Tulsa King Episode 10 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Tulsa King Episode 10

Starring Sylvester Stallone in the lead role, Tulsa King centers on New York mafia capo Dwight “The General Manfredi. After serving a 25 year stint behind bars, he’s exiled by his boss and instead, decides to set up shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Realizing that his old mob family may not have his best interests in mind, he slowly builds a crew to conquer Tulsa.

If you’ve been following this one over the weeks, you may be curious to find out when the next episode is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Tulsa King Episode 10, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch Tulsa King?

Tulsa King Episode 10 is available to stream on Paramount Plus. This is an exclusive original series, although those in the UK can actually watch this one via the Paramount Plus extension on Amazon Prime Video.

Tulsa King Episode 10 Release Date

Despite conflicting reports online, it has now been reported that there will not be a Tulsa King episode 10. It turns out episode 9 was actually trhe finale! With that in mind, the final episode of Tulsa King was last week’s episode 9.

If you’ve missed the episodes, you can watch them all on catch up across Paramount+. At that point, Tulsa King will drop with subtitles available.

How Many Episodes Will Tulsa King Season 1 Have?

Season 1 of Tulsa King  has been scheduled for 9 episodes. With that in mind, there will be no episode 10 as last week happens to have been the finale.

Is There A Trailer For Tulsa King Season 1?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for Tulsa King Season 1 below:

What do you hope to see as the series continues? What’s been your favorite moment of Tulsa King so far? Let us know in the comments below!

135 thoughts on “Tulsa King Episode 10 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch”

  1. There should be an Ep 10 and Season 2, srsly it can not end here!
    When will be the release dates on ep 10 and Season2?

  2. What kind of corny shit is this that Ionly subscribe to Paramount plus just to see the Tuscan king and you guys leave me waiting for the 10th episode. I ask my son everyday if there’s another episode of the Tuscan King and I get disappointed every time he tells me no if I don’t get to see any more episodes of the Tuscan king, I would definitely unsubscribe with Paramount plus

  3. Tulsa king has been one of the best tv series that happened to turn out like one of stallone’s movies and it’s a shame that he would end it in 9 episodes I just don’t see it me personally feel that the kind of writer producer and actor he is that he’s not going to leave it ending like this and come out with more at least me and my wife hope’s that he does this show is only reason why we paid for the paramount+ app in the first place

  4. Why stop when it’s a good thing. I just don’t get it. It’s like dangling meat in front of a lion. I for one want more than just episode 10. I want more Seasons! C’mon Sly make them give us more.

  5. Thr best I have seen in a long time. The show is to good to leave that many loose ends untied. King of Tulsa got me to Paramount.

  6. Is there going to be a season 2? This show is the best show I watched in a long time! Tulsa King gets a 10 star rating. New Season! So much that can happen! So much left unanswered!

  7. We love this show..please keep writing on..Tulsa king is awesome great to see Stallone in this…this show is just amazing……….WE WANT MORE!!! Please

  8. How come only 9 episodes, and the end did not end, and Episode 9 was not final, and we were waiting for the last episode to conclude the events. The people are calling for Episode 10

  9. Episode 10 will be episode 1 of season 2. The opening commentary will be “after escaping from the bottomless pit of Tulsa, the King made his way to Bartlesville”

  10. Are you fkkng serious?, 9 Episodes of 1 season. Wtf is that?. Grabs you by the sack with 9.99 by Parasquat and then POOF…It’s all over. After I watch the freakin rerun of Episode 9 in canceling Parasquat.

  11. This is a great show, Sylvester Stallone is wonderful in it. I just do not know why they would only make 9 episodes and leave it the way it ended, I keep looking for episode 10 and I am very disappointed that there is nothing . Please bring back the Tulsa King it is a GREAT Show.

  12. This is a great show, Sylvester Stallone is wonderful in it. I just do not know why they would only make 9 episodes and leave it the way it ended, I keep looking for episode 10 and I am very disappointed that there is nothing . Please bring back the Tulsa King it is a GREAT Show.

