Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Truth Be Told Season 2 begins with Poppy once again talking on her podcast. This time though she’s speaking about truth and lies. In particular, the secrets being kept between Josh and Drew.

Back home, Poppy is grilled by Ingram as a way of preparing herself for Lana’s lawyers. He implores Poppy to be extra careful, given these lawyers are going to be waiting for her to slip up. As one bit of good news though, the police have reopened the case.

A text from Micah sees Poppy head over to go and catch up. It turns out Micah has recorded footage of Herbie talking about his life. It seems like he’s recording his thoughts before they slip away on account of his CTE. As they sit together, Micah even gives the greenlight for Poppy to investigate Drew in more detail.

As Markus and Herbie reconvene in a bar, they find a grief-stricken mother with missing posters for her daughter, Drea Spivey. Apparently the police have been no help but the pair agree to do their best to try and find her. They even take more flyers too. Could this tie in to Shelter and the murders we’ve been seeing?

Markus heads back home and tries to talk to Trini about the missing person case, asking about Drea. Apparently everyone at school just believes she’s run away, and he gets nowhere fast.

Meanwhile, Ramon continues to act strangely. He finds pills hidden in a jewelry box (and as you do, he just takes one) and gets changed, wearing Josh’s clothes and smelling them. He shows up late to see Micah on account of this, who’s currently overseeing kids painting.

Anyway, Poppy gets digging with Noa and manages to track down Drew’s birth Mother. It turns out Drew was actually adopted after the child was given up. When Micah finds out, this is quickly pushed aside as she becomes busy with her own issues at work. The network are concerned about Micah’s state of mind – despite the ratings going up following her rant, which seems to have resonated with people.

On the back of this awkward chat, Poppy and Micah head off to visit Drew’s birth mother together. Apparently she was having an affair with Josh and although they weren’t really dating, it was more of a physical thing between the pair.

Joshua was in Beijing when she found out she was pregnant and ended up putting Drew up for adoption. Years later though he found her and got back in touch. They were facetiming together and she even has a screenshot of their last video call.

As she hands it over to Micah and Poppy, they realize the background looks familiar. This is Micah’s Mum’s place. But why would Drew be there?

Markus notices Ramon crying alone on the cameras and messages Poppy about this revelation. She deduces that it could well be that Ramon was jealous of Drew and Josh, believing them to be lovers rather than a father and son pairing. Is this enough to instigate a killing?

Inspector Aames seems to think so and corners Ramon outside. He mentions some incriminating details from the past before Ramon takes to a live stream and calls out Micah. In front of thousands of people, he claims Micah only cares about money and is using illegal methods to finance and run Shelter. He even has evidence of it too. Well, the feed is cut before he can reveal more but it seems the damage has already been done.

Ramon’s past discretion – the one instance of him getting a record – was actually to do with bullying. Ramon had been terrorized for years and eventually snapped, beating down his bully to a bloody pulp.

With this hidden from the public for now, Poppy invites Micah along as a guest on her podcast. Only, Micah refuses to answer the allegations put up against her. Poppy encourages the girl to answer truthfully but Micah believes she’s being exploited and walks away. This girl definitely has something to hide.

As Micah heads back home, she sits at her dressing table, looks in the mirror… and sees Ramon standing behind her.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. It seems like Ramon could well be involved in some way but to be honest, upon learning about his bullying incident in the past, he seems like a very convenient red herring rather than the actual killer. I’d imagine the Sons of Ivar are responsible in some way or it cold well even be an inside job with the police too.

Given how hard this show is leaning into the corrupt police angle, it seems like that would fit the narrative a lot more effectively.

The entire Herbie confessional videos don’t add very much to this show at all. Sure, it’s pretty harrowing to hear how this ties into his CTE and his past issues, but it’s a subplot that’s simply there to pedal social issues rather than genuinely adding to the story as a whole.

However, learning more about Josh’s past and his adoptive son is certainly intriguing and it leaves a lot of questions on the table around what was really going on with him. After a bit of a wobbly start, this one is just starting to get interesting now.

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