Truth Seekers – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Bodwin Big Cat

Using the eye and hand of Dr Robert Saunders, episode 5 of Truth Seekers begins with Dr. Peter Toynbee breaking into a laboratory. There, he steals that infamous page of the book we saw worshipped last episode.

As echoes ring through, we hear a voice telling us that the book can wield true magic. With the page in hand, Peter leaves the facility and heads out with a man named Terry, who also has a similar red eye to Richard. After leaving him in the car, Peter presses a button and Terry explodes into a bloody mess.

Back at Gus’s house, Astrid returns with new intel gathered from a subscriber called Jojo74. With an alarming picture of a big cat (roughly 6 feet according to Elton), they head to Bodwin in a bid to catch the illusive creature. While they do, Helen and Richard hang back and bond together.

With fog obscuring their view, the trio seek refuge in an abandoned café nearby after hearing deep growls outside. Elton’s weirdness continues, touching a dormant vending machine and managing turning it on.

He also uncovers a secret door too, leading down to the basement where a tape recorder holds the big cat sounds they heard before. They even find the big cat itself – which happens to be a cardboard cut out.

Jojo74 arrives and warns that there’s a storm coming. She also throws shade at Smile, the company they themselves are working for and how they could be connected to everything that’s happening.  This seems to get through to Gus, who leaves with a solved Big Cat case but a much bigger problem hanging over him.

The Episode Review

This episode ultimately serves as a bridge between the first and second half of the show. There’s not very much here worth getting excited about, shy of a new character and mission for the future. In essence, the entire 25 minute episode plays out like a fetch quest with a further mission on the horizon.

Thankfully, Richard’s comedy helps to elevate this episode, who stands out as the comedic highlight here as Gus’s grumpy father.

There’s a consistency with the missing page too which is the thread seemingly linking everything together. How this ties in to the red eye though and what Peter is planning, both remain to be seen.

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