  13. The show was great but what kind of butthead is going to make a 9 episode series that is just lazy writing for a great show. And on top of that we were told that there would be more episodes than season one so I guess these guys are like the politicians and just lie to us whenever they want. Now you have a great show here, I mean it could be a blockbuster but you can’t just leave the public and jerk that chain whenever you want because we are the ones watching it no matter how good the story. Remember this and don’t be a dumb-ass. Because The public is the one watching and if you keep playing with us then you’ll have A TV show and you’ll have a great show that nobody freaking watches and Is thats the truth

  14. Tulsa King is awesome and I don’t watch TV much but absolutely love this series. We all really hope for Tulsa King to continue.

  15. Say WHAT? Epi 9 is it? COME ON NOW!
    1883, 1923, Yellowstone,Tulsa King
    Such Amazing talent, plots, Actors:Actresses. Sheridan you are a show GOD! Love your work Sir
    Do give us more please!

  16. Tulsa King is a hit. No denying. Not a SLY fan, but thoroughly enjoyed this one with great characters. Yep, like the others, I kept checking for episode nine! Looking forwards to season 2,3,4 ETC….. BOOM 💥

  17. There is no way it stops with 9 episodes of Tulsa King, it must go on, there needs to be a season 2,3,4,5 and so on, Tulsa King is a hell of a show so now make 9 more episodes and so on, Sylvester Stallone, you can’t stop now so get your ass in gear and continue on and I think whoever watches the first 9 episodes will agree with me.

  18. This story is BULLSHIT!!!!!! Five paragraphs talking about episode 10, including the lead and the HEADLINE, and then it reports there is no episode 10!!!!!!

    Your credibility as an entertainment reporting source is in the crapper. Learn how to write, clownboy!!!!!!!

  19. This is absolutely terrible, no episode 10, I only subscribed to paramount to watch Tulsa King. Thete is nothing else on paramount worth watching.

  20. it just shows how great this series is, people so upset no ep,10 is truly brilliant!!! they may drop paramount now but they will all pick it back up when the 2nd season of TK comes out))). i really enjoyed this show and was as frustrated as everyone else with no ep10. but that just means they did a great job and hit the right nerve!!!! so just chill and get excited for season 2!!!
    i would highly suggest you do a 10 episode season 2!! hahaha!!!

  21. The reason paramount+ is doing this is to see how many people like it and the more reviews they get they can be put on a scale pay and since this is there best show right now they will mark up the price of paramount+ mark my words and people will pay for good acting and good shows so it’s all over money and there will be an episode 10 and Sylvester I love ya and your acting every since I was a boy and I’m 43 now keep up the amazing work and paramount kinda sorry how you left us hanging just because you don’t have enough money as it already is just for once could you do something good besides your shows well everyone have an amazing blessed day and God bless everyone

  22. I signed up for Paramount + just to view Tulsa King. Much to my surprise there was no episode this past Sunday. What???
    Just when you are beginning to get to know the characters and the plot thickens. ( p.s. episode 3 was a stinker…so glad the show improved afterward)
    Very disappointed not even a mention of the season ending. I’d be sorry to learn season 2 doesn’t materialize.
    By the way, why can’t I find the past seasons of Yellowstone? It would make keeping this subscription worthwhile if I was able to see the Yellowstone series. Where is IT hiding? Anyone?

  23. Yall know the only reason they want our comments is because they want to see how many people like it of course we like it but it’s sad we pay money for them to end it like that just so they can figure out how much to pay everyone for season 2 and probably start charging more for paramount+ mark my words anyway I love ya Sylvester your amazing in everything you play in every since I was a little boy and now I’m 43 very awesome show thanks paramount and remember everyone have an amazing blessed day

  24. I’m piss off about No 10 episode I think they should’ve give you a heads up that there was not going to be a 10th episode they should’ve made the ninth episode longer than original in time I think I’m going to stop watching !!!!!

  25. Wow, lots of whiners! No episode 10…..not the end of the world, although if it helps, just blame Kevin McCarthy and the Trump fearing GOP.

