Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

Episode 14

Episode 14 of Twinkling Watermelon starts with Eun-yu and Eun-gyeol coming across each other while both holding smartphones from the year 2023. Eun-yu discovers that Eun-gyeol is the other time traveller Master was talking about and Eun-gyeol learns that Eun-yu was the person that Master had asked him to help. He recalls all the instances when it felt like Eun-yu was not being herself.

The two are interrupted when Yi-chan joins them at the partition between the train boogies. Yi-chan wonders what the two are holding in their hands and asks to see the smartphones. With no way to ignore Yi-chan, Eun-gyeol grabs Eun-yu as the two get off the train.

The door shuts before Yi-chan can leave and the train leaves the station with Yi-chan trying to understand what Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu were up to.

At the station, Eun-yu reveals that she is Se-kyeong’s daughter while Eun-gyeol confesses that he’s Yi-chan and Chang-a’s son. The duo argue about one flirting with the other’s parent. Meanwhile, Yi-chan calls Eun-gyeol at the station and asks him to find his way to the cottage. He also calls Choi Hyun to help Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) on their way to the cottage.

At the same time, Yi-chan is upset about Eun-gyeol. He also finds the rest of the bandmates cheering Chang-a up and gets jealous. He finds it annoying that the boys are making his girl smile and gets restless. Eun-gyeol tells Eun-yu that he was worried that she would cause his parents to never unite because she gave Yi-chan a lot of attention.

Eun-yu confesses that she only tried to like Yi-chan because Eun-gyeol was so persistently against it. The two finally realise how they were on two very different missions. Eun-gyeol comes clean that he’s back in the year 1995 to make sure his father, Yi-chan, doesn’t lose his hearing.

The two then meet Choi Hyun outside the railway station, who drives them to the cottage. Once they are at the cottage, Eun-gyeol asks Eun-yu to be careful about their identities as time travellers and to be mindful of what she is sharing with the group about the future.

Inside, Yi-chan is upset that the band is not able to come up with any new songs. He scolds Eun-gyeol and asks him to show the device that he’s hiding. Eun-gyeol lies, stating that the device is a voice recorder.

Meanwhile, Eun-yu decides to trouble Eun-gyeol and asks the band members to name their songs after hit songs from the boy group BTS. The two bicker for a bit while the rest of the band gets to work.

The band members try to impress Chang-a but she ignores their attempts. She goes looking for Yi-chan and finds him in the woods. Yi-chan brings a little kitten for Chang-a that looks just like him.

The two play with the animal and Chang-a tells him all about her sign language name, which is based on what a deaf person would sound like. She tells him that she was called “a clear sound” and tells Yi-chan that he would be called “a shining (twinkling) voice”.

Yi-chan is touched by Chang-a’s explanation and pulls her in for a kiss. During the rest of the trip, Yi-chan is extremely focused as he spends all night awake, writing a song for the interschool competition. Chang-a and Eun-yu hang out and bond with each other.

The next morning, the band practices the song Yi-chan wrote through the night and the band members as well as the girls are extremely impressed. The entire group spends the rest of the day playing by the beach, taking photos and making memories. The group finally gets back home and Yi-chan drops Chang-a home.

Once they arrive at Chang-a’s house, Yi-chan asks her to call him every time she gets in trouble. He also gives her the instruction to tap the receiver thrice with her finger to tell him that she is in danger. Yi-chan promises to come save her when she needs his help and begins to leave.

However, he runs into Ji-mi who is already upset with Yi-chan for ruining her party and sneaking into the school on numerous occasions. Ji-mi ignores Yi-chan and goes inside the house after Chang-a. She gets furious at Chang-a for embarrassing her by hanging out with Yi-chan. Ji-mi slaps Chang-a and scolds her for using sign language instead of speaking up like a grown adult.

Chang-a slaps her stepmother back and threatens to file a complaint against her. She runs to her room to send an urgent fax to Yi-chan, seeking his help. However, Ji-mi shows up in the room and sees the fax.

A flashback shows that Chang-a had tried to snitch on her when she was a child. She writes a note complaining to Mr Yoon about how she hates Ji-mi for punishing her.

