TvN Dramas 2020 Timeline

Below you can find a list of the dramas previously and currently broadcasting across tvN for the year of 2020.

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Black Dog
16th December 2019 – 4th February 2020
A slice of life drama set inside a classroom. Black Dog revolves around a group of teachers and in particular substitute teacher Ko Ha-Neul.
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The Cursed
10th February – 17th March

A thrilling supernatural horror, The Cursed combines horror with investigative drama in a really compelling way.

A Piece of Your Mind

23rd March – 28th April
Unfortunately tvN cut the episode run short to 12 rather than 16 episodes. This is a simple romantic drama with echoes of I Am Not Your Robot woven into the storyline.


May 4th-May 5th
A two episode event which bridged the gap between A Piece Of Your Mind and My Unfamiliar Family. A family tragedy is the main topic of this K-drama.

My Unfamiliar Family

June 1st-July 21st
A touching and sentimental family drama, My Unfamiliar Family is an unfamiliar take on a familiar concept. It ends beautifully and has some really compelling characters too.

Record of Youth

September 7th-October 27th
Record of Youth looks like it’ll follow the lives of young people in the world of modeling. This could be part-romance/part slice of life drama. We’ll update this timeline with more info in the coming months!
Birthcare Centre
November TBC


Wednesday -Thursday

Psychopath Diary

20th November 2019-9th January 2020
A surprisingly funny drama, Psychopath Diary revolves around…well, a psychopath’s diary which an amnesia-stricken Dong-Sik picks up and believes is his.
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Money Game

15th January – 5th March
A slice of life drama leaning in hard on the finance world. There’s also a bit of a crime drama vibe to this one too.
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11th March-30th April
High school student Dong-Baek gains the ability to read memories by touching people. What ensues is a mystery thriller as this plucky kid sets out to solve a murder.

Oh, My Baby

13th May-2nd July
Jang Ha-Ri has been out of the dating game for over 10 years but now finds herself involved with 3 men. There’s some good drama, romance and well-placed humour too.

Flower Of Evil

22nd July – 17th September
Ji-Won is a detective but unbeknownst to her, her husband Hee-Sung has quite the dark past. A compelling murder mystery wrapped up with a cat-and-mouse vibe.
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Tale of the Nine Tailed
October TBC


Hospital Playlist (Netflix)

12th March-28th May
A slice of life medical drama following five doctors who all entered the same medical university in 1999. Now, they work together in the same hospital.
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None For 2020 So Far!


Crash Landing On You (Netflix)
14th December 2019 – 16th February 2020
Yoon Se-Ri’s paragliding expedition goes horribly wrong and takes her off-course and into North Korea. What ensues is an unforgettable journey both sides of the border.
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Hi Bye, Mama! (Netflix)
22nd February – 19th April
 After dying, Yu-Ri has been a ghost for 5 years. To become a human again, she carries out a reincarnation project for 49 days.
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When My Love Blooms (Netflix)
25th April – 14th June
A romantic drama that places an equal emphasis on flashbacks to present-day events.
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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (Netflix)
20th June – 9th August
A truly unusual K-drama offering combining excellent animations with a touching character-driven story.
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Stranger Season 2 (Netflix)
15th August – 4th October
The sequel to the popular tvN drama back in 2017. Stranger also happened to be the first Sat-Sun broadcast for tvN.
October TBC


So there we have it, that’s our timeline for all the tvN dramas for the year 2020. We’ll be sure to continue updating this page over the coming months as more shows are announced.

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