True to Love (Bo-ra! Deborah) – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

True to Love

The finale of True to Love picks back up with the argument between Bo-ra and Su-hyeok, about who’s being dishonest. Turns out, the whole office, including Sang-jin, is listening to them outside.

Su-hyeok comes out and claims he can’t work with a writer who writes an insincere ending. Bo-ra comes out of the conference room as well and announces that she’s quitting. She then storms out of the office.

Sang-jin takes Su-hyeok out drinking. He asks Su-hyeok what the problem is since Bo-ra seems to have feelings for him as well. Su-hyeok insists he doesn’t want to be the bad guy in the midst of Bo-ra’s romance with Ju-wan. Sang-jin tells him to swallow his pride. When Sang-jin goes on about Bo-ra not being right for him anyway, Su-hyeok ends up missing her and breaks down.

At home, Bo-ra tells Bo-mi she doesn’t need to get married just because she’s pregnant. They get into an argument and Bo-mi later cries on the phone to Jin-ho. He surprises her by turning up outside her house with cake and strawberries. He says he’ll wait till Bo-ra’s asleep and then sneak in.

What does Su-hyeok do while drunk?

Sang-jin leaves a drunk Su-hyeok passed out at the bar, thinking he’ll call Bo-ra in his state. Sang-jin then considers calling U-ri but decides against it.

When Bo-ra gets multiple calls from Su-hyeok she finally deigns to pick up. A drunk Su-hyeok slurs and asks her to take him home. When he falls off his chair, a server from the bar asks Bo-ra to come to pick Su-hyeok up.

Meanwhile, Jin-woo gets ready to sleep in the bedroom and tries making up with Yu-jeong. She switches off the lights and heads downstairs herself.

Bo-ra turns up at the bar and tries to get Su-hyeok to wake up. In his drunken state, he tells her to not get back with Ju-wan. When they get in a cab, Su-hyeok gives his address which Bo-ra realises is different from the area she lives in. Su-hyeok keeps telling her to not get back with Ju-wan and even asks her for a hug. Stumbling, she manages to get Su-hyeok into his apartment and then heads back home. On the way back she thinks about how he lied about where he lived so he could drop her off each time.

Turns out, while in his house, she also found the card he meant to send with the flowers. On it, Su-hyeok had confessed that he was in the lavender haze of falling in love. She also found a box with a necklace with the letter D as a pendant.

The next morning Su-hyeok can’t remember a thing and is incensed about the fact that he called Bo-ra. Sang-jin tells him he should call Bo-ra and apologise. Flashes of memories from the previous night return to Su-hyeok, embarrassing him.

Bo-ra meanwhile waits for a text from Su-hyeok. She then tries to speak to Bo-mi, but the latter has locked herself in her room.

Sang-jin asks U-ri to meet him for coffee. U-ri assumes that Sang-jin is going to reject her again. He tells her to confess her feelings again so he can help her get over it. When she confesses, Sang-jin admits he had reservations but now would like to date her anyway.

Does Bo-ra confess her feelings?

Yu-jeong, still mad at Jin-woo, comes over to Bo-ra’s place. When she realises Bo-mi’s locked her room, Yu-jeong says she could be depressed. They force the door open to find Jin-ho hiding inside. Jin-ho and Bo-mi kneel on the floor to get Bo-ra’s approval for their romance. She and Yu-jeong laugh, Bo-ra had never disapproved anyway. Later, Yu-jeong tells Bo-ra about her marital problems.

Jin-ho asks Jin-woo if he’s going to go get Yu-jeong back but he claims to be thinking about what to say. He can’t go in unprepared.

At work, Yu-jeong opens up to Su-jin as well about how disconnected she feels from Jin-woo. Su-jin encourages her to listen to Jin-woo’s side of things at least once.

Su-hyeok and Bo-ra meet at a restaurant. She says she was waiting for his call. Su-hyeok admits he’s always late. He doesn’t remember anything from that night and apologises for any mistakes he made. She asks him if he has anything else to say to her, like the fact that he missed her or wanted to see her. He remains quiet. She then takes it up on herself to confess that she likes him a lot. He looks shocked but still remains quiet. Bo-ra then says she doesn’t want a man who can’t even say he likes her. When she gets ready to leave, he tells her that he can’t put his feelings first. She retorts that he simply can’t swallow his pride. She tells him she’ll finish writing the book and then leaves.

On the way home, Bo-ra hears footsteps behind her but they aren’t Su-hyeok’s. At home, Ju-wan calls Bo-ra again and asks her to have dinner with him the next day. She agrees in order to say a proper goodbye.

How does Bo-ra’s book end?

