Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Truth Be Told Season 2 begins with Poppy and Markus in the police station. Both of them are questioned about breaking into Holt’s house, and it takes Detective Aames showing to save their skin. If they mess up again though, Aames won’t be able to take the fall.

Outside, Poppy urges Aames to help find Rose. If they don’t, then someone else could get to her first. That someone, of course, being Micah. Before that though, we receive a history lesson into LPS and how it’s ravaged a whole host of people across the US, causing homelessness to spike.

Three of those affected were Micah, Rose and Holt. Poppy speaks on her podcast about all of this, wondering if Rose is the weak link in this. Given the lawyers for the Warren case are still on the hunt though, Noa warns Poppy to watch what she says after, especially as they’ll be out for blood and will pounce on a single mistake.

Meanwhile, Demetrius continues to deteriorate, with his memory loss becoming worse after a meeting with his therapist. There’s some other subplots simmering around the bar too but to be honest, there’s really not a lot worth writing home about.

Instead, most of the action falls to Micah, who remains determined to try and find Rose before Poppy does. So why did she leave Rose’s name out the book? Well, given the girl was originally in foster care (the same system that had numerous girls end up missing), could it be that Micah is hiding something important?

Poppy decides to listen to Micah’s audiobook in the meantime, which is narrated by Micah herself. Specifically, the chapter in question is in relation to a club called The Sapphire. As Micah discusses a physical altercation she had, Poppy wanders around the club, trying to imagine what really took place. However, she’s snapped out of her entranced state by a call. It turns out Rose is still in the Bay area but they don’t have much time to catch her before she leaves.

With Markus en-tow, Poppy shows up at a warehouse where they find Rose. She’s been expecting them, and encourages the pair to join her as they walk through a makeshift homeless community huddled together. Rose is understandably wary of Markus and talks to Poppy alone.

It turns out Micah stole Rose’s memories. Everything in the book is actually hers and all those horrid experiences are actually what happened to Rose – not Micah. This explains why Rose isn’t mentioned once in the book and how Micah is so nonchalant after all these years. It also confirms that the attack at The Sapphire was actually Rose’s experience.

In the middle of this revelation, Holt shows up and rings the fire alarm. Given he’s working with Micah, it serves as the perfect distraction for Poppy to drop her recorder in the chaos as Holt shoots Rose dead.

Outside, Markus tackles Holt to the ground but officers show up and believe Markus to be the one responsible, arresting him after shooting the man in the leg. Now, it turns out Holt attacked because of Ivy, who handed over money to him in the parking lot earlier in the episode, which he interpreted as “getting the job done.”

When Micah finds out, she realizes that this is all happening because of Poppy and narrows her gaze.

The Episode Review

Anyone else finding this season dull as dishwater? Truth Be Told’s first season was okay at best but this second season has just been really weak and meandering. The actual murder mystery isn’t that interesting and all these subplots feel shoehorned in to to try and pad out the run-time.

With Rose used as the red herring (which most crime drama aficionados would have probably seen coming a mile off) it would seem like Holt and Micah are responsible for killing Josh. Who else could it be?

This tepid Micah VS Poppy feud has been really underwhelming too and the show has struggled to give a compelling reason why this has been renewed.

Hopefully things will pick up across the remaining 3 episodes but given how long this story has been stretched out so far already, how much more will audiences sit and watch before bowing out? Maybe this should have been released in one go after all!

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