Twenty One Pilots – Clancy | Album Review

Track Listing

Next Semester 
Midwest Indigo 
Routines In The Night 
The Craving 
Snap Back 
Oldies Station 
At The Risk Of Feeling Dumb
Paladin Straight  

Ohio band Twenty One Pilots put on a show with their record Clancy. Though it all seems upbeat, the duo consisting of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun know how to take a theme and dress it up. Clancy isn’t a linear release either, as it boasts so many twists and turns that it’s a full-on project of the mind.  

These themes explore nights spent drunk and attaching to despairing memories while trying to put it all back together. The duo is extremely talented and know a fundamental beat, pushing their abilities to the forefront. They’re angry too, at the world and the establishment.   

The album isn’t political really, but the duo sparks a revolt against the way the world ticks nowadays. They’re on the warpath, tenacious at delivering sharp anecdotes which point to mental instability.  

There are 13 songs on Clancy. ‘Backslide’ is an infectious song, providing a pivotal beat and vocals conveying dark days. The intricate instrumentals are on point, and the duo do not want to go backwards into the abyss.

‘Midwest Indigo’ is a poppy track with a nod to the 80s. It has a catchy chorus, and the duo confess their grievances clearly.    

‘The Craving’ is a sad song, a ballad directed to a person who needs aid in bad situations. That acoustic sound is refreshing, and the track really pushes the band’s emotions. It’s cathartic and honest too.  

Twenty One Pilots is a colossal act, and their music is as diverse as it comes. Clancy is a true melting pot of styles.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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