Truth Be Told – Season 3 Episode 4 “Never Take Your Eyes Off Her” Recap & Review

Never Take Your Eyes Off Her

Episode 4 of Truth Be Told season 3 starts with our group rattled, desperate to find Trini. Aubrey is missing too, as we know, and Markus attempts to try and dissolve the situation, pointing out that Trini has run off with Aubrey before in the past and he kept it a secret. Poppy though believes that Trini is being groomed by Aubrey.

Poppy heads to the school and talks to Eva, who agrees to look through Aubrey’s locker. Inside happens to be high heels inside a box. Underneath are a whole bunch of photos with Trini posing in said high heels and a small dress. As a result, Poppy organizes her group, including Leander and the Capstones, to head out and find Aubrey and Trini before it’s too late.

Poppy wants to go big and decides they should go national and public. But before that, she wants an exclusive on her podcast. This once again shows Poppy putting her self-interests ahead of this girl, given her audience is undoubtedly going to be less than that of a national TV channel. Poppy does go some way to help Trini though, changing everyone’s names to keep anonymity.

Poppy learns her sister isn’t really pregnant, given she’s recently had her period. It’s a tough blow but Poppy promises to be there for her no matter what. When the pair part ways, Ezra arrives to see Poppy. He praises her for the podcast and presses for info around Drea and potential ties to Aubrey. Poppy claims that it’s not connected to Trini but Ezra has a picture of Aubrey with Trey, the one from the camp, and believes differently.

Poppy continues on her search and finds a guy called Cooper, who’s connected with Aubrey. Poppy asks about the gold chain he and Aubrey are wearing in a photo she saw earlier. He deflects it, at least until Poppy brings up his ear.Apparently, Trey beat him senseless. He also used to be under Trey’s thumb, given instructions to make high school girls fall in love with him and record it. This was all for an “audition” for something bigger. Given Cooper refused (hence why he was beaten down) it explains a lot.

There are rumblings here that Andrew Finney, the politician, could be involved in this too. Specifically, involved through the Gilded Karat gold chains we saw Aubrey and Cooper with. Eva does some digging and learns that they were gifts for some donors, which seems to hint that Finney is wrapped up in this too. Eva believes that Andrew Finney was her trafficker from all those years ago and he hasn’t changed his colours since then.

Meanwhile, Trini finds herself caught in a difficult position. Trey threatens Aubrey, who in turn then tells Trini she has to put her dress on and leave. He calls her a bitch and demands she follow him as they need to leave. Aubrey apologizes and tries to gaslight her, claiming that Trey is going to kill him and release the video publicly unless she play ball. After all, doesn’t she love him?

Poppy manages to track down the recording studio and races up to try and get there before the trio leave. Poppy takes pictures of blood spatters in the booth next to some nails, while Aames also arrives with his associate, who ends up shooting Trey dead alone in the back alley. Trey isn’t just shot once though, he ends up with three bullets to the chest. Trini and Aubrey are still missing.

The Episode Review

See, I told you right? The evil politician looks to be the one responsible for the trafficking and it would appear that he even has the police on his payroll too. This would explain why the officer so hastily shot Trey down. It’s a bit of a convenience that he happened to be there alone and why was Trey there without Aubrey and Trini? Why was he alone in the alleyway?

The logistics around a lot of this are still unknown but it could well be that Trey is just one small piece of a much larger puzzle that needs to be unlocked.

There’s still a good deal of padding in this episode though and given we’ve got 10 chapters in total this season to get through, there must be more plot twists ahead right?

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