Truth Be Told – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Under the Sweet Bird’s Throat

Episode 1 of Truth Be Told Season 3 starts with Poppy delivering another podcast episode, with the attention this time on missing children. She mentions 16 year old Emily Mills, who has gone missing and her whereabouts is unknown. Only, Drea Spivey also went missing a year earlier of course, but she was found… until 72 hours ago. She’s gone missing again and Charise is forced to relive that nightmare again.

There’s been 11 missing women in the past 4 years and after 10 hours of interviews with Drea, Poppy is determined to relive those moments and see if there’s anything within this to help. So after all this exposition, we get some more, as we cut back in time and learn about Drea’s Fentanyl addiction. She managed to get herself clean and turned away from taking some new drug called “High Hunter”. She fingers her necklace while mentioning this.

Meanwhile at school, tensions are high as the head teacher, Eva, points out that two girls have gone missing from their school. She messages one of the students and catfishes her, as an example of how easy it is to dupe young people.

Poppy attempts to head into the police station to see Detective Aames, but he instead walks her out, confirming she’s not welcome. All of this is a ruse, as they speak in confidence outside. Poppy points out the High Hunter situation and gets him to check it out.

Just then, a guy called Andrew Finney shows up at the station. This man is actually the front-runner to be the next Mayor of Oakland and he’s partly the reason they’re so fixated on finding Emily Mills.

At school, Lee Hackman and his wife Sybil show up at the gym to deliver a political speech and use the grounds as a means for their various candidate speeches. However, Poppy and a number of other people gatecrashes the entire event and points out that there are other missing girls like Drea who need to be found.

Around campus, news of High Hunter is on the lips of the students, most notably one of Drea’s friends, Tanya. She reveals that Drea was hanging around with a guy much older than her and he could be the “High Hunter.” The situation itself is made all the more precarious as Poppy wonders whether he could be her pimp.

We also learn that Poppy and her father have been spending more time together lately these past few months. He’s still concerned about her though, pointing out that Poppy is lost. Interestingly, it turns out Andrew Finney wants to work with him and the other Capstones too, which is an intriguing development.

That night, Drea rings Poppy and tells her to stop looking for her. She’s absolutely fine but refuses to elaborate, pointing out that she owes this “High Hunter”. Apparently he’s done “so much for her” so now she needs to return that trust by giving sexual favours to others. She also wants Poppy to keep things quiet and not look for her anymore.

Of course Poppy does no such thing and immediately tells Charise and the others. Poppy only thinks about herself (nothing new there) and suggests they air it on the podcast. Charise believes it’s a good idea if it has a chance of bringing her home.

Noa is the voice of reason here and is concerned about Poppy’s way of dealing with this latest development. She worries that it could end badly and she’s not happy about sensationalism, believing they need to do more research before jumping to conclusions and just posting anything. As a result, Noa decides this will be her last podcast episode.

When Noa leaves, Poppy receives a call from Aames. He’s been doing some research and there’s bad news. It’s Drea. She’s been killed. Poppy is determined to find out exactly who wanted to shut her up, as we learn the motel is actually called High Hunter, explaining what that name was referencing earlier. Interestingly, Eva happens to be in one of the rooms just down the hallway, as we learn she’s been using sex traffickers too.

The Episode Review

The show nobody asked to be renewed is back, and Truth Be Told does absolutely nothing to justify that decision. Now, to be fair it might do big numbers for Apple but the second season was such a meandering mess and this third doesn’t exactly start on the best foot.

After learning about Emily Mills going missing, Poppy decides to change the narrative completely to focus on her issues, namely Drea whom she has a personal vested interest in. Toward the end, the whole missing person case is turned on its head when Drea contacts her. Does Poppy go the police? Does she ring Aames and ask for help? No, she goes to her family instead.

And as a result of that time-wasting and potentially her meddling, asking loud questions and acting “boisterous”, Drea ends up killed. Now, I’m not saying the police may have changed anything but given Drea was just held up at a motel within the exact same town she went missing from, the writers need to have a damn good excuse as to why nobody has found Drea these past few days.

It seems the investigation now is going to be looking into the cause of Drea’s murder, and it could well be linked to the disappearance of the others girls who have actually gone missing, rather than dropping off the grid and just hiding. How does Emily Mills tie into this? What about the other girls who have gone missing? All of that leaves the rest of the season wide open but just like before, this is likely to be a very long season unless the show steps it up and starts to double-down on its writing.

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5 thoughts on “Truth Be Told – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review”

  1. I love the comment no one asked this to be renewed. Season 2 was a ridiculous mess. I hate watched it to the end just to see if it got better. It didn’t. I guess that makes me a racist if we listen to the other comments.

  2. Looking from not Brown eyes maybe?! Not relatable to ya!? Not relatable, so this has to be a 2 star show huh?! Don’t understand why the police weren’t contacted first huh?! They could of saved her because, because, the show, they are a wonderful police department who love Poppy and those she works with and treat every situation as equal?!!

    The review should of been that you simply don’t like the show, and that you can not comprehend certain subject matter, race issues or possibly economic status challenges in their approach to address the issue.

    Or not say anything at all… what’s clear is that YOU made several inaccurate statements as another commenter pointed out. If you don’t feel the show is relatable to your world, so be it, but get the things you noted right at least.

    1. As a previous show pointed out — some cops aren’t to be trusted as even the cop doesn’t trust his own department. A former cop even was shot unfairly
    2. This is the 2nd time she went missing, so what do you really expect the cops to do this time? The mom has tried to get assistance, again, to the point she is posting her own signs. Maybe this might lead to another girl being found.
    3. 2nd time… how would the cops and media actually approach this scenario. Would they attack the girl and her family? A different strategy, as not even the girls classmates are running to speak up. A more delicate approach to such a taboo subject.
    4. Being brown, drugs, escorting/prostitution… just to stay on subject, is treated differently… so to get Poppy or anyone to help, gives some viewers hope and a real life perspective if you can relate.
    5. Show has some flaws but geez, you could do better as see outside your self. Calling Poppy selfish, the irony in that!

  3. Hey, thanks for commenting! My apologies for the boisterous comment on the recap, the reason I used speech marks was to use it as a play on words, describing Poppy’s behaviour at the same time as making a nod toward the company. I can see that wasn’t translated too well so I’ve gone in and changed that. The eva/Trini situation is absolutely my bad so I do apologize.

    The “High Hunter” situation was deliberately written in an obsfucated way through the recap to match Poppy’s investigation into what this means, eventually leading to the big reveal about the motel at the end. Finally, in regards to the police Poppy has been using Aames to try and get information so she could have gone through him and informed him of the phone call, given he may have had the resources to trace the call.

    Thanks again for commenting and apologies for any confusion there!

    -greg W

  4. What a lazy review. Seems like you barely even watched the episode. You got several things wrong. Boisterous is the name of the company that Poppy sold her podcast to. Noa left because she disagreed with Boisterous’ way of marketing/ sensationalizing stories. Eva is definitely NOT Trini’s mother. “High Hunter” is neither a drug nor the name of Drea’s pimp. It’s the nickname of the motel she ended up at. And finally, the entire point of the episode is that the police don’t pay attention to or spend their resources on missing Black and Brown girls, so it’s stupid of you to ask why Poppy went to Drea’s family for help instead of going to the police.

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