Tulsa King – Season 1 Episode 7 “Warr Acres” Recap & Review

Warr Acres

Dwight and Mitch put away Pike’s body at the start of Tulsa King episode 7. They send his bullet hole-ridden jacket to the Black Macadams. In New York, Pete is getting better. He is back home and the doctor says he can “live another 15 years” if he can take care of himself.

Chickie does not seem happy hearing that. Tina is finally able to get through to Dwight and mentions the incident. She thinks Emory has been mugged but Dwight knows better. He asks her to come with her family for some time to Tulsa for her safety. But she is not sure.

Tyson and Armand pick up Goodie from the station. The Consigliere is surprised and threatened to see Armand again but he reassures him that Dwight and his meeting was just a coincidence. He came to Tulsa in ’98 after New York. Roxy is inconsolable after one of the bikers opens the parcel in which they find Pike’s jacket. Bodhi and co return to work and find the place in a mess. He also takes out a pen drive, secretly stashed in the hinges of his safe. Wonder what’s in it…

Stacy meets with Roxy after she tells her about Pike. It is revealed that Roxy is out on an arrangement between the ATF and her wherein she will be an informant and that will keep her out of jail. Stacy gets desperate for any evidence and asks Roxy to go back once more to get something. This will be the final time.

Goodie assures Dwight that no one knew about Nico and says that Emory’s beating up isn’t in his knowledge either. He calls Pete and Chickie that night. When he mentions that Dwight gave his ring to Tyson, Pete gets angry and starts blabbering. He even shuts up Chickie, who once again can only afford to quiet down.

Goodie reports that Dwight might be out of their control as he is in his own element in Tulsa. Tina is still getting calls from the stranger and is getting increasingly fed up. Roxy breaks in as Stacy asked her to but soon finds Waltrip behind her. She is caught red-handed and forcefully tells him the truth.

At first, Waltrip seems he is propositioning her to become his mistress. But he ends up strangling her and calling Stacy with Roxy’s phone to warn her. Dwight gets asked out to dinner by Margaret, the owner of the horse ranch. Dwight pitches a new business idea of starting a casino and making Bodhi a partner with him. He then reveals that all this time, he has been stealing from people who buy Bitcoin. Dwight is not the only criminal in town! The information about Bitcoin is what is on the pen drive.

Chickie admits to the Father in his chapel that he feels smothered by his father. Chickie wanted to be in the army and make something of himself but instead was put to work by Pete. He was never allowed to have a normal life and he regrets that lost opportunity. Tina mentions moving away to Emory but he does not take it well. Emory tries to comfort Tina and says that they cannot uproot their life just because Dwight asked them to after making Tina suffer all those years. She agrees and the two find comfort in the promise.

While bathing Pete, Chickie is once again rubbed off the wrong way by him. Only this time, he cannot control himself and drowns Pete in the bathtub. Dwight and Margaret’s date goes well and he comes clean about his past. But the latter is more intrigued than repulsed by it.

Chickie was wearing a wig this whole time and descends the stairs with his father’s body as the new boss of the family. He calls the death due to a heart attack and says to Vince “they need to get the family back on track”. News of Pete’s death is broken to Dwight, who falls into deep thought and says he will not be going to the funeral.

The Episode Review

The change at the top should certainly ring warning bells for Dwight and his gang. Chickie’s character truly revealed himself in this episode in a few minutes. Years of frustration came out in one act of shocking audacity and violence. In his bald avatar, he looks even more menacing, perhaps like Wilson Fisk in Daredevil.

As manly and brave as Dwight might be, he is not man enough to fight wars on two fronts. Because the Irish gentleman has lost his patience too with Dwight. He just discovered the ATF has been keeping track of him and he might just go bonkers as well. This episode is the tipping point of no return. How will Dwight take on the might of the Italian mafia and Irish hooligans with his “village people”? Stick around to find out!

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