Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

Episode 12

Episode 12 of Twinkling Watermelon starts where we left off as Eun-gyeol saves Yi-chan from being attacked by Do-jin. He is relieved as the clock strikes 12. Meanwhile, Eun-yu is upset as she waits for Eun-gyeol at the movie theatre. The boys decide to clean up the mess before the security guard can wake up.

Yi-chan thinks about what Eun-gyeol had told him about being his son in the future. Before the guard arrives, the boys clean up the place and go to a public bathhouse to clean before going home. Hyun-yul reveals how he was a member of the gang and backstabbed Do-jin.

As they get dressed after the bath, Yi-chan asks if Eun-gyeol is his son. Eun-gyeol lies to Yi-chan and tells him that he fled from home because he did not want to be sent abroad by his father. Yi-chan is relieved that Eun-gyeol is not his son.

At the same time, Eun-gyeol recalls how he left Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) behind. He runs to Se-kyeong’s house but when no one opens the door, he starts yelling from outside.

Eun-gyeol calls her from the PCO and urges her, asking her to forgive him. Eun-yu is still hurt by Eun-gyeol and reminds herself how much she hated being abandoned. After Eun-gyeol goes back to the Yoon house, Ji-mi tries to kick him out. Eun-gyeol rebels and tells her that Mr Yoon is his employer and adds that he will only listen to him.

Mr Yoon overhears the conversation wherein Ji-mi scolds Eun-gyeol and scolds her. He asks Eun-gyeol to wait in his study and gives Ji-mi an earful for treating Eun-gyeol badly. Mr Yoon meets Eun-gyeol in his study and threatens to fire him. He poses a condition and asks Eun-gyeol to get Chang-a to smile at Mr Yoon if he wants to keep his job.

Eun-gyeol promises to try and tells Mr Yoon that Chang-a has a really pretty smile. Chang-a is certain that Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) will choose Eun-gyeol based on their discussion from the day before. Eun-gyeol meets Chang-a before school and reminds her about the festival that was held later that day.

Eun-yu is in a pissy mood and avoids Eun-gyeol while greeting Chang-a. Eun-gyeol follows after Eun-yu and tries to convince her to talk to him. He decides to tell her his secret but Eun-yu goes first and tells him the truth about her family. Eun-yu tells him how she was abandoned by her father and hated the feeling that Eun-gyeol left her with.

Eun-gyeol tries to convince her to pick him up at the festival but she is too upset with him to listen to his side of the story. Chang-a meets Eun-yu and learns that she is going to choose Yi-chan at the festival. Chang-a is heartbroken at the thought.

Yi-chan and the band decide to take a truck around the spring festival, inviting the students to their concert. Before the concert, Chang-a goes to meet Yi-chan and gives him a hand-made guitar pick. Yi-chan is happy with the gift and thanks Chang-a for it.

Yi-chan asks if Chang-a will be coming to see him perform and she lies to him, stating that she will be coming. Chang-a thinks to herself how she cannot come to the concert because she cannot stand him being with someone else. Eun-gyeol passes by Chang-a without noticing that she is crying on her way out. Eun-gyeol meets the rest of the band and learns that Chang-a has just left.

Ma-joo reveals that both Chang-a and Se-kyeong will not be able to make it to the concert in time as they have supplementary classes. The boys are saddened by the news but Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) leaves everyone shocked when she shows up at the concert to meet Yi-chan.

Eun-gyeol tries to talk to her but she ignores him and talks to Yi-chan alone. Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) asks to see their booth and purchases everyone’s photos except Eun-gyeol’s. Eun-yu continues to flirt with the boys leaving Eun-gyeol alone at the booth as they go to play games at a different booth. Eun-gyeol watches Eun-yu have fun and play games at the festival and is lost in thought.

Finally, Eun-yu sits in the auditorium and waits for the concert to start. Sang-ah shows up there and throws a fit at Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) for leaving her behind. The concert starts with Eun-gyeol and Yi-chan battling each other for Se-kyeong’s hand.

During the concert, Sang-ah mentions to Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) how she had watched Ji-hwan perform just like this last spring. Eun-yu finally comes to the realisation that the guy her mother was talking about was none other than her father. Eun-yu realises that Se-kyeong’s true first love is Ji-hwan’s younger, romantic self.

She leaves the concert and waits outside, trying to collect her thoughts. Choi Hyun finds her there and recognises her as Se-kyeong. He tries to console her but Eun-yu flees from there.

Meanwhile, Yi-chan notices that Se-kyeong is not in her seat and grows concerned. He continues the performance and the band successfully ends the concert.

However, soon after the concert ends, Eun-gyeol leaves to go somewhere. Later that night, Eun-gyeol is the only one missing from the celebratory dinner. Yi-chan throws a fit stating that none of the boys were worried about Chang-a who was also missing from the show like Se-kyeong. He throws a fit and goes back to the boarding house.

Chang-a finds a bunch of faxes in her room, all from Yi-chan who was trying to reach her. Yi-chan asks Chang-a to come outside her house as he is waiting for her there. Outside her house, Yi-chan tries to talk to Chang-a but she is very upset with him.

She tries to pick a fight with him and scolds him for trying to mock her by inviting her, a deaf person, to a musical concert. Yi-chan uses a sign language book to try and communicate with her but Chang-a writes a note, telling him that they are both from very different worlds, asking Yi-chan to never see her again.

Eun-gyeol waits outside Se-kyeong’s house to try and apologise to her. Eun-gyeol asks if Se-kyeong has picked her partner yet which further annoys her. She asks Eun-gyeol to leave her alone and goes inside her house. She packs her bags and gets ready to leave when she gets a phone call.

Eun-gyeol passes by Choi Hyun’s shop and waits outside. Eun-gyeol overhears the same song that he had sung for Se-kyeong. Choi Hyun tells Eun-gyeol that the song was famously known as one that men use to seduce women. After sharing his worries with Choi Hyun, Eun-gyeol discovers that he is falling in love.

He then spends some time sitting in silence with Choi Hyun and finally goes back to the Yoon house. He overhears Sang-ah talking to someone on the phone. Eun-gyeol learns that Se-kyeong is going back to the States for good. He runs outside and makes his way to the airport to stop her.

Meanwhile, Eun-yu tries to board the flight to the USA, hoping to meet her parents in the future but has no way to do so. She goes back outside and cries, sitting on a sidewalk near the airport. The episode ends with Eun-gyeol finding Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) sitting all alone as he asks her to trust him.

The Episode Review

It is clear that Yi-chan also has feelings for Chang-a but is trying to mask it. From the way things end in this episode, Eun-gyeol has finally realized that he loves Se-kyeong/Eun-yu.

However, hopefully he soon learns that the one he has fallen for is not 28 years older than him but Eun-yu, someone who has come to the year 1995 from 2023 just like him.

Now that the tragedy has been avoided, I am worried that something much worse awaits for Yi-chan. The master is happy with the fact that Eun-gyeol has decided to help Eun-yu but I wonder what he has in mind for this story with only 4 episodes left before it ends. 

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