Truth Seekers – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Truth Will Out

Episode 7 of Truth Seekers begins in the past with a young Elton. Only, instead of that name he’s actually going by Lionel. He heads down to the basement and collects up the washing. There, he sees that same burnt corpse we’ve seen before with Astrid and screams.

Back in the present, Dr Toynbee meets up with a whole group of businessman in an abandoned office building. There, he uses his familiar signal from before and appears to control them all. As these men suddenly bolt upright, it seems Peter is raising an army. But for what purpose?

Richard appears to be controlled by the exact same phenomena too, ending the stream with Helen by throwing items around the room. At the same time, Dave continues to experience problems at work as he believes he’s being watched on the cameras. Using his colleague’s expertise, he manages to triangulate the signal.

Using the final page of the book, Peter appears to be opening a portal to another world. With his assistant up on the roof at The Portland Beacon, Peter starts chanting incantations outside. Clouds stir, lightning crackles down and this woman has her soul transferred inside the machine.

Meanwhile, Gus takes Elton and the others up to Leicestershire. He knows there’s something going on with his colleague and is determined to find out what. Elton was the case Emily couldn’t crack and the boy’s house was haunted. It turns out he had a pretty horrid childhood too, with Helen shunned and numerous reporters showing up at the house.

Eventually they were all forced to leave – almost leaving Helen behind in the process. This could explain the manifestation of her phobias. As we soon find out, Elton’s real name is actually Lionel. Lionel Richie.

They arrive at Lionel’s old home and head down to the basement. The lights flicker, the two familiar ghosts we’ve seen before return and Astrid admits she’s been hiding something from him too. It turns out Astrid has a connection to all of this and she’s a ghost, someone who died back in 1997.

Outside, Emily appears before Gus and reveals that Peter Toynbee was the one who murdered her in the past. He’s raising an army and only Gus and the Truth Seekers can stop them. Elton meanwhile is told to close the door; the gateway between worlds. He does just this and seems to fix what’s come through as we learn he’s a conjurer capable of opening and closing this gateway.

When Helen rings, she shows what Richard has been up to and Gus realizes his father has been possessed. Hurrying inside his truck, the group race back home to save the day.

The Episode Review

Finally the truth is revealed surrounding our characters and what they’re all hiding. It appears Elton has been the catalyst for a lot of what’s been happening and him being a conjurer explains a lot of the weirdness surrounding him. That’s to say nothing of Astrid’s bombshell reveal, which is an unexpectedly nice twist to the series.

Meanwhile, Gus finally got to say goodbye to his wife and the emotional farewell has obviously been mired by an undercurrent of tension. Peter Toynbee is raising an army but to what end? What does this mean?

Everything here looks geared up for a dramatic finish to this season.

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