True Story – Season 1 Episode 4 “We Should Be Together Too” Recap & Review

We Should Be Together Too

Episode 4 of True Story begins with Kid flying off the handle, lashing out and hurrying out the stadium. With the comedy gig a bust, Kid’s phone blows up constantly as Todd plays damage control.

Kid’s ex, Monyca, gives him some solid words of advice as Kid decides against going to the hotel. Instead, he’s going to see Carlton.

Kid’s meltdown on stage sees him riled up and he confronts his big brother about the night’s events. Unfortunately, the pair end up fighting, with both swinging punches.

When things do calm down between them, Kid bemoans his choices and realizes he should have called an ambulance when Daphne overdosed in the first place. The benefit of hindsight, eh?

In the morning, Carlton and Kid decide they’re going to handle Gene themselves. Kid takes off with Carlton, skipping past a whole group if fans and meeting Gene in a secluded spot.

When he sees Carlton, Gene hurries over with a newspaper clipping. He recognizes the guy from high school football. “If it wasn’t for you, there would be no Kid!” He exclaims excitedly.

Getting down to brass tacks though, Gene has made a copy of his video but Kid tries to sweettalk him into deleting it. He’s not budging but instead Kid decides to play the game differently. After a livestream and a big hug, he decides they should be friends.

After handing over the money to Ari’s brothers, Kid and Carlton are finally in the clear and only have to deal with Gene now. That is, until police find Ari’s body in the dumpster.

The Episode Review

Well, colour me surprised. Police have found Ari’s body in a public dumpster, who would have thought it? In all seriousness though, this series seems to have a pretty methodical way of shooting its episodes, with a lot of standard day-to-day business meets before ramping up the tension for the last 5 minutes and throwing in another cliffhanger.

The whole meeting with Gene didn’t really get anywhere, although it’ll be interesting to how Gene handles the news of Ari being found. Ultimately though, this whole series has been an escalating series of stupid decisions, crescendoing into this big reveal with Ari. Will everyone manage to keep it together for the big finale?

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