Twinkling Watermelon – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

Episode 11 of Twinkling Watermelon starts with a flashback from the time when Eun-gyeol was missing. Hyun-yul, just like the other band members, was trying to look for Eun-gyeol. However, he runs into a bunch of goons who are bullying an innocent high schooler, trying to steal his money. Hyun-yul saves the boy and beats the goons up while only getting mildly injured himself.

The goon claims that their boss, Jung Do-jin, is soon going to be released from prison. He calls Hyun-yul a backstabber and recalls how he used to be Do-jin’s right hand before he left their gang for good. Hyun-yul goes to the same hospital as Yi-chan while Do-jin, who is in prison, tells his cellmates about the time he was backstabbed by one of his closest people.

The episode moves back to a few days before the spring festival and the band is taking new photos as ‘Watermelon Sugar’. While Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) helps them with the photos, Chang-a makes sure that their costumes are on point. Eun-gyeol notices Chang-a give a lot of attention to Yi-chan and gets excited.

Meanwhile, Eun-yu starts getting territorial over Eun-gyeol. She confronts him as the other girls at school start swooning over him. One day, Eun-gyeol is having a meal by the pool that the female students had left to cheer him up. Eun-yu teases Eun-gyeol for being punished by the principal and watches him as he eats a spicy dish.

Eun-gyeol is not able to handle the spice which leaves Eun-yu shocked. She tastes the dish and realises that Eun-gyeol is not her mother’s true first love as the food has minimal spice. She gets annoyed, wondering what she is to do now as she is nowhere closer to finding her mother’s first love.

Meanwhile, Ma-joo tells the bandmates that he has booked a rehearsal studio before the spring festival and asks the bandmates to revise the setlist before the festival. Choi Hyun invites the band for a celebratory barbecue where he manifests their successful debut. During the meal, Choi Hyun suggests that Ma-joo should work as a manager for a famous international agency and help manage the activities of international artists.

Ma-joo asks the bandmates what they think about the idea and they all give him a go-ahead. Eun-gyeol suggests that Ma-joo should use the initials “MJ” for his company. Ma-joo asks Choi Hyun to help him sign with Dong-jin which alarms Eun-gyeol.

Eun-gyeol recalls seeing the interview in which Dong-jin talks about his friendship with Ma-joo as well as the serious accident that caused his bandmate to be hurt. Eun-gyeol recalls that Dong-jin had mentioned how the tragedy occurred at rehearsal, a day before the Spring Festival. He is also reminded of Master’s comment and wonders what he could do to stop Yi-chan from getting injured.

Eun-gyeol leaves the meal and runs back to the locker room at school. He tries to get an answer from Master and asks what he was talking about when he mentioned a helper. Later that night, Ma-joo and the rest of the band members leave to go back home.

While all the members talk about going to a party that night, Hyun-yul is distracted. Hyun-yul and Yi-chan both decide to call it a night as they go their respective ways. Eun-gyeol meets Yi-chan that night and tries to stop him from going to the rehearsal. Both boys have an argument after which Yi-chan tells Eun-gyeol that he will not miss the rehearsal at any cost.

Eun-gyeol goes to see Se-kyeong and asks for a favour from her. The next morning, Se-kyeong calls Yi-chan and asks him to meet her for a solo photoshoot on a remote island, miles away from Seoul. She does so after Eun-gyeol seeks her help.

When Yi-chan goes to the island, looking for Se-kyeong (Eun-yu), she is in school, wondering why she decided to give in to Eun-gyeol’s request so easily.

In exchange for the favour, Eun-yu asks Eun-gyeol to share his secret with her after all this is over and asks him out on a movie date the following evening. Eun-gyeol agrees to both and the two call it a night. Meanwhile, Chang-a is in class, practising sign language. She thinks of Yi-chan and tries to sign something to him.

Eun-yu shows up in front of Chang-a and the two discuss who she is going to pick at the Spring Festival. Eun-yu asks Chang-a about the guy she (Se-kyeong) preferred before she left for the States. Chang-a lies to her and states that she’s more interested in Eun-gyeol before leaving for the States.

