Truth Seekers – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Creepy Doll

We begin episode 6 of Truth Seekers with a brief history lesson as more of this strange book is shown through time. It’s a brief glimmer in truth, and one that cuts back to the present soon after.

The group head in to Smile HQ and receive their next assignment. Elton mentions the 100% plan for Smile’s 6G and jokingly asks whether their plan is to control everyone. “What gave you that idea?” He asks suspiciously, clearly hiding something.

Meanwhile, Peter finds a signal come through on his phone and learns they have a wifi signal now – even way out near this abandoned office building. Ringing The Portland Beacon, he finds out the boys from Smile have fixed their issue.

After Helen starts fixing up some live feeds, Gus and the team arrive at the Chichester Institute For The Criminally Insane. Gus overacts his performance of course, with sound effects and exaggerated tonal afflictions. While he heads down to the basement, Astrid sneaks up to the roof.

Elton heads back to the van to check on the status of the duo, which eventually leads Helen to encourage him to speak to the owner regarding construction work. Gus has found another part of the building  given Gus has just found another part of the building.

Down in the basement, Gus finds black writing all over the walls. A strange dual-toned voice bleeds through, telling him Emily has a message for him. Cackling, the voice also mentions a boy. As Gus calls out in shock, a strange doll appears round the corner and continues talking about Emily.

At the same time, Peter Toynbee starts researching Gus and his history, watching the Truth Seekers channel online to learn more.

The others show up and find Gus but as the doll is burnt in the fireplace, the soul caught inside appears to go inside the owner. The others don’t see this though and head back on the road again. While they do, this possessed man heads down to the basement, strapping a contraption to his neck and killing himself.

Back home, Gus is distracted by everything he’s experienced so far. Specifically, Elton and what role he has in all this. As he starts researching, looking through the various magazine snippets and clues, Gus realizes all is not what it seems.

The Episode Review

As some may have guessed, Elton appears to be involved in what’s going on with the spooky occurrences but quite what is still a mystery. Gus appears to have figured it out too and I’d imagine he’ll confront the man about what he’s learned very soon.

The horror and comedy elements have worked quite well together so far, although this episode dials back the comedy slightly to pave way for more horror and drama.

The possessed doll in the basement is a nice touch and the episode itself continues to bleed in an air of uncertainty over what’s going on. It seems the book is what’s connecting everything together here but right now things are very much a mystery.

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