Twenty2 – Dismissed | Album Review

Track List

Setup From The Start
Erase Your Fear
Fuck Your Rules
Before You Save Us
I’m (Not) Done
I Know It’s You
What She Did
Out Of My Head


Melody and punk rock come together here in seamless fashion. Canadian band Twenty2 play rousing and raucous songs fit for the underground and sweaty bars; songs that are volatile and lyrically sincere. And it’s evident the band is looking to make big waves in the industry as this release is a step up compared to previous records. This leap can only be good for a band which has been around for a considerable amount of time.

Dismissed aches to be listened to, as it blasts open a new world for the band. The lyrics are poignant and sometimes the band vent their fears and views, which in truth only makes for a better record. The courage the act shows too is admirable, as they let everything spill including their problems with the world and the numbness they feel.

The record breaks the chains to punk glory at times. It will never win awards, but it will be applauded for its quality and intelligence.

‘Conditioned’ starts the record off with a slow build-up before the thrill ride begins. This band knows how to make things seem smooth, and the guitar riffs are well tuned here too. The band highlights the stress of life.

‘Setup From The Start’ tackles paranoia, and the act plays hard and fast here. Every sinew of their being has been placed, but everything is deemed to fall apart. ‘What She Said’ commits to melody, and the story yearns to be heard.

Twenty2 know how to create fast, melodic punk that will last the course. Dismissed expresses so much in 13 songs.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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