Truth Be Told – Season 3 Episode 3 “Here She Shall See No Enemy” Recap & Review

Here She Shall See No Enemy

Episode 3 of Truth Be Told season 3 starts with Markus furiously questioning Rochelle and trying to get answers. He’s shocked that Trini is involved and is dead-set on finding Trey. For now, Aames is taking Rochelle in for questioning, while Poppy convinces Markus to focus on his family for the time being.

So naturally, Markus comes in like a whirlwind, demanding Trini break up with her boyfriend and desperate for answers. Eventually he decides to leave after being told to cool off.

Leander is greeted by Lee Hackman, who admires his bike and introduces himself. He reassures him that Quesuer are not pushing business out of town and encourages the biker to stop by and talk in the future.

Eva heads over to see Poppy, who reveals what went down that night but tellingly doesn’t mention the porn videos or what was found on the computer. Poppy next arrives at the police station with Aames and somehow manages to talk her way into the interrogation room with Rochelle alone. It’s the middle of the day too so it’s unknown exactly how she managed this.

Naturally, Poppy doesn’t get anything from her, given Rochelle is in love with Trey. It catches her off-guard so she instead uses Eva’s social worker contact to try and get answers. While questioning her for the podcast, Poppy learns a new approach, including making these feel welcome and not judging and vilifying them for trafficking. Seems pretty standard to be honest, and Poppy does just that, managing to find a new way to get answers.

While the Capstones have found nothing about Trey on their searches, which makes it difficult to pin anything down, Poppy gets talking to one of the girls willing to talk at the food truck.

Devon is her name, and she reveals that she’s actually in a relationship with Trey as well. Rochelle is just his “bottom bitch”. They originally met at a farm camp for underprivileged kids. She was shoveled off there by her grandmother one summer and since then, she’s been eking out a living.

Aames speaks to Peter’s business partner, who doesn’t blame Peter for his business going under. He’s more annoyed about the lack of contact and ghosting him. Getting nowhere, Aames heads back with Markus to see Aubrey who eventually reveals that he did record him and Trini together but has no idea who Trey or any other criminals are.

That afternoon, Eva opens up to Poppy. She admits she’s holding big secrets, specifically when she was 15 years old. She was trapped in a motel back then and forced in to trafficking without realizing it. Eva felt dirty and ashamed about the whole situation.

The guy in question was a law student from Stanford that promised to help her mum get a Green Card into the country. He claimed they had an “in” with a Court Clerk, whom Eva was convinced to spend time with and eventually sleep with. She didn’t want to but was forced into this uncomfortable position.

The Clerk then transferred departments and one more guy turned into another and another. Eventually these favours turned to threats and Eva felt trapped in the middle of this. Stuck in a vicious cycle, it now becomes clear exactly why Eva is so invested in this case and why it hits so close to home.

Leander heads back and speaks with Hackman. He brings up the Capstones and warns him not to try and go up against him. Leander warns that they can be a powerful enemy – but an equally powerful ally too. Leander has him feed this on to Finney, but Hackman throws another curveball his way, telling Leander to show up at their next rally for support.

Aames and Poppy head off to this farm camp where they find out that Trey was actually called Jimmy and he used to be a camp counselor. He was fired though for knocking out the Director. “Jimmy’s temper always got the better of him.” The guy says, shrugging.  Now, the picture of a camp class shows that Aubrey and Trey did know each other. And if that wasn’t enough, Trey took the guy under his wing. Aubrey was lying, and he’s most certainly connected to this in a big way.

As the episode closes out, we cut to Trini and Aubrey, who happen to be riding together with Trey driving.

The Episode Review

Most of this episode takes its sweet time to get to the good stuff, which is reserved for the latter parts of this chapter. It’s a bit of a stretch to believe Poppy was granted access to an interrogation room alone to talk to Rochelle, much less in the same police station she was snuck into late at night an episode or two back.

This political subplot continues to worm its way into the story though and I have a feeling it’s going to be a crucial part of this going forward. While it would have appeared at first glance that Eva was a part of this, it seems she’s just a victim as well. In reality, I reckon it’s this Andrew Finney guy or even Lee Hackman responsible and running the show, with Trey just a middle man for a much larger operation.

So far though this mystery has been pretty average and there really isn’t a whole lot to rally behind. It’s not outright bad, but it’s not a particularly great either. Hopefully the episodes ahead are an improvement!

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