True Spirit (2023) Ending Explained – How does Jessica Watson sail around the world?

True Spirit Plot Synopsis

It is 2009, and a young Australian teen, Jessica Watson, already an avid sailor at 16 years old, has pledged to sail around the world—solo. Despite everything set against her, including a failed test run and naysayers wanting to halt her trip due to concerns over her safety, she commits herself to her dream, even though the cost for doing so is incredibly high.

Adding to the already obvious peril set before her is Jessica’s dyslexia. When you’re at sea, it can be hard to read coordinates and maps as it is, but adding dyslexia on top of that is a big struggle.

Does Jessica still follow her dream, despite all of the setbacks?

Jessica’s first and only test run didn’t go too well. She forgot to turn her ship’s alarms on and was asleep when a cargo ship hit her boat. The press is having a heyday with it. People are heavily criticising her parents for considering letting her continue with her plan to sail alone for 7 months around the world. On top of that, Jessica’s boat has suffered some major damage, and Jessica is having a difficult time reading coordinates.

Jessica’s spirit is a little broken when her mentor, Ben, asks her to go with him somewhere. They walk into a boat repair dock, and lo and behold, Jessica’s boat is being fixed by a whole team of people. Her family shows up, and they all pitch in to help. This gives her the dose of courage she needs, and she decides to continue with her dream.

How does Jessica handle loneliness and depression?

Jessica has come so far. She has now spent many days at sea and has accomplished a lot, but there is one problem—no wind. After several days of no progress, she starts to get depressed and loses motivation. She stops answering her family’s calls and struggles to do her daily tasks.

But she is strong. She remembers why she is doing this and gets her act together. Eventually, the wind comes back, and she is on her way again.

Does Jessica Watson sail around the world?

Jessica is talking to her sister on the phone while looking at the weather. A casual conversation turns serious when Jessica asks her sister to put their mom on the phone. There is very bad weather ahead. Jessica talks to Ben and her family, who implore her to do the safer thing, which is to give up and find a port. But Jessica doesn’t listen; instead, she decides to stick through the mega storm.

Her boat gets knocked down again and again until finally it turns completely upside-down under water. Just when she thinks it’s the end, the boat rights itself and surfaces. She knows she is going to make it now, and she does. She proudly makes it back to Sydney, where 80,000 Australians are waiting to greet her. She makes it back and fulfills her dream.


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  1. The movie is a real grabber for a sailor like me. The movie takes some liberties with actual blue water sailing. It is a thrill nonetheless.

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