  26. Just got really into series me and my Mrs sat down ready for episode ten ,and well were was it .gutted gutted gutted suppose he will get of with it and ride into sunset on his trusty steed ,knocking his FBI sex partner too the ground and trampling all over her lol

  27. Well paramount+, just from the comments I’m reading here it looks like you may be losing a lot of customers! I added P+ myself, but am greatly disappointed in the lack of shows on this channel! Probably will be canceling myself, just not worth the money for basically very little content! Tulsa King was a great show, but the way P+ handled it was pathetic!

  28. What a great show with a shitty ending.
    Even across the Atlantik ( Germany ) we’ll all enjoyed the episodes.
    Hope there will be a Season 2 out soon. It would be worth it to continue with Paramount+ account.

    Eine einmal gute Serie seit langem. Super Handlung und top aufgearbeitet.Gab es schon lange nicht mehr.

  29. Absolutely love Tulsa King
    Huge Sly fan
    Love all his movies

    Please keep doing series of Tulsa king
    Do 10 series of it
    Keep going

    Ps love episode 9 but didn’t like it when Rambo got stiched up by the girl cop.
    He should tell them he was sleeping with her & the million was just a gift to a old girlfriend ( not a bribe to federal agent )
    He’ll get off

  30. OMG !!! Im hooked ! This show is not only absolutely fabulous but it’s exciting and cripping with tons of action and drama with suspenseful and totally entertaining and let’s not forget super funny and I mean funny moments that had me laughing like I haven’t laughed in years,I knew if Sylvester Stallone was gonna be in it that it had to be amazingly good but this absolutely surpassed all my expectations!!! All I can say is WOW WOW WOW YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS NEW SERIES!!! And please You guys better come back for a second season cause it would be so devastating to see such a great show go when it’s been so long since there’s been something this good to watch. Like I said I’m hooked!

  31. Joke no episode 10 really the story is just getting interesting as per leave it hanging and leave us wondering on season 2 that’s my subscription ending how do you just take an episode out after you start airing it dickheads

  32. I cancelled my subscription the same day I signed up for it because whoever produced Tulsa King is useless by finishing series and not bothered that episode 9 was the end of Tulsa King and leaving all who subscribed let down by not caring about its followers. Total bull sh1t.
    Absolutely brilliant series 1. Watch them over one day all 9 episodes and left absolutely gutted that there are no more episodes and no plans for a series 2. Leaving it like this.

  33. After spending 3 f**king years of watching stupid and terrible movies and series in global lockdown finally sth is worth to watch came up and what happen …
    they just get rid of it

  34. I wondered why Dwight killed Waltrip so early on the war with the biker gang would of been exiting to watch. I hope there is a season 2 because there’s still beef with tricky and his boys maybe someone on Dwights side with no criminal record comes forward and tells the FBI it was them that sent the flash drive? Therefore receiving a much lighter sentence. I think Tulsa king is a brilliant series although no little bit naughty making everyone think there was 10 episodes! It doesn’t feel good being lied to lo. Fingers crossed for a season 2

  35. Bad business? Should have never came out with a show you weren’t going to finish. Kinda like going to a swimming pool and finding out they didn’t want to put water in it! Maybe the producer needs a mental examination. Sure didn’t make any happy followers. A__hole!

  36. Please please please let there be a season 2 of this it was absalutley brill show with sylvester at his very best top drawer stuff that was Rockey. Please bring on season 2 even if you got to produce it yourself it will make you brewsters SLY. Come on regards Steve.

  37. There has to be a season 2 ar and episode 10 the only reason I subscribed to paramount t… I will wait a little while to see what comes up with the show extension.

