Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

All These Women

Episode 6 of Truth Be Told Season 2 starts with Poppy on her podcast, giving a no-holds-barred assessment of Micah and Holt’s relationship. As she sends it out to the airwaves, Markus comments incredulously how his has gone viral.

Off the back of this, Micah chills in her office. She’s completely nonchalant to the sheer number of resignations and that three sponsors have postponed. In order to do damage control, Micah decides to call all the press together and talk to them.

Now, Holt’s big contact here is Rose Gill, the same woman we saw at the start of the episode. When Poppy sees her picture, she “feels” like there’s something to this. I guess that’s easier than actually writing hr a past link in the script I guess. While Poppy has no link, Micah most certainly does. It turns out they were both in prison where they served time.

Anyway, Poppy continues to look into Rose’s history. However, she learns Rose has gone missing for several weeks from her place of residence but six months back was visited by someone regarding her artwork. As many may have predicted, later in the episode it’s confirmed to be Holt as Markus continues to root around for clues. It turns out Josh also visited her before his death… so could Rose be the real killer?

In the wake of this, Micah requests a meeting with Poppy. Sat outside the latter’s house, Micah questions how they can move past their issues. Poppy is dead-set on solving this case though and quizzes her about Rose. Apparently she was on the streets with her and Holt back in the day but according to Micah the girl is sick, which is why she never wrote about her in the book.

At a stalemate, Micah instead tries to go through Markus’s marriage, approaching Zarina with a proposal and a lucrative offer to advance Markus’s career. This, coupled with Micah’s big press drive, helps to turn the tide of audience opinion against Poppy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Micah’s sister heads off and berates Micah outside Shelter, right in view of the other staff.

In the middle of dinner, Markus receives a call from Poppy who has tracked down where Holt’s house is. Outside, they find bloody rags in the trash too.

Eventually the pair sneak in the back and break in to investigate. With a blood spatter on the floor (belonging to Holt) and an empty pill bottle, the pair are suddenly surprised when police officers show with guns, stopping them in their tracks.

As the screen fades to black, Rose leaves a voicemail for Poppy, suggesting they meet.

The Episode Review

Truth Be Told rolls round again this week with another slow paced chapter for this case that, quite frankly, just isn’t all that interesting. While the first season was okay at best, this follow-up has been anything but compelling.

There’s no chemistry between Micah and Poppy, and Octavia Spencer just looks bored here. She’s not given a whole lot to do and the mystery aspect isn’t that exciting. We’ve got a fair way to go in this show before everything comes together but honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this show has been leaking viewers every week. Let’s just hope this one picks up in the upcoming episodes. Until next time folks!

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