Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

Episode 13

Episode 13 of Twinkling Watermelon starts with Eun-gyeol picking Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) up from the airport. Eun-yu sleeps with her head on Eun-gyeol’s shoulder as they take the taxi back to her house. Eun-gyeol asks the taxi driver to take another round in the area in order to let Eun-yu rest for longer. He recalls their conversation from the airport where he had asked Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) to date him even if she turned out to be a middle-aged woman.

Eun-yu responds by saying she was tired, hungry and just wanted to rest. Eun-yu finally wakes up in the taxi and Eun-gyeol takes her suitcase out of the trunk. He notices something off about the airport tags in her bag but is distracted when Eun-yu invites him for some ramen.

Eun-gyeol panics but accepts the invitation. He is further when Eun-yu’s bag falls off the stairs and an Airpod falls out. Eun-yu tries to distract him and asks him to take the bag to her room. Inside the room, Eun-geol finds Eun-yu’s anxiety pills. He pockets the box and rushes down when he hears her screaming.

In the kitchen, Eun-gyeol finds that Eun-yu had started a fire while attempting to make ramen. He takes charge of the meal instead and makes scallion pancakes for the two of them instead. During their interaction, Eun-yu learns that Eun-gyeol is a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults) and the only hearing member of his family.

The two then eat the pancakes and flirt with each other. After spending some time at Eun-yu’s house, Eun-gyeol goes back to the Yoon house and notices that there are two moons in the sky with one of the two being a few days away from being a full moon. He also hears a vibration in his room, finding his smartphone from 2023 there. He answers the call from Master who tells Eun-gyeol that time is running out on him as he has to soon go back home.

The next morning, Yi-chan is outside the boarding house when he notices the guitar pick necklace he is wearing and thinks about Chang-a. Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) meets Yi-chan and he congratulates her on her relationship with Eun-gyeol. Yi-chan reveals that he is aware of her feelings for him. He adds that he had observed how Eun-yu looked at Eun-gyeol and was happy for them.

At school, Yi-chan and the rest of the band learn that the principal had asked the band – Watermelon Sugar to perform in the National College Band competition. The band members call Eun-gyeol at the studio and tell him the news. Eun-gyeol thinks about the call from Master and wonders what he should do now that it is time for him to go back to the present time.

The band members decide to go on a retreat in order to write new songs for their upcoming competition. They also discuss whether they should include Chang-a and Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) as they were the designer and photographer for the band respectively.

Outside the studio, Yi-chan and Eun-gyeol bicker again while the former scolds the latter for keeping the news of his relationship with Se-kyeong a secret from him. Eun-gyeol wonders how cool his 18-year-old father is as Yi-chan walks back home.

That night, Eun-gyeol tries to convince Chang-a to talk to Yi-chan but she does not heed him. On the other hand, Yi-chan spends hours trying to write a fax to Chang-a in order to try and talk to her. He finally gives up and cancels the last fax he sent.

The next morning, Eun-gyeol is cleaning the pool when he notices Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) pass by. He goes to check up on her and notices that she is having a panic attack. Eun-gyeol hands her the medicine box and tries to calm her down. He asks what caused her panic attack and Eun-yu mentions how her mother (Se-kyeong) forced her to push herself to play the cello instead of letting her mourn the death of her best friend who died by suicide.

Eun-yu adds that this affected her negatively which had caused her to lose her hearing for a while. Eun-gyeol tries to distract Eun-yu and takes her out on a date. Eun-yu asks Eun-gyeol when she fell for him and the latter reveals that it was after she had returned from the States.

Eun-yu is elated after learning that Eun-gyeol has feelings for her and not her mother after all. The two spend the day together, playing games and doing more fun things. Meanwhile, Yi-chan and Ma-joo have an argument on the street when the former notices Chang-a pass by. He leaves Ma-joo alone as he answers a call and follows Chang-a to her art studio.

Yi-chan is mesmerized by Chang-a and hides as he watches her from afar. At lunch, a fellow student tries to hit on Chang-a. She gets scared and runs outside but the boy follows her out. He tries to push himself on Chang-a when his friend shows up, telling him that she is deaf. The boy screams in her ear to test it and Chang-a gets scared.

Yi-chan shows up there and beats the boys up to teach them a lesson. The boys as well as Chang-a are taken into police custody. Then, the cops try to communicate with Chang-a, asking her to call her parents while the other cops discipline Yi-chan and the other two boys.

Grandma shows up at the station and manages to bail both Chang-a and Yi-chan out. Grandma asks Chang-a to join them for a meal using gestures but Chang-a declines the offer and flees. She gets into a taxi and heads back home. Grandma notices the look on Yi-chan’s face and discerns that he has feelings for Chang-a.

Grandma asks Yi-chan to be very mindful of his feelings and suggests that he should make sure he never breaks Chang-a’s heart. At the same time, Eun-gyeol drops Eun-yu (Se-kyeong) home. He tells her that she has no reason to think that her pain is not big enough.

Eun-gyeol asks her to reach out to him in moments of despair and asks Eun-yu to make him her anti-depressant when she has dark thoughts. He is on his way back home when he gets an urgent fax from Yi-chan. Eun-gyeol rushes to the studio and finds Yi-chan’s face bruised. He is worried at first but then realises that Yi-chan already has feelings for Chang-a.

Yi-chan scolds Eun-gyeol for abandoning Chang-a when she is in danger and needs his help. He decides to beat up the boys and teach them a lesson. At the same time, Chang-a deliberates writing a fax to Yi-chan. She gets an urgent fax from Eun-gyeol who calls her to the studio because Yi-chan was in trouble.

At the studio, Yi-chan uses sign language and text on a notepad to tell Chang-a that she had left him stranded after confessing her feelings for him. Since she missed his concert, Yi-chan performs a song for Chang-a but uses sign language to help her understand the lyrics.

Chang-a is touched by the gesture and hugs him tight as Eun-gyeol watches his parents from outside. The next day, the entire band including Eun-yu and Chang-a go to the retreat. The band members are shocked to learn that there are two couples in the band.

On the train ride, Eun-yu tells Eun-gyeol that she wants him to keep his promise and stand by her because she has decided to try and live her life instead of ending it for her mother. Eun-gyeol decides to use the smartphone Master had given him in order to buy more time that he could spend with Se-kyeong (Eun-yu).

Eun-yu goes to the restroom and finds her old smartphone in her bag. She is shocked when she gets a call from Master. Master tells her that she too was running out of time in the past and needed to prepare for her journey back to the present when two full moons appear in the sky.

Eun-yu tells Master that she had decided to stay back in the past but he tells her that she could not do that because there was another time traveller there who had to travel back to 2023. Eun-yu is further shocked and asks Master who the other time traveller was but the call cuts off due to lack of signal.

Eun-yu leaves the restroom, looking for signal with her smartphone in her hand. Eun-gyeol, who also has his smartphone, spots Eun-yu with her phone as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

The ending of this episode has me so interested to see what happens next and I can’t wait for episode 14 to drop. The show is now on its last legs and now that both male leads have finally gotten together with their respective partners, it is only time for the ball to drop. The trip is going to be the last good memory between Eun-gyeol, Eun-yu and the rest of the group from 1995.

From the looks of it, a lot of things are going to go differently now that Yi-chan still has his hearing. I am excited to see how this story ends and with not a lot of loose strands in the show, it will be interesting to see how this one wraps up. It’s curious over what Mr Choi Hyun’s role in the show is and I am worried that Se-kyeong will make a reappearance in the year 1995, exposing Eun-yu’s secret. We will only know once the next episode drops.

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