Chang-a flees and finds Mr Yoon but Ji-mi pulls her away and threatens her into keeping silent about her abuse. Ji-mi lies to Mr Yoon, stating that she was trying to help Chang-a speak verbally and adds that it was working quite well.

Back in the present, Ji-mi breaks Chang-a’s fax machine and locks her up in a room without any windows.

Ji-mi ties Chang-a up like she did when she was younger and leaves her in the dark, pitch-black room all by herself. At the same time, Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu try to decode their connection due to which they were both sent to the same place at the same time.

Eun-gyeol tells her that his mission is far from over and adds that he wants to change his mother, Chang-a’s life by bringing her closer to Mr Yoon who wants to mend things with her daughter. The two call it a night and Eun-gyeol goes back to the Yoon house. He finds something eerie about the way the housemaids are acting and checks Chang-a’s room.

Eun-gyeol notices that Chang-a’s fax machine is broken which prompts him to threaten the maidservant. He finds Chang-a in the dark room and breaks down. Chang-a is glad that the cycle which ran for 12 years is finally over with Eun-gyeol finding the truth about Ji-mi.

Eun-gyeol decides to take Chang-a to the Snail Boarding house. He threatens to expose Ji-mi to the media and the cops for adolescent abuse and takes Chang-a out of the Yoon house. At the boardinghouse, Eun-gyeol tells the truth to Grandma and Yi-chan. Grandma agrees to take care of Chang-a and talks to her with affection, leading Chang-a to break down into a loud sob.

Yi-chan is enraged and decides to make Ji-mi pay for doing this to Chang-a. Eun-gyeol tries to calm him down and asks him to wait until Mr Yoon is back from his business trip.

Yi-chan states that Mr Yoon is a good-for-nothing parent, just like his absent father who neglected him all his life. Yi-chan vents his frustrations about bad parenthood and states that Chang-a didn’t have anyone by her side.

Eun-gyeol tells Yi-chan how Chang-a will have a family that loves her dearly while promising that he too will be a great parent. Yi-chan shares that won’t ever get married because he did not want to be a parent. Eun-gyeol promises otherwise and states that Yi-chan will be loved and respected by his children in the future.

The two boys go back to the boardinghouse where Yi-chan finds Chang-a playing with the rest of the guests. Yi-chan joins them and tries to make Chang-a laugh as Eun-gyeol watches from afar. He breaks down after realising that his parents finally made it to where they were after enduring so much pain.

The next day, Eun-yu is in class, reading up on the musical band White Night, which Choi Hyun was a part of. Eun-yu learns that Choi Hyun was the frontman of White Night, the most popular band of its time. She also finds out that the band had gotten into a scandal after Choi Hyun had impregnated an actress out of wedlock. This also caused the band to disband after which he retired.

That evening, Eun-yu goes to the music shop to meet Choi Hyun and asks him how she knew Se-kyeong’s mother – Shin A-young. Eun-yu leaves the music shop depressed. She calls Eun-gyeol to tell him that things are going very wrong with her and adds that she is homesick. Eun-gyeol rushes to the restaurant in haste and takes Eun-yu to the boardinghouse with her.

Eun-gyeol tells her the truth about what happened to Chang-a and adds that he was missing his brother – Eun-ho. Eun-yu is shocked to learn that Eun-gyeol is Eun-ho’s brother. She reveals that Eun-ho was her friend from her hearing impairment class. Eun-yu suddenly recalls something that Eun-ho had told her.

The episode ends with Eun-yu telling Eun-gyeol that the actual day of Yi-chan’s accident that led to his hearing loss was yet to come.

The Episode Review

I wonder why Yi-chan decided to stop talking after losing his hearing. However, there is also a chance that he did not speak out of solidarity for Eun-ho and Chang-a.

This episode was full of highs and lows, from the time the group spent the day in the cottage to Chang-a finally breaking down into tears after being treated well by Grandma. The way things have ended now, it is clear that Eun-gyeol will not be able to avoid the accident.

However, I have hope for Eun-gyeol to go back to his life with more love and appreciation for Yi-chan while Eun-yu finally realises that her mother’s first love was her father, Choi Hyun, who abandoned her as a child.

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