True to Love (Bo-ra! Deborah) – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

A Cold Is Incurable

Episode 5 of Bo-ra! Deborah starts with Bo-ra telling Yu-jeong about how she sadly wandered around the city. Yu-jeong admits she and her husband aren’t as different from other married couples. Bo-ra then says she finds comfort in the fact that people have moved on from Deborah already.

That statement is contradicted with the next day La Bella’s latest edition gets printed and still has an article on her. Bo-ra then tries to buy all the available copies of the magazine.

Su-jin tells the magazine staff that the issue sold out and gives them her card to enjoy a congratulatory dinner. Bo-ra is disappointed to hear they’ll be printing again since Blackpink is on the cover.

Su-jin later tells Yu-jeong she sympathizes with Bo-ra, telling Yu-jeong to convey the message that a broken engagement is better than divorce.

At Jinlee Publishing, Sang-jin seems to have changed his mind and now wants to sign Bo-ra on again. This is despite Su-hyeok’s claims that he backstabbed her once already.

Bo-ra arrives at the office, dry-cleaned jacket in hand, and overhears Su-hyeok and Sang-jin talking about their various opinions of her. U-ri sees Bo-ra and takes the jacket from her. Bo-ra leaves and U-ri rushes in to tell her seniors what happened.

Su-hyeok runs after Bo-ra but can’t find her. Later, they decide that Su-hyeok should go to her and apologise. He asks Sang-jin how he should comfort Bo-ra but gets no useful advice.

Su-hyeok goes to a restaurant near her house and texts Bo-ra. She arrives and he apologises for what happened. She tells him they should cancel their contract. When Su-hyeok goes to get her a drink, Ju-wan enters the cafe. Him and Bo-ra see each other. Su-hyeok comes back to find her in tears and realises why. She tells Su-hyeok to smile and pretend he’s having a good time, which he does. Outside, they make it a point to walk together and Su-hyeok holds her hand when he notices Ju-wan watching.

Bo-ra walks into a restaurant called Dad’s Chicken and Su-hyeok feels compelled to follow. She treats him to a meal since she owes him. While eating, she muses about how Ju-wan got a haircut and a new shirt while she’s ‘like this’. She admits she doesn’t know anything about love and was a loser in love.

Su-hyeok remember what Sang-jin said about others’ misery making people feel better and he opens up to her about his own relationship. He tells her heartbreak is like the common cold, they’ll get over it before they know it. Afterwards, Bo-ra turns to leave but Su-hyeok says he’ll walk her home. When he suggests she can write a book on the aftermath of a breakup it ticks her off, she doesn’t want to show more of herself to the world. When they reach her house, she tells him to not help her out if he sees her again and goes inside but not before he tries convincing her once more.

At home, Bo-ra curls up in bed to get warm and takes a medicine when she feels herself coming down with a cold.

Yu-jeong comes home to see the dishes and the laundry all done. While she’s in the shower, Jin-woo seems to want to join her but he only turns the water cold and leaves. Later, she asks him if she’s gained weight but he doesn’t give her the answer she wants.

U-ri comes to work early and cleans the office, then sits down to read a book. Sang-jin arrives and commends her good work. Su-hyeok arrives too. After hearing everything from Su-hyeok, Sang-jin seems to give up on the book with Deborah.

Meanwhile, Bo-mi keeps getting texts from the guy she met at the bar about the weather. She tells him to stop massaging her or she’ll block him.

The boy, Yang Jin-ho, is sitting at Jin-woo’s bar waiting to be interviewed. Jin-woo tells the previous candidate that he’s hired but interviews Jin-ho anyway. Jin-woo’s interested in seeing that Jin-ho’s listed his reason for application as destiny. He notices the location is the same as where Bo-mi lives. Jin-woo realises he’s from the Yang clan too, and actually from the same army division. In the excitement of it all, Jin-woo hires him on the spot.

Bo-ra wakes up and is frustrated at still being unwell. Particularly when she remembers Su-hyeok’s words about getting over a cold quickly. She brings a glass and a bottle of wine in her room.

Sang-jin comes out to tell his employees to leave early but they’re already on their way out. He asks Su-hyeok to have a drink with him but he refuses. Sang-jin wonders if he’ll go mourn his relationship at the Han River like in the movies. Su-hyeok dismisses it with a laugh but ends up right there in the banks. He tries to throw the ring but is unable to do so.

Bo-mi sees the news about a woman who killed herself after dealing with a breakup and drinking all the time. In her room, Bo-ra thinks about the promises Ju-wan had made while drinking wine. At the Han River, Su-hyeok sees Ju-wan having a gala time with his new girl.

Bo-ra wonders if Ju-wan regrets his decision. She calls Su-hyeok and asks him if Ju-wan looked regretful at all. She needs that reassurance. He tells her the truth but it only makes her more upset. She cuts the call and heads out of the house, walking out in a drunken state while thinking of her memories with Ju-wan.

Ju-wan reaches home to find Bo-ra crouched in front of his house. She basically begs him to take her back and promises to forget everything but he dismisses her and tells her he hates her. She slaps him and he goes inside. Bo-ra sits down on the street again and who turns up to save her — it’s Su-hyeok of course! He asks her if she wants a hug and she lets him.

The Episode Review

Being a lot slower in pace and not as exciting in plot development, this episode is a bit of a disappointment compared the previous ones. Su-hyeok and Bo-ra’s dynamic is a pleasant surprise but I thought there would be more bickering and arguments. However, this show of support between them is unexpectedly nice.

The episode did have some thought-provoking conversations about who wins and who loses in love and relationships. Su-hyeok and Bo-ra’s conversation walking down the street is also shot really well. But overall the slowness drags the episode down and what felt like the starts of Bo-ra’s healing just devolved into more drunken antics. And we’ve seen quite a bit of that.

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