  38. This is terrible no season 10 Tulsa King… This is worse that all the promises the Democrats made to America!

  39. Great series. Can’t believe no episode 10. Why would you do this to all the followers, really. So when is season 2 ? Is there a season 2 ? WTF

  40. I absolutely 💯 love this show. Please have Tulsa King return for a second season and maybe make the episodes longer. I subscribed to paramount + for the bear. Please, please season 2 of Tulsa King Stallone is superb

  41. Are you #%&@$?€ kidding me? This puts “cliff hangers” to shame. I’m beyond shocked and upset. This doesn’t even seem like it came to a resolve. It built up to so much and then right to the boiling point, boom! Paramount hit us with truly the unexpected and a turning point no one saw….
    Completely disappointed.

  42. Sorry folks, had to write somethin’ else cuz there was no ‘Edit’ option. GREAT music also ala, “I’ve Never Been to Spain.” You know it’s a great show when it makes you get out (& blow the dust off & play) those albums containing that music. GREAT cast also! Garret Hedlund is super – liked him going back to “Four Brothers” (Jack(ie.) I wanna see Season 2! PLEASE deliver for us – thanks!

  43. Can’t believe there is no episode 10….. we are soooo gutted! @paramountplus I literally signed up to your channel for this series only…. Looks like I’m cancelling my subscription!!! 😢

  44. BOO HISS HISS I absolutely love this show! It’s Sly’s best work yet. His delivery and timing is perfect… I’m hooked.and the fact I’m within driving distance of Tulsa has no bearing on my opinion.
    Aw come on, get that episode 10 out of the can and quit your teasing!

  45. GREAT SHOW! Why dupe us? I’d check between football & P+ to no avail… Why leave us (yer ‘SUBSCRIBING’ viewers) hangin’? C’mon Taylor & the gang. WAITING IMPATIENTLY for S 2. &, as Taylor said in ‘Yellowstone’, “Roadhouse” is the best fuckin’ movie ever made. “And I thought you’d be bigger.”

  46. I cannot they left us hanging like this. After a few weeks of our a good movie intertainment for adults y husband and I. We looked forward to a Sunday night thrilling movie. I believe you should consider people and what interests are in they’re favor. Rather than just stop all of a sudden. Makes no sense.

  47. PLEASE!!!!! Make another series!!! We love Tulsa King and count down the dads to watch the next episode!!!
    So Disappointed when we found there was no episode 10!!
    Fantastic script, fantastic actors topped by Stallone…Superb!!!
    Please do not make us wait too long!!!!

  48. Well I hope paramount reads these comments because they are echoed over and over again. You burned us now we must do the same. CANCELED. OHH and thanks for understanding.

  49. I got an idea for Sly , in a totally new movie,If interested contact me, if not I’ll keep it to myself, but I think it would interest him .

  50. Unsubscribing now. This Sucks!
    We just got started watching. I have had to wait a week for each episode…now this? Seriously?

  51. They made a calculated decision to take episode 10 out to get everyone hooked and that word of mouth would go through the roof…

    I see their point but to dangle a carrot in front of us just to get us to chase you around the corner to see your disappearing act while we are left dumbfounded thinking where did it go is not cool…


  53. I absolutely love this show. Faithfully my boyfriend and I would watch this show together. Can’t wait for the show to return 😩

  54. I love Tulsa King and Sly. I’m from Tulsa so I had to watch. I’m hooked with nothing having to do with being from Tulsa. It would have been nice to know that episode 9 was the last one before we watched it. Please please continue with Tulsa King.
    Thank you!

  55. I can not belive you a$$ hats at paramount scamed us no E 10 what the heck you still advertising a 10th epsoid and your false advertising it I hope you get suied
    Love the show but you screwed ever viewer

  56. Great show, his acting somehow improved ! I will be waiting for season 2, awesome awesome awesome

  57. Paramount is awful!! All the shows on this network are in again off again. I’m not watching Paramount again. When the shows are complete, I’ll bing watch them. Until then maybe Paramount will decide that its audience doesn’t appreciate their broadcasting decisions.

  58. Great Show. Love it! But seriously seasons over? Y’all suck. You’ll take another year to pull out season two and we’ll forget about it. Smart.

  59. “MY GANGSTA”!
    Great show with a nice balance of storytelling, suspense, and humor.
    Bring on season 2 and more!