At the same time, Eun-gyeol meets Yi-chan on the island and tries to stop him from going to the practice. Eun-gyeol reveals the truth about his identity and tells Yi-chan that he is his son who had come from the future to change his life. Eun-gyeol tells Yi-chan that he is lonely and wants to change his own life along with his father – Yi-chan by preventing the accident from taking place.

Eun-gyeol uses the analogy of being as lonely as if he were on an island but Yi-chan does not buy his argument. Yi-chan starts to leave but Eun-gyeol decides to jump off the cliff to make Yi-chan stop. Yi-chan jumps into the ocean to help Eun-gyeol from drowning just like his father did when he was younger.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band members get tired of waiting for Eun-gyeol and Yi-chan to show up. Just as Ma-joo arrives at the rehearsal hall to tell them about Yi-chan and Eun-gyeol, the focus lights fall on stage leaving Ma-joo, Hyun-yul, Se-bum and Si-guk shocked.

At the island, Yi-chan tells Eun-gyeol that he has informed Ma-joo that they aren’t going to be able to make it to the rehearsal. Eun-gyeol suddenly breaks down and hugs Yi-chan as the latter consoles him as he sobs. On their way back, Yi-chan thinks about the comment Eun-gyeol made about coming from the future. He continues to doubt Eun-gyeol and wonders what he is talking about.

Eun-gyeol asks to stay the night at the boarding house and offers to teach Yi-chan his guitar trick. All of a sudden, Eun-gyeol recalls that he had promised to meet Se-kyeong (Eun-yu). He leaves Yi-chan outside the house and runs to Se-kyeong’s house. Inside the boarding house, Grandma asks Yi-chan to deliver some dumplings to the school watchman.

The band members who are all at the boarding house join Yi-chan. They bribe the watchman and get the keys to the practice hall. At the same time, Do-jin beats up the student for failing to injure Hyun-yul.

A flashback shows how Do-jin had threatened the boy whom Hyun-yul had helped and asked him to loosen the focus lights so that they would fall on Hyun-yul and injure him. Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu are at the cinema hall where she buys him an outfit to change into. Eun-yu makes a comment stating that Eun-gyeol looks like a character from “Squid Game”.

Eun-gyeol thinks about the comment and wonders if the phrase was a famous joke from 1995. Just then, Ma-joo sends an SOS message to Eun-gyeol, informing him that they are rehearsing before the show. Eun-gyeol leaves the theatre without informing Se-kyeong (Eun-yu) and rushes to the practice hall.

At the same time, Do-jin and his goons show up at the rehearsal hall to teach Hyun-yul a lesson. Hyun-yul asks for his friends to be left alone but the goons start beating all the boys up. Yi-chan tries to save Hyun-yul and the others but the goons overpower them. Eun-gyeol gets into an accident on his way to school when a car runs him over.

At school, Do-jin hits Yi-chan with a cane. Before going unconscious, Yi-chan recalls Eun-gyeol’s prediction about him getting into an accident at rehearsal. Do-jin is about to hit Yi-chan again but Eun-gyeol shows up and beats the thug up.

The student runs in, stating that the cops have arrived outside which prompts the thugs to leave. The episode ends with Eun-gyeol trying to make sure that Yi-chan can still hear him despite the attack.

The Episode Review

I have so many questions about this episode, my first one being, why did Eun-gyeol not ask for a rain-check from Eun-yu/Se-kyeong when he knows how important of a day it was for him? With everything on the line, Yi-chan was just minutes away from losing his hearing. What if Yi-chan not losing his hearing will, in turn, change the fate of things as the show progresses? 

With 5 more episodes left in the show, I am worried that Yi-chan and Chang-a will not end up together. I am curious to see how things go between Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu because I am very certain that she is Eun-ho’s girlfriend.

Will it be possible that Eun-yu has broken up with Eun-ho in the year 2023? If that is indeed the truth, I wonder what will happen when Eun-gyeol and Eun-yu actually go back to the future as a couple and that is one of the more heartbreak.

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