Where is Ted Bundy Now? | The True Story of the Lady Killer

Arguably the most notorious criminal in American history, Ted Bundy was a clever sexual predator who was responsible for the sadistic murders of at least 26 women. The man kept hidden multiple gruesome personalities under his charming appearance. Dubbed ‘Lady Killer’ in the media, Ted Bundy targeted unsuspecting college girls and sometimes even children. Over the course of five years, the killer left behind a trail of mutilated dead bodies that sent a shiver through the entire United States.

What Was Ted Bundy’s Childhood Like?

Ted Bundy’s father’s identity remains unknown. He lived the initial years of his life with his grandparents. Until his teen years, Bundy was made to believe his grandparents were his parents and his mother was his older sister. He developed resentment toward his mother for hiding the truth about herself. The details about Ted Bundy’s childhood have been conflicting. Some say he was an academically strong, laid-back guy while others recall him as being strange and abusive.

He attended the University of Washington where he met his first and only true love. Everything appeared to be on the right track, but simmering beneath the perfection was bloodlust and sadistic sexual desires.

Who Did Ted Bundy Kill?

Ted Bundy’s primary targets were young girls, but he occasionally attacked minors and middle-aged women as well. He confessed to 30 murders and was conclusively linked to 20 of those. However, experts believe the real toll is way higher.

How Was Ted Bundy Caught?

Ted Bundy was caught multiple times, but hard evidence against him was never enough. Due to his links to murders, Bundy was placed on surveillance. He stood trial for kidnapping, and the court handed him a 15-year sentence. While in prison, he was charged with the murder of one of his victims. Bundy’s end was incoming but he made a U-turn by pulling off an impossible escape.

How Did Ted Bundy Escape?

Bundy escaped twice. The first time, he escaped from court during recess. Since he was serving as his own attorney, he was excused from being handcuffed. Bundy jumped out of the window and limped to an Aspen Mountain cottage where he stole food, clothes, and a rifle.

Bundy’s second escape was even tougher. He deliberately lost weight so he could fit in crawlspaces for escape. He sawed a hole in a prison ceiling and wriggled through the air duct into Jailer’s cabin. He changed to civil clothes and walked out of the prison unnoticed.

How Was Ted Bundy Eventually Captured?

A police officer stopped Ted Bundy for a vehicle check. The officer determined Bundy’s Beetle was stolen, and took him under arrest. Bundy kicked the officer and started running. However, the officer tackled him and took him to the prison.

Where is Ted Bundy Now?

After a series of trials, Ted Bundy was given a death sentence. Though Bundy didn’t give up until the end, he was finally executed by electrocution in January 1989.

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