  60. Sly all I can say is escaping reality through these Nine episodes have been better than good. Way more than I expected. You were amazing and I cannot wait for season 2. This is almost your best work. Nothing beats Rocky. Let me know when your wife is tired of you. 😉

  61. Wow man Tulsa King the best Gangster show in a While.
    Sky is the man . I want him to be the Family Boss stationed in Tulsa.

    I’m sorry it ended with season 9.
    The writers, Director’s knocked this out the Park.

    Waiting in Wisconsin for Season 2


  62. Do we need to start a go fund me account to keep this great awesome show going.

    Best show this generation has been able to view. Keep it going.

  63. Enough with these half assed programming- especially since have to have subscriptions to watch.. Paramount + needs to be boycotted!! Between Yellowstone- 1923 and now Tulsa King.. they dragging out our willingness to subscribe until the “next” season, episode etc.. How many people dropped Starz? Since Droughtlander? Or Hulu since Handmaids Tale ?

  64. This is not right. Best show since The Sopranos. We were promised 10 Episodes, what happened. It should be explained. Many loyal fans are very disappointed.

  65. Well , after episode 8 I started to get into it.
    Start was not real Mob, .like seriously
    Stallone his plastic surgery looks horrific

    However, 7, 8,n 9 .are much better episodes

    So I guess I will stick it out lol

  66. It was a excellent show. The end of E9 it that’s all there is to this, then that was a dumb ending for watching all this time.

  67. It’s like watching a train wreck. You really can’t take your eyes off it. At first I couldn’t get over the way Sly looked, almost as if if he had another facelift, his belly button would look like a tracheotomy. But you get used to that look, and it really is a good piece of writing and Sly is built for this role. Can’t wait for season 2!

  68. Are you kidding me? So episode 9 was the Season Finale of Tulsa King?
    I LOVE this series but I’m very disappointed that last week’s show was the end.
    I think that’s a pretty crappy way to treat your viewers.

  69. What really sucks… is only being able to view this show on paramount +, altleast for me. I did see the 1st few shows on regular paramount channel, just enough to get hooked! What a bunch of shit!

  70. According to the comments that was the end of season 1? This bullshit. Paramount still says STREAMING NEW EPISODES! Amazon Prime Just did the same thing to us with Peripheral. You people better get it together. At least let us now when it’s the last episode of a season..

  71. This show reminds me of Federal Hill in Providence RI. A neighborhood I grew up in and some of the fella’s were just as crazy as Dwight “the Italian Stallion” Can’t wait for more…please!!!

  72. When is episode 10 (or season 2, episode 1) coming out? We (my husband and I) LOVE this show and signed up for prime video to get it, Don’t delay!

  73. I had no doubt that this show would be a hit! Sly the older you get the better and sexier you get…I love your walk, your talk, your whole SWAG! Anxiously awaiting season 2! I’ve been a fan from the movie “The Party at Kitty and Studs” to “Samaritan,” and now I’m drooling over you in “Tulsa King,” keep ‘‘em coming Sly!

  74. I believe that Tulsa King is Sylvester’s best working. Very much looking forward to watching season 2!

  75. I absolutely love this show!! Pleassssssssssssse come on with episode 10!! I look forward to seeing Tulsa King!!! Also, I happen to be from Tulsa!! That being said hubby (Stallone) bring us more baby!! Damn you’re handsome!!!

  76. Stallone is fierce in this. He is the only gangster you want to see win!!!!! Emmy winning performance!!!!! Let’s go Sly!!!!!!!!

  77. YAY! There will be a season 2. Best show I’ve seen in awhile, every episode left me anxiously waiting for the next. This role was written for Stallone, I can’t imagine anyone else playing this part.

  78. This is Stallone and he’s been hiding thee fact that he makes one helluva mobster, capo, this role was created for him and he is doing one helluva great job!!!!!!! He built his own crew and everyone loves him and they respect him!!!!!! This is thee best since The Sopranos

  79. This is Stallone and he’s been hiding thee fact that he makes one helluva mobster, capo, this role was created for him and he is doing one helluva great job!!!!!!! He built his own crew and everyone loves him and they respect him!!!!!! This is thee best since The Sopranos and we hope that it lasts us a lot longer!

