Truth Be Told – Apple+ Season 1 Episode 5 Recap and Review

The Hit and Run

After last week’s weaker episode, Truth Be Told returns with a better episode as the story finally starts moving forward. As I suspected, Owen is not the murderer and as we’re back to square one, we’re left wondering where Poppy will go next in her search for the real culprit.

We start the episode with Poppy visiting Warren in prison. She tells him about her findings in regards to his father’s whereabouts that fateful night and Warren despairs, revealing that he got him shanked and believing the reason is to stop him from talking. Markus berates Poppy for her podcast on Owen Cave as she doesn’t have any evidence. She insists that he’s guilty and wants to get him convicted. Unhappy with how Poppy is handling things, Markus tells her he’ll carry on helping her but warns about messing with people’s lives and the inevitable consequences of her actions.

Melanie visits his son in prison and spends an emotional moment with him while Poppy makes some progress in her investigation on Owen. She finds out that he’s listed as the founder of an organisation called “Angels Halo” but is the only member. After relaying this to Markus, she finds out that her husband is planning to file a restraining order on her father.

Meanwhile, Josie and Lanie head to a storage room belonging to their aunt. After seeing all her old things, Josie becomes overwhelmed and leaves Lanie there. We then see their mum later going through all of her sister’s things, clearly looking for something specific but unable to find it. Poppy and Markus head to the address of the foundation but hit a roadblock immediately as the person who helped Owen set it up, claiming not knowing anything.

Back in prison, Warren finds out that his dog is to be put down after he attacked another inmate. He later makes a plea with the people of the dog program to spare it which he thankfully wins. While out with his daughter, Markus sees Owen who ends up threatening him if Poppy doesn’t back down. Markus later meets with her in the bar and tells her that Angel’s Halo is a charity created a month after the murder. Owen has been donating $1000 a month for 19 years to someone going by the initials “JJJ”. Relaying this information to Warren, the initials make him think of a neighbour he knew growing up: John James Jackson.

Owen receives a visit from the mayor who tells him he’ll be put on a leave of absence while they open an investigation on him. He later receives a text from Poppy with the name John James Jackson. This prompts him to visit Melanie, explaining that his career is over and his wife left him. He starts crying, feeling guilty about what has been happening and as he tries to get some love from his wife, she angrily sends him away.

Lanie says goodbye to Josie in her hotel room and manages to steal her sister’s phone before leaving. Heading out, she calls Josie’s fiancee while we see Markus visiting John James Jackson in hospital. The nurse in charge explains that he has been in a vegetative state for 19 years after a hit and run and that Angel’s Halo has been paying for his care ever since.

In the evening, Poppy comes home to find a disheveled Owen sitting at her dining table with a gun. He wants her to write a retraction on him and his son as she has destroyed his life. He reveals that what actually happened during those 74 minutes was that John James Jackson ran infront of his car. He never told anyone what happened as doing so would have meant his career to be over. After pointing the gun at her, he turns it on himself and shoots himself in the head.

We end the episode with Noah telling Poppy that she spoke to the street sweeper from that night, claiming to have seen Warren leave the Buhrman house with a knife.

The truth is finally out on Owen Cave as we find out what he did during those unaccounted 74 minutes. We see another side of him and left to wonder if it was really him who arranged to have his son shanked in prison. After the revelation from the street sweeper, the finger points again towards Warren but I have a feeling we’re about to get more evidence in the next episode which could debunk this. Personally, I think we already know who the killer is and as we dive deeper into the Buhrman family’s dark past, more of this may come to light.

Truth be Told hasn’t been the strongest of Apple+’s Originals so far and if anything, the show has been a little inconsistent and often lacks substance and depth. Still, the acting is what stands out and the mystery behind the murder is enough to keep you watching. Truth Be Told definitely has potential but whether it grasps this and utilizes it going forward remains to be seen.


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