Truth Be Told – Season 3 Episode 2 “Her, Armed With Sorrow Sore” Recap & Review

Her, Armed With Sorrow Sore

Episode 2 of Truth Be Told season 3 starts with Poppy heading to Drea’s wake. Many from the community are there, including Eva. Interestingly, flashbacks reveal more of what went down that night (the one we ended on last week) including Poppy and Aames outside the interrogation room together. Apparently Eva received a tip-off at the motel. If that wasn’t enough, Drea was strangled to death and there’s indication of recent sexual partners too.

Poppy believes that Eva is the key to everything and wants to question her more, but Aames points out that police resources are thin and given what we know about them, it’s unlikely they’ll give more than they have to investigating their death.

Back at the wake, and Poppy brings up to Eva that Drea was strangled to death. Eva reveals in confidence that one of the students lives in the motel and as she’s in the country illegally, she couldn’t risk going to the police. She admits to seeing Drea a few times – including that very night. “I just got there too late,” Eva says sadly.

In Drea’s room, Poppy finds a bag hidden in a vent in her closet. She’s deleted her text history and all the messages on a seedy app called Questeur, which is described as Snapchat’s “dirty cousin”. Poppy notices a number of these usernames are suspicious and believes that one of them could be linked to the guy responsible for her death.

In order to find out, Poppy deduces she needs to do some more digging and that involves personal questioning at the motel. Meanwhile, Eva does her own investigating but comes under fire from the Superintendent for using school grounds to question kids about Drea. “Drea is a victim sir,” Eva finishes.

At the motel, Leander throws his Capstone weight around to squeeze the owner into talking. Leander resorts to violence and torture to get what he wants. They’re given the motel key and continue on. They’re careful not to touch anything with their bare hands, as Poppy finds something by the bed which looks like a needle. Poppy sends the picture over to Aames, asking for him to come and pick it up. It could be a crucial clue but similarly, a diner across the road could hold some answers too.

Poppy finds some girls whom she begins chatting up. She immediately shows off a picture of Drea and their demeanour changes immediately. They definitely recognize her. Poppy points out she’s a family friend and just wants to help. Rochelle (one of the girls) reveals tthat Drea wasn’t part of their crew but someone showed up on Tuesday to pick her up. The same day she was murdered. He had a Reg plate similar to one of the usernames from Drea’s messaging app.

While this is going on, Aames interviews Emily’s parents. He learns that Victor Ignes, Peter (Emily’s father’s) business partner could hold a grudge against the family. He split with Peter a while back but went bankrupt. Since then, he hasn’t spoken to Peter. More drama ensues back home though as Desiree finds out she’s pregnant but is worried about being on her own. The family remind her they’re by her side the whole time and it seems to do the trick.

As for Poppy, she delivers another heartfelt podcast about Drea before receiving word back from Aames. OPD have arrived to pick up the needle. Eva shows up to see Poppy and wants to tag along. She brings up how the Superintendent has shut her down and she needs to act. Poppy eventually concedes and allows her to join.

Eva and Poppy show up to see Dr Bruno Pascal to discuss Drea. His Licence plate is the one connected to Drea and he happens to be the last person seen with her. He’s adamant that he’s not the one that killed her and claims he was at work. He showed up at 9pm and was there all night. There are cameras outside that confirm as much.

As for Dr Pascal, he actually overheard Drea pleading with some guy called Trey inside the room when he was outside the motel. He claims she owed them money but decided not to help Drea and get involved. In the middle of all this, Marcus keeps a watchful eye on Eva, who blackmails Pascal into talking.

After getting all they need, Marcus warns Poppy that Eva is a loose cannon. However, Poppy is well aware that Eva is hiding something and admits she’s keeping her close on purpose to figure out just what that is. For now, she manages to get intel on this Trey character from Aames and they head off to the next target.

This time though, Marcus and Poppy are joined by Aames as they show up at the address. Rochelle answers the door wearing Drea’s necklace. She immediately goes crazy and begins lashing out at Poppy, prompting Aames to restrain her. This gives Poppy enough time to head inside the trailer and search through the computer, which is conveniently left unlocked. Within that are numerous videos of different girls, each of which look like they’re in high school. One of the girls happens to be Trini with her boyfriend. When Marcus sees he’s not happy.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. So it seems like Eva knows more than she’s letting on while the whole situation with Drea is made that much more complicated by the inclusion of these girls and Trey. Quite what went down between them all remains to be seen but this was a much improved episode.

Poppy actually uses her smarts and gets Aames involved when needed, while at the same time we see a bit more of this political subplot too which is almost certainly going to be connected. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Andrew Finney is the one behind everything, running a seedy side-hustle to make some more money to fund his campaign perhaps.

If that wasn’t enough, the show also throws up a number of red herrings and possible suspects. Although there are parts here that are a bit overlong and could have been edited out, hopefully this is a sign of things to come after a rocky opener.

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