  80. This was the perfect ending for season 1! So many unresolved questions makes me insane for season 2. Bravo Sly and Taylor Sheridan. What an awesome show!

  81. Good news folks, Season 2 was greenlit!!!!! Can’t wait. I binged this over a few hours on a rainy thursday night and it was phenomenal. Stallone was outstanding as was the rest of the cast. Outside of a few “that would never happen in real life for reasons x, y and z” moments, I haven’t watched a better show since I binged Breaking Bad.

  82. Best show in many,many years….loved every second of every episode!!!!
    Can’t wait for Season 2….but I guess I’ll have to!!

  83. The writer and director knocked this show out of the park. there’s no way they can leave season 1 like that and not come out with season 2. haven’t seen a good series like this in a long time. episode 9 was awesome you can tell they rushed it a little bit because of how much happened in such a little time but regardless it was badass!!! Great job Sly can’t wait for season 2

  84. I’ve heard that Sly doesn’t want to do as much shooting time in Tulsa for next season. Probably wants to stay closer to home.

  85. This is an awesome show. After watching S1E9 I hope they come back with at least a second season if not more.

  86. Finally found something to watch and follow and now mtv and paramount along CBS screw up and end it in 9 episodes, dumb and dumb again wake up

  87. Great show to binge watch. Love the concept, storylines, and cast! Definitely deserves a season 2. Especially the way Ep 9 concludes. We need resolution. Shame on the producers for hooking us in just to leave us hang.!!!

  88. Awesome love this show…. Sylvester Stallone knocked it out Ready for round 2… Omgness he is so handsome why did it have to end so soon💖💯

  89. So something tells me they wanted to do a 10th episode but left it at Episode 9 and really Episode 10 would be Season 2 Episode 1?

  90. Tulsa King
    It was a great show well played all .can’t wait for Season 2 to come out .
    Only hope it has more than season 2.Sly,is great in all his movies.This one is top of the line.Just waitting on Season 2 an find out what happens to the ATF woman!.

  91. Like sopranos that was it it’s over it’s not fucking coming back get over it

  92. Solid series! Good ‘ole Sly is perfect for the role. And agreed that the supporting cast is friggin’ awesome. Hoping somehow they come back for another season…lots to uncover and lots of direction this could go!

  93. Tulsa King series has been a wonderful to watch. I hope this actually becomes a continuance thing. Great cast and storyline, well up to when he got turned over on. Ugh, so mad at how it ended. Plz everyone involved, I believe this can be a great experience for us the viewers and for you guys also. Series 2 is when? Lol.

  94. Tulsa King series has been a wonderful to watch. I hope this actually becomes a continuance thing. Great cast and storyline, well up to when he got turned over on. Ugh, so mad at how it ended. Plz everyone involved, I believe this can be a great experience for us the viewers and for you guts also. Series 2 is when? Lol.


  96. Fantastic series. Stallone plays a magnificent mafia General. Ruthless, but also understand the importance of his role as a protector. I can only hope the series continues beyond season 1. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  97. Probably one of the best series I’ve seen in quite sometime. Stallone is absolutely perfect for the Manfredi role and his supporting cast works out great. Whoever casted the actors did a great job. Coming from The Bronx and being Stallone’s age I can definitely relate to New York during the 60’s – 90’s.

  98. Hey guys, apologies for the conflicting information regarding a possible episode 10. This has now been updated on the article above. Episode 9 was the final episode for Tulsa King despite reports sent to ourselves for another episode.

    Thank you for your understanding!

    -Greg W

  99. Why did the FBI agent fucking turn him in I have a feeling that somehow it’s going to work out where the geeky nerd can’t be as stupid as to not think well what if she turns you in and backstabs you so hopefully he left the paper trail in regards to the biker gang captain bribing her instead of Dwight

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