Truth Cult – Walk The Wheel | Album Review

Track Listing

Heavy Water
Clear Skin
Awake, Asleep
Kokaine Kommando
Naked In The End
Ain’t Rubbin’ No Shoulders
What Is Time?


Truly blistering, this album by Truth Cult blows away the cobwebs of yesterday. A record that grows beyond its punk sensibilities, Walk The Wheel impacts as it plays. The riffs are memorable, and the music is mesmerizing, placing the listener into a world of drunken nights. The vocal work is different too, as the band come together in unison, offering their voices to the cause.

Unconventional in its progression, this record lingers after it concludes. Those brash tones linger, spearheading an eventful, wholesome experience. The band are obviously, great players and top-notch instrumentalists – and that shows here.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Truth Cult, and that’s a good thing, as it shows their originality. On great form, the band totally rip up the rule book and takes rock music to the summit of their ideas, and what ideas they have.

‘Squeeze’ starts the record with such a rush; the song echoes feelings of discontent, and the loud instrumentals add intensity. Lyrically, the band tell their stories proudly.

‘Unstoppable’ again hits like a hurricane. So fresh, yet so daring, the track has no let up and boasts epic rock undertones.

‘Awake Asleep’ brings the sound down a notch, though it’s still in your face and rip-roaringly infectious. Intelligently poised, the song doesn’t lose its appeal. But really, through it all, ‘Medicine’ is a swan-song. It’s describes disbelief, and the effects of pain. The band sings for unity and compassion, under the weight of consequence. It’s short and sweet, but packs a punch.

Truth Cult has painstakingly worked on their sound with Walk The Wheel. Rock music is truly on form here.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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