Sang-jin and U-ri finally go on their movie date and seem to have a good time. Jin-ho meanwhile has been looking for places where he and Bo-mi can move but they’re all expensive. He and Jin-woo discuss how complicated marriage is. Yu-jeong overheard Jin-woo talk about how he got married because Yu-jeong asked him to, he wouldn’t have for anyone else. He talks about how he loves Yu-jeong and Yu-jeong in turn loves him. Yu-jeong herself smiles at hearing this.

Later, Jin-woo sincerely apologises to Yu-jeong. He says he didn’t change, he got used to her. He then proposes to her, properly.

Sang-jin gives Su-hyeok Bo-ra’s completed draft and asks if he’s up for working on it. Su-hyeok says he’ll do it. He reads the ending of her book where she outlines everything that’s happened between them from the beginning. She says that if he confessed, she was ready to love him. She wanted reassurance. But she doesn’t need reassurance from someone else. She’ll make her own choices. Su-hyeok finishes reading and then rushes out of the office.

Does Bo-ra choose Ju-wan or Su-hyeok?

Bo-ra meets Ju-wan for dinner at the fancy restaurant where they’d once met. She gets a call from Su-hyeok but ignores it. Su-hyeok rushes to the coffee bar looking for Bo-ra, and he asks Yu-jeong where she is. Yu-jeong asks if he can really do this nd he replies that he can.

Meanwhile, Ju-wan talks Bo-ra’s ear off about his work. He brings out a sample from work and tells Bo-ra to open the box. Inside, she finds flowers and a blue ring box. Ju-wan proposes to her. All this while, Su-hyeok is racing towards the restaurant.

Bo-ra reaches out and closes the ring box. Just as he’s convincing her, Da-mi turns up and accuses Ju-wan of betrayal. She planted bugs on him so Bo-ra gets up to leave and Da-mi asks if she has any self-esteem, how could she meet with Ju-wan? She tells Da-mi she should be mad at Ju-wan, not her. Da-mi throws a glass of water on Ju-wan. When Bo-ra turns to look at them, a pair of hands turn her back around. It’s Su-hyeok. He takes her wrist and they walk out.

Outside,Su-hyeok tries to play out a confession like a scene from a drama but that’s not what Bo-ra wants. She insists that he needs to be straightforward and tell her why he likes her. Frustrated, he says he doesn’t understand; he just likes her for everything she does. As per typical drama fashion, Su-hyeok and Bo-ra kiss each other.

How does True to Love end?

Later, we see Bo-ra and Su-hyeok walking together, holding hands and being cutesy. Meanwhile, Yu-jeong is enjoying the downstairs room, playing games herself. Jin-woo joins her as well.

Sang-jin puts Bo-ra’s book on a shelf. Su-hyeok shows up and suggests a new book, one featuring love poems written by himself. Sang-jin makes his opinion clear and Su-hyeok leaves in a huff. U-ri enters and hands Sang-jin a list of things she wants them to do as a couple.

Everybody gets together for dinner and discusses Bo-ra’s book. Just then, Jin-ho and Bo-mi come downstairs in wedding attire. They’re having a surprise wedding right this moment, on Christmas day.

Gifts are exchanged. Jin-ho gives Bo-mi rings. U-ri gives Sang-jin a bright yellow hoodie. Jin-woo gifts Yu-jeong tiger print clothing while the latter gifts him a night’s stay in a hotel. Bo-ra gifts Su-hyeok a pen he had wanted and Su-hyeok gifts her mittens. But inside the mittens, is a ring. Su-hyeok proposes to her and they’re officially engaged. A voiceover from Bo-ra says that love isn’t perfect, there may not be a happy ever after, but they’ll be true to love anyway.

The Episode Review

The last episode of True to Love is a lengthy but satisfying ride that ties up all its loose ends. Despite all the multiple storylines that come to a close, it’s the romance between Bo-ra and Su-hyeok that carries the whole thing. Their argument and Su-hyeok’s inhibitions are valid as is Bo-ra’s insistence on being with a man who expresses himself well. I like that she gives him an opportunity by confessing first but at the same time, doesn’t lower her standards to fit him.

Yu-jeong and Jin-woo find peace in the little forms of love and their spark ignites again, which is an ending I am okay with. Bo-mi and Jin-ho find their own happy ever after as well, it’s cute but also a bit of a disappointment that the writers did not go into the nuances of their decision. A surprise pregnancy and a quick marriage have a lot of fodder for interesting TV but they skipped the opportunity as a whole.

Ju-wan finally gets what he deserves which is satisfying. It’s also great to see how Su-hyeok’s eventual confession leaned more towards the side of simple and ordinary than dramatic. Bo-ra’s voiceover at the end wraps it all up neatly, expressing what the show was all about. Overall, the episode was a bit slow but featured a strong wave of emotion throughout and gives a good show a solid ending.

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