Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Review

The Letter

While Truth Be Told continues to move at a glacial pace, we do find out some truth behind the murder as evidence points towards Erin being the culprit more and more. This episode also shows us some tragic revelations about Lanie and Warren which finally produces some much-needed depth and development for the series.

We start with Warren in prison receiving a visit from Poppy who reveals that Chuck was abusing Lanie. She believes Erin is the one who killed him and coached her daughter into identifying him. He then recalls that Erin was gone for a month before Halloween. The content of Lanie’s letter is then read back to Warren.

Meanwhile, Poppy finds out that Erin went to rehab after being arrested for drink-driving the month before her husband died. Her alibi for the night of the murder was that she was passed out drunk so she decides to investigate further. After speaking to her rehab coach, she finds out that Erin called her one day, very sober and that she also was taking a medicine that would make her sick if she drunk any alcohol.

Back in prison, Warren comes face to face with his gang leader and, fed up with the abuse, decides to stab him repeatedly. The guards eventually find the body which causes a prison lock-down. Poppy and Markus find out that Erin was arrested for breaking and entering her old house. Heading there, the new owners show them where they found her in the basement. As they look around, they see a hole in the wall which wasn’t there before.

Warren decides to call Lanie and asks her to come and see him. He shows her the letter and asks if the contents are true. He also tells her that she should have told him about her father because if he would have known, he’d have killed him himself. She then ends the conversation with tears in her eyes, saying he is the only boy she ever loved.

Ingram finds out that the woman who fostered Poppy died the same year she was looking after her while Erin visits Melanie who confronts her about lying about her son, just as Poppy corners her. She tells Erin that because she knew about the abuse, she has a motive as they know she was sober that night. She offers to help her by making the world see she was a caring mother, ready to do anything to protect her daughters. She agrees to get interviewed but asks for some time.

Poppy meets with her Dad by her mother’s grave where he reveals that he has CTE but didn’t want to tell anyone as he worries about what will happen to him. As the episode ends, Erin calls her daughter about Poppy cornering and confronting her about the murder. After asking her where she hid “it”, she tells her she can’t take it anymore and wants to tell the truth. Meeting in Susan’s house, Lanie gives her mother some pills and as she collapses, she takes her to bed and stays with her as her life slips away.

Truth Be Told ended with an unexpected cliffhanger as Lanie helps her mother die. Is her assisted suicide an admission of guilt for the murder of her ex-husband? It certainly seems like it but I do think that Lanie is not as innocent as she claims to be. We also see that she has always loved Warren and it raises more questions in regards to her stability as well.

I am a little surprised by Josie’s sudden change of character though as she seems to have quickly recovered from her break-up with her fiance and seems to be happy to stay despite being so against it in the previous episodes. This feels a little inconsistent and adds yet another under-developed storyline to the show.

There aren’t many episodes left now but with Erin dead and Lanie left to tell the tale, I remain interested to see how this season will end and if Warren will finally gets justice by being freed.


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  1. Erin’s death was not an assisted suicide. Lanie killed her. Erin very clearly asks “what did you give me?” Erin thought she was only taking pain pills.

    Honestly, I think you don’t find this plot to be so compelling because you’re not paying enough attention. This series has better writing and sense of mystery/suspense than at least
    half of the shows out there right now.

    My guess is that both twins are murderous in some way – with Lanie being the instigator.

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