meal is not tasteful, the boys make excuses before leaving while Yi-chan eats the food in silence which makes Chang-a happy. Eun-gyeol calls the boarding house and asks Yi-chan to bring Chang-a to the Yoon family house.

Yi-chan is about to drop Chang-a off at her house when she clings to him. He decides to go inside and confronts Mr Yoon. In private, Yi-chan tells him how Grandma had tried to communicate with Chang-a all day. He tells Mr Yoon that there is always a way if he wishes to do something.

Eun-gyeol and Yi-chan then go back to the guesthouse. There, Yi-chan scolds Eun-gyeol for keeping his love for music a secret from his father. Yi-chan asks Eun-gyeol to communicate with his father. The two then go inside and lay next to Grandma for a bit, chatting with her.

A while later, they go to their respective rooms where Yi-chan practices writing some music. Eun-gyeol overhears the song and recognises it immediately. It is the same song that Grandpa Viva made him compose when he was little.

Yi-chan tells Eun-gyeol that he was making a song as his final performance because he was going to leave the band. He adds that he wanted to go to college because it was Grandma’s dream to see him graduate. Eun-gyeol decides to help Yi-chan with the song and in return asks him to stay at home the following day.

Without any argument, Yi-chan agrees to do as Eun-gyeol says because he knows Eun-gyeol has his best interests at heart. The next day is Memorial Day and the entire band gathers at the guesthouse. Grandma makes breakfast for the boys while Eun-gyeol tries to make sure Yi-chan is out of harm’s way.

Eun-yu shows up at the accident spot and ensures that the child whose life Yi-chan was trying to save is out of harm’s way. She calls Eun-gyeol to tell him that the accident has been avoided. She then goes to her grandfather – Jonathan’s shop to see who had come to visit him after all. Eun-yu learns that her mother – Se-kyeong is back in town and has come to meet Jonathan.

Eun-yu recalls how he mother hand told her that she had run away from the USA to come back to Korea when she was in high school. She decides to follow after Se-kyeong’s taxi but loses her due to a red light.

At the same time, the band members find the cassette of the solo song Eun-gyeol had helped Yi-chan compose. Ma-joo forces Yi-chan to go out and take the song to Jonathan. However, after arriving at the store, Ma-joo decides to leave after getting an urgent fax. 

That night, Eun-gyeol goes out to see Eun-yu now that Yi-chan has safely avoided the accident. He learns that Se-kyeong has come back to Korea to visit her father. Eun-gyeol finally makes the connection that Choi Hyun (Jonathan) is none other than Grandpa Viva and gets emotional. He tells Eun-yu that they had met in the present time, not once but twice.

Eun-gyeol reveals that he was the little boy who was crying outside the Viva La Vida store. Eun-gyeol decides to run to the store to meet Grandpa Viva. On his way there, Eun-gyeol is about to meet with an accident when Yi-chan shows up out of nowhere, pushing Eun-gyeol away.

The episode ends with Yi-chan meeting with an accident as Eun-gyeol holds his bleeding body in his arms, crying for help.

The Episode Review

The amount of twists this episode had, has me so confused. It was clear as day that no matter what Eun-gyeol does, the accident is unavoidable. However, there is some chance that Yi-chan does not end up losing his hearing now that the time of the accident was different.

Eun-gyeol did manage to solve the relationship between Chang-a and Mr Yoon which could possibly be how he would end up changing the fate of his family. With Chang-a being the sole survivor of Mr Yoon, who is the owner of Jinsung Musical Instruments, there is a high chance that Eun-gyeol’s family will end up rich in the future.

I wonder what Eun-yu has to do in the past now that there is one episode left but she hasn’t done anything substantial for her mother. I guess we will have to wait for the final episode to air to find out. 

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