Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

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Episode 2 of Truth Be Told Season 2 begins with Poppy continuing her podcast. She calls out the San Francisco Police Department, claiming they’re ignoring evidence and Poppy is going to unveil it all.

Back home though, Poppy and the gang receive some bad news. Herbie, has been diagnosed with a CTE – a brain injury that could get really bad. Lillian takes the news badly, rushing out the room. Poppy follows though and reassures her that they’re in this together. This is a difficult thing to go through though and all the girls try to put on a brave face.

Joshua’s funeral goes ahead, with Micah speaking up and saying her piece. Poppy watches from the back, as a woman named Ruth shows and offers to take her grief. Micah decides to show her to one of their recovery rooms as the others debate whether there’s a deeper meaning to all this.

Later on in the parking lot, Ruth heads back to her car and notices smashed glass on the floor. She struggles to shake the feeling she’s being followed. As she scrambles to get in her car, an ominous figure waiting by the side of a van seems to confirm her paranoia.

Poppy continues to learn about Joshua’s past, including his “road treats” and how he was known to be a serial cheater. Three late-stage miscarriages is what Micah uses to excuse Josh’s behaviour. They grew apart and she turned a blind eye.

By the end, she was completely nonchalant to what he was doing – even if she was in love. Micah held out hope that Joshua would come back to her one day.

Now, the boy Joshua cheated with is called Drew Turney and he had his own secrets. Poppy shows up at Turney’s funeral to pay her respects. She also notices Ramon sniffing around.

Following him, she uncovers pictures of Drew and Joshua together that he holds in his possession. Some of these also seem to point toward Drew as a photography model. But it goes deeper than that. In fact, Poppy believes – thanks to genetic markers and likeness – that they could well be father and son.

When Micah finds out she silently walks out to stage for her live broadcast for Shelter. With the police still not reopening the case, Micah speaks her piece.

Micah reveals everything about Joshua including his ties with Drew. As she loses control, the feed is cut and Poppy takes her away.

While at work, Cydie finishes her shift butt there’s one final man still onboard. This seems to be the same guy from the end of last week’s episode and potentially from the parking lot too. He menacingly steps off the bus. As he does, Cydie breathes a sigh off relief, reports this to her supervisor, and heads back home.

Back at Poppy’s place, she receives a note claiming she’s “been served.” Lana Cave is suing Poppy for the wrongful death of Warren Cave.

The Episode Review

Truth Be Told slams on the brakes this week for a slower episode that reveals very little beyond Drew’s true parentage. Learning that him and Joshua could well be related is a nice touch, but it’s also something forensics would have picked up on though, surely? Still, we’ll have to wait and see how this show handles that – or waves it away.

It also seems like the Sons of Ivar could be involved based on that earlier tidbit of information we received with Aames. Could this tie into the militant pose that both Josh and Drew were enacting while standing together in those photos?

Poppy’s family woes continue as well, with Herbie ill and seemingly on course for some memory loss in the near future. Beyond this though there’s very little to cling to this episode. Hopefully next week’s chapter picks up the pace a bit,

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