The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live – Season 1 Episode 2 “Gone” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live begins 6 years after the bridge. Michonne saves Bailey and Aiden who take her back to their moving wagon community. Aiden’s sister, Elle is the leader but is insistent on keeping Michonne with her.

Their friend, Nat, a pyromancer immediately repays Michonne by equipping her with armour and a horse. They do warn her about a huge horde which bites her in the back when she is knocked off her horse right in front of the horde. However, Nat, Aiden, Bailey and a few others defect and help Michonne find safety.

They all bond, especially Nat and Michonne. Aiden feels guilty as she is pregnant and she was craving honey which is why she and Bailey got separated. Michonne keeps trying to send them to Alexandria but they refuse to go till she finds Rick.

Misfortune befalls as a CRM helicopter bombs them with chlorine gas. It attracts walkers and it is chaos. They find shelter in a mall but Aiden dies. She turns and infects Bailey but Michonne is able to kill them in time.

Once Nat and Michonne recover, they continue to the bridge but find burnt bodies there. Michonne thinks the worst has happened. Nat pushes her to believe Rick is alive but to go back to her family. While heading back they see a CRM helicopter and decide to enact revenge.

Nat shoots missiles at them till they crash. He then covers for Michonne who kills the soldiers. She gets to Rick and is shocked. They have a tearful reunion but before Nat can be happy for her, a dying soldier kills him.

As reinforcements arrive, Rick is quick to act, telling Michonne to hide her identity and act docile. None of it matters as she is happy to be with Rick again. CRM brings Michonne in who goes by the name Dana and shares Aiden’s story as hers. She secretly meets up with Rick who promises to escape with her. She is sad about his missing hand and wants to make CRM pay but he warns her. Their only plan of action is to leave.

Officer Jadis Stokes finally returns. She deletes Michonne’s interview footage and pays Rick a visit. She will keep Michonne’s identity a secret but she threatens to eradicate Alexandria if they try to escape. At the end of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2, she asks what is he up to.

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The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2 has a completely different tone from what we have been seeing in the main show and every single spin-off out there. The first half is just too…peppy. It is not a bad thing but it can give you a whiplash, and for some viewers, they may not even like it.

A lot of early reviews in fact felt this episode was the weak link. But it’s like Thor: Ragnarok all over again. They are trying something new, and if we see it as an independent story, it actually does work. Now bear with us, it is not perfect, Nat and Co. are all too…peppy (it is the only way to describe them). And it feels strange with Michonne being all relaxed, bickering with them.

But it is also nice, almost like a comedy amidst the sad moments. In fact, Nat almost grows on us by the end. But anyway, all of that is forgotten when Rick and Michonne are finally united. Their chemistry is so explosive (no pun intended) that we almost don’t care about the rest of the episode.

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