Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

In Another Life

Episode 4 of Truth Be Told Season 2 begins with Ramon confronting Micah in her bedroom. Aames has spilled secrets, which is what’s caused Ramon to lash out, hissing that she’s a terrible mother.

Ramon continues, dropping the bombshell that Joshua actually hated her. As Micah hurries downstairs, she sets off her alarms and grabs a knife. She screams at Ramon to leave her house.

Time passes and police head over to check up on the frazzled woman. Poppy and Markus are there too, with the latter pleading with Micah to change the security code – and to hire security detail properly to look over the property.

Micah refuses to entertain the idea though but Markus is distracted by a message from Ramon himself. He wants to meet up and talk.

Ramon is in a rough way, and in fact a scuffle in his apartment leads to Ramon being thrown out the apartment window. As he drops to the ground, Markus happens to be there and he sees the boy drop. He also notices a longhaired man rushing away from the scene of the crime.

Markus tries to give chase but he loses him. When Aames shows up, he reveals that the apartment has been turned completely upside down. Could it be that Ramon was hiding something? Before the duo part ways, Markus implores Aames to work with Poppy rather than against her.

Markus and Poppy do some digging and realize there are hidden cameras set up all over Shelter. There are files on everyone, including Markus but his seem to be innocent enough, revolving exclusively around having another baby. However, he is pretty shifty and tells Poppy he’ll look into this himself.

There are numerous videos too, which only confirm these suspicions. It seems like there could well be more to this story than meets the eye. Could it be that Ramon discovered the cameras and that’s the dirt he has against Micah and Josh?

At the bar, Poppy ends up speaking to Aames. It’s a quick chat though, one that doesn’t really end very well. They’re still not abler to see eye to eye.

While Markus gets digging, he finally stumbles upon a breakthrough. He matches up the ID for our mystery man in Ramon’s apartment to our dollhouse maker at Shelter.

His name is Holt and he works at Shelter. This explains why he’s able to move around so easily. As Markus heads out to investigate, back home Poppy runs into problems with Ingram. Neither of them are happy and in fact, Ingram is going to head back to New York soon too.

Poppy heads over to Micah’s place but no one seems to be answering. As Poppy heads around the back, she notices Hope happens to be inside with Micah.

Now, it looks like they’re kissing but Hope’s hands are on her throat and she’s pinned up against the wall so it’s hard to tell. However, the episode ends with Poppy getting smacked upside the head with a shovel.

The Episode Review

Truth Be Told returns this week with a deeper look at this overarching case. Alongside the familial drama is a much more intriguing drama starting to build up as this Hope character seems to be the key to what’s going on.

This hidden camera footage gives a a good incentive for what Ramon has against Micah too, and it looks like there’s dirt on everyone. That’s not all though and with Ramon now dead and lots of questions left unanswered, it remains to be seen exactly who the real culprit is behind this – and what their motive is.

For now, Truth Be Told bows out with a decent enough episode, and while the show is a far cry from other murder mysteries, it’s good enough to stick with for the time being.

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