Tulsa King – Season 1 Episode 8 “Adobe Walls” Recap & Review

Adobe Walls

With the increasing threat of the Black Macadams and the problems in New York, episode 8 of Tulsa King sees Dwight and Mitch train their band of inexperienced ordinary guys how to shoot.

While most of them have no experience, Dwight is impressed by Jane’s technique. It has a tragic past where she reveals her father taught her shooting and shot himself a few years ago. She beseeches Dwight to be their leader and lead them out of this predicament that he got them into. He is now responsible for all of them. They respect his authority and stand behind him in whatever he does.

Stacy pays a visit to Waltrip but the Irish chap is less than forthcoming. There is nothing she can do to implicate him for Roxy and he knows it. For their casino plan, Jimmy agrees to become Dwight and Mitch’s partner. At Pete’s wake, Chickie discusses plans to move on for the family. They have made the decision to eliminate Dwight, The General, and bring in a new order to things. When Johnny, one of the capos, interjects, Chickie threatens to kill him. He is firmly established as the new leader and things are looking bleak for Dwight.

The ATF and the FBI have a meeting. Stacy learns about Margaret – which takes her in shock – but still tries to take off the attention from Dwight. She says the focus must be the Black Macadams right now. Tyson moves out of the house and his father stands conflicted about the decision. They bid farewell to each other and he asks Tyson to be careful. Tina seems to be warming up to Dwight and mentions the possibility of coming to Tulsa for a while. Brian, Margaret’s ex-husband, meets Dwight and warns him of associating with Margaret for money. He is not afraid of Dwight and will be watching him from afar to make sure Margaret is not hurt in any way.

Waltrip tries to get his cops on the payroll to arrest Manfredi. He later plans to kill him in the cell itself. But when they try, Manfredi makes it clear that making an enemy out of him will be fatal for them. And in quite some style! Stacy promises her therapist that she has ended the thing with Dwight, who “reminded her of her father”. Dwight gets a call from Chickie. He pretends to want to make amends with Dwight and bury the hatchet. He says he will visit with his core men sometime soon. Off the phone, Vince lauds Chickie’s acting abilities, confirming the plan.

Clara once again mentions her reservations about Armand’s association with Dwight. They have a fight where Armand makes it clear they aren’t moving and Clara declares that she will divorce him if they do not move. Stacy meets Dwight and asks him to move on from Waltrip. The biker leader has no standing in the city any more after his quarters were raided and the FBI are hot on his tail.

She also mentions how she might be jealous of Margaret but as they go back and forth, she sees Waltrip and his lieutenant pull in behind them. Shots are fired and, in the process, Waltrip loses his man but afflicts a wound on Stacy. The police arrive and Manfredi is taken in for questioning. He vows to eliminate Waltrip at the next chance he gets.

The Episode Review

Taylor Sheridan’s new show gets more compelling with every episode. The pace with which he develops his plot, characters, and dynamics is quite staggering, considering how level-headed the execution is.

Episode 8 sprung into life in the final few minutes when Waltrip nearly got his revenge on Stacy. Of course, she will not die this easily but Manfredi is surely in trouble. He is being attacked from all directions but must now prove why he is a “made man”.

Chickie poses the biggest threat to him right now and seeing their showdown will be interesting. We can clearly see the mafia lifestyle affecting the personal lives of Dwight’s associates. Will he be guilted into ruing bringing them in, or will he and his band of fighters survive? Stay tuned!

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  1. As long as Tulsa King is on Paramount we will not watch it. We’ve had several issues with it rewinding itself & never getting to see the end! There’s also waaay toooooo many commercials. It’s not our t.v. or provider this has never happenen before. So we never got to see the end

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