Truth Seekers – Season 1 Episode 8 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

The Final Portal

The season 1 finale to Truth Seekers begins in the past with Emily and Peter talking together in the familiar setting of the construction building. As the eclipse arrives, he slits Emily’s throat and watches as her soul dissipates into thin air and floats away. Apparently he’s been trying to save souls but to what end is still a mystery.

Back at Smile HQ, Dave tracks down the source of the hacking and takes off to uncover its origin. There, he finds a blue rose and phones Gus, demanding answers.

Gus and the gang try and stay hidden in their van as all these possessed souls march into the abandoned office building. Needing red eyes to get in, Helen’s make-up is just the right call to fool those inside. However, Gus receives a call from Jojo telling him that the Portland Beacon are puppets and he shouldn’t trust them.

Dave rings and reveals that he too has been searching the paranormal and asks Gus to trust him. Dave believes if they can put the Smile connection up to 100% they may be able to scramble Peter’s signal. However, they’re interrupted by the radio crackling to life and the familiar numbers coming back through but with a female voice this time. This, as we soon find out, is Peter’s assistant.

The disguises seem to work and both Gus and Helen sneak inside. Only, things go awry when Richard susses out Helen is not “one of them” and they all surround her.

While they do, Astrid and Elton make it into the Portal Beacon; specifically Room 2. They find the radio inside and Lara repeating the numbers. Apparently she’s the chosen one used to transfer the spirits across. The only way to stop this is for Elton to use his conjuring abilities and open the door, using Astrid to kick Lara out.

Back at the ritual, Peter starts reciting the incantations but his associate messes things up and causes awkwardness to ensue. It turns out to actually Gus in disguise, who shows himself and promises to stop Peter before it’s too late.

While Gus and Peter fight, Dave continues to try and work the broadband signal, installing 8G to block the souls from crossing over. Gus is overpowered and Peter continues to chant. Astrid does her best to talk Lara into submission but they’re all thwarted by Dave managing to get an 8G connection up and running.

With the signal blocked and Peter Toynbee’s dastardly plan thwarted, Gus watches him bleed out while everyone else comes to their senses. Unfortunately not everyone makes it out alive.

Lara and Astrid are lost in the machine and Jojo senses this too from afar as she watches on her monitors. She speaks to her guard and tells him to send a clean-up crew to Portland.

Meanwhile, Elton admits the truth about Astrid as the group all reconvene in the van. Believing she’s still out there, Gus tells Elton that hope is not lost and they may be able to bring her back. With the radio still on, the group head back home.

At the same time, Dave receives a visit from Jojo who asks him exactly what he’s doing. They bemoan Peter’s interference in their scheme and call themselves super beings. As the camera pans up, it’s clear that Astrid is stuck inside the painting.

The Episode Review

All in all, Truth Seekers conjures up a pretty good finale. It rounds out most of the big plot points while keeping the door open for season 2.

While some of the characterization has been a bit weak, there’s enough intrigue here to warrant a follow-up to see exactly what happens next. The second half of this series in particular does disband the comedy for more horror and thriller vibes which may not be for everyone.

Still, there’s a consistent amount of jokes along the way to keep things enjoyable and pacey. It’s not perfect, but Truth Seekers ends up a pretty compelling watch and well worth a binge.

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