True Story – Season 1 Episode 6 “The Things You Do For Family” Recap & Review

The Things You Do For Family

Episode 6 of True Story begins with Savvas and Nikos over at Gene’s place, beating him to a pulp. He sobs, claiming the watch was a gift. Remembering Kid’s words about a second chance, Gene decides to outright admit to murdering Ari.

He’s obviously a bit unhinged and this confession sees the Greek brothers kill the man outright.

Meanwhile, Kid continues to work around Todd’s schedule for pushing his superhero sequel. Kid though wants to take some time out with his son, Christian.

They’re both interrupted by investigators showing up, wanting to ask about Gene. He obviously doesn’t know anything, given Carlton operated alone, but when he finds out Kid is on his way to the station, Carlton begins to panic.

Now, given these text messages and calls can be traced back, it doesn’t exactly look great. However, Kid has a solid alibi and the police don’t really class him as a suspect.

After giving his statement, Kid almost incriminates himself, asking about the security detail at the motel. Afterward though, he heads off to meet Carlton at the restaurant. In private, Carlton admits to getting Gene killed. After clearing the air, Kid suggests they eventually work to get the restaurant patched back up again after Kid’s tour.

As the episode closes out, Kid checks Carlton’s phone and notices messages to Simone, who actually happens to be Daphne in disguise. They staged the whole thing and incriminated Kid. But why?

The Episode Review

So we come full circle back to the Four Seasons as it turns out Kid never actually killed Daphne. It’s perhaps a bit obvious and to be honest, I’m not quite sure why Kid didn’t phone the police in the first place. A toxicology report would have confirmed what’s inside the girl IF she was drugged (which we now know she wasn’t) and the plan rests on Kid not moving the body. What if he decided to do that himself?

I think it’s safe to say that Carlton has done all this because he’s jealous of Kid’s fame and is taking advantage of his brother’s wealth, but we’ll have to wait and see what the finale has in store for us to see if that holds any weight.

For now though, True Story bows out with a pretty good penultimate episode, although this show could have easily been 2 or 3 episodes lighter and been all the stronger for it!

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