Tulsa King – Season 1 Episode 6 “Stable” Recap & Review


We open episode 6 of Tulsa King with yet another instance of Pilot, the old white house, escaping from his fence. It turns out that Roxy, the crazy girl who works with Armand, is actually an informant for the ATF. She talks about Dwight as “the real deal”. Stacy tries to protect him but Doug, her partner, insists Rory tell them more. He also makes the connection with the mafia FBI is looking for & decides to alert them. Pete lambasts Chickie for suggesting they should target Tina & Dwight. But the Capo has made a mental note.

Dwight hangs around Tina’s shop & informs her that he killed Nice. She fears for her family’s safety but Dwight says Pete won’t allow it. He again reiterates that she is the only thing that matters to him. Tyson picks up Dwight and narrates the entire tale of what transpired in his absence. Dwight is instantly concerned about the connection the police might have made with Bohdi and they go to see him. But the shop is closed and he is not picking up his phone.

Doug calls FBI Agent Ruiz and informs him about Dwight. Roxy advises Manny to convince Dwight to make up with Waltrip. If this enmity continues, it could damage both sides severely. Tina gets a phone call from someone who does not say anything. Is she in trouble? Dwight thinks so and ensures Tina that he will look into it. He then calls Goodie, the Consigliere of the family, and suggests he fly down to Tulsa and discuss the issue. Pete allows it and says that as long as Dwight is sending in their cut, he is not to be touched.

Stacy meets with Dwight the next morning to explain her predicament. She also says that the FBI is involved now and he must stop. No matter wherever he goes, this mess will follow him there. Ruiz with his team show up at Bodhi’s house and then at his weed shop, ransacking his safe which had leftover weed and cash. All of it is gone, despite Dwight repeatedly warning Bodhi to move it elsewhere. The attempts to strike a truce between Waltrip and Dwight do not go well. Neither is prepared to back off and instead of cooling it down, they seem to have ruffled some more feathers.

At Mitch’s, Bohdi delivers the news to the group, who are all present. Dwight surprises him by telling him that Mitch and he took out everything before the FBI could raid the place, anticipating it might happen. Bohdi beams with joy and Dwight invites him to have dinner with everyone else. He is also convinced Bohdi did not give up Dwight to the FBI. Spencer, the waitress at the cafe where Dwight usually frequents is formally introduced to him. When he asks about Pilot, she says that they are putting him down for breaking out repeatedly.

Dwight goes with Spencer to Pilot’s owner and buys him. He also employs Spencer to take care of Pilot temporarily. Stacy tries unsuccessfully to convince Dwight to rat out Waltrip and it leaves her with a bitter taste. Is it a final goodbye? Quite seems like it. Dwight takes Pilot to the farm where Armand puts him in the field for a week. On payment, the owner allows Pilot to be there but he has to find a new home soon.

In the final sequence of the episode, the Manfredi family is attacked on two fronts. As feared, Chickie attacks Emory, Tina’s husband in an alley, and breaks his arm, sending him to the hospital. Pike, Roxy’s boyfriend, is sent alone to Mitch’s bar to kill Mitch but he and Dwight together kill Pike.

The Episode Review

For all that threatens to explode in Tulsa King, one season will not cut it. Sheridan will definitely have to come back with another season because the story has finally come to life. Dwight now stands in the middle with attacks from all sides. His stubborn morals and attitude will further push him toward even more danger.

It is quite ironic because that is the defining trait why we love characters like him. There was some heartwarming redemption between Dwight and his daughter. As long as that is maintained, he is bound to feel immortal. Even against his old mafia family from New York, the odds seem to be pitted against him.

Episode 6 takes us another step closer to the final of the season. And we are nowhere near having a meaningful end. Buckle up for the remaining episodes as Tulsa King promises more guns, bodies, and theatrics!

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