Tulsa King – Season 1 Episode 5 “Token Joe” Recap and Review

Token Joe

As the title of the episode suggests, Joe, Dwight’s brother has passed away. Episode 5 of Tulsa King sees his memorial being held in NYC and Dwight reaches the spot. We also catch a glimpse of the neighborhood he grew up in too.

Joanne, his sister, is the first and only one to hug and welcome him. Tina is surprised to see his estranged father after so many years but he looks the other way, refusing to engage. Dwight pays his respects to Joe and Denise, the former’s widow. Dwight expresses his remorse at not having been in touch with his family before and wasting the opportunity to be a responsible family man.

In conversation, Dwight excitedly asks about Tina’s family and is acquainted with everyone through Joanne. He is glad that his daughter is doing well. He has the idea to invite the entire family to dinner in a four star restaurant but it does not go well. Tina walks off, once again refusing to engage with him. The Black Macadams control the local nitrous supply and do not take the actions of Dwight’s men lightly. They holler at the officers on their payroll to take care of business.

They give them the license plate number to his car. The officers stop an unsuspecting Tyson, put him in jail, and impound the car. Bodhi is the next target for the gang. They get his whereabouts from Tyson’s phone and kidnap him. Chuckie calls Dwight to the hospital to meet Pete but Dwight does not go the same day. Manny is warned about the Black Macadams. At first, he dismisses it, but then soon enough catches up with their criminal past.

It might seem Stacy and Dwight get into a very good relationship and she warns him about the Black Macadams. He takes it into account and Tyson is finally able to get through to him.  Bodhi is questioned by the leader of the Macadams, Waltrip. It is a fierce encounter where Bodhi’s life is genuinely in danger. However, there is some respite for Dwight’s men as Bodhi is brought to Mitch’s bar. But since it is Cherokee land, the police have no jurisdiction and they’re forced to leave Bodhi with Mitch.

Before going to Pete, Dwight goes to Tina’s flower store. The father and daughter have a frosty exchange, where she refuses to call him by the familial title and calls him by his name. Her sadness and trauma emanates from Dwight’s absence as a father. She recalls how Dwight was the only one not there on her prom night, and how the entire family chipped in to make her feel at home.

It also seemed like a call for help as Tina reveals that Nico, one of the gang and Dwight’s old friend, tried to “impose himself physically” on her. It makes Dwight furious and even though she makes his promise that he will not react in a violent way, it seems unlikely that he will comply. Dwight goes to the hospital and does not find anyone there. He confronts a bedridden Pete and berates him for not taking care of his family in Dwight’s absence, despite promising to do so.

Pete seems confused during the entire conversation and when Dwight tries to intimidate him about Nico, he is still blank, convincing Dwight about Pete’s innocence. In quite the gangster fashion, Dwight walks into the club where Chuckie and others are having a game and absolutely smashes Nico to bits, ultimately reducing his head to brains on the floor.

The Episode Review

Tulsa King really came to life in those last moments of episode 4. We have seen Stallone in this angry, vindictive, and hopelessly intimating avatar before and boy was it nice to see that again. It seems that Sheridan and co. are taking the show in the direction of a gang war kind of setup between Macadams and Dwight’s army of amateurs.

Then there is the added flavor of Pete’s gang pressing him from Vince’s side and the recent incident with Nico. Despite coming across as calculated and measured in his approach, Dwight lost it and might be reckless in vulnerable situations.

He will really have to own the mess about to stonewall them in King still to come out of it alive. Episode 5 might just be a precursor of how things shape up to culminate from here on in.

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  1. I liked the phone call he made to his brother’s widow. It is the most beautiful and poetic eulogy of his brother, Joe. Can he be the same person who smashed Rico’s face in the red hot pan on the stove? Excellent episode.

  2. Never seen this coming from Rambo not Rocky ! We really needed our fix & this one is it.. Man.. When Dwight laid Nico’s face on that frickin hotplate & smashed his scull in.. I knew that’s my man..He’s got 25 yrs of Payback & … 5*

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