Where is Tammy Fritz now? | The Murder-For-Hire Widow featured in Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever

Where is Tammy Fritz now?

The Netflix series Worst Roommate Ever is back for a second season with four chilling episodes that may make you rethink your choices for a housemate should you ever decide to share a living space with somebody.

The third episode of Worst Roommate Ever: Season 2 tells the story of veteran James “Bo” Bowden who almost died after moving in with Tammy Fritz, the widow of one of his army friends.

In this article, we take a look at this troubling true story and ask the question: Where is Tammy Fritz now?

When did James Bowden move in with Tammy Fritz?

James’s friend Richard Fritz passed away in 2001 from a bacterial infection known as ‘strep throat.’ Following his death, Tammy sold his assets and used the money from his insurance to support herself and her son Christian.

In 2002, when Tammy learned that James needed a place to stay, she invited him into her home to live with her and her son. James moved in on December 23 and developed a close friendship with the two of them. 

What did Tammy Fritz do?

James seemed to have the perfect living situation but he didn’t realize Tammy’s ulterior motives for having him stay at her Colorado home. It later emerged that Tammy had taken out a life insurance policy in his name and had listed herself as the beneficiary. Did she have murder on her mind? You betcha!

James experienced a series of strange events while living at the house that might be indicative of Tammy’s murderous intentions.

On one occasion, in 2004, he became very sick after drinking just one drink with Tammy and was taken into hospital. 

A year later, he passed out at the house following a night of drinking with Tammy and woke up to discover his room was on fire. 

James wisely moved out soon after but kept in contact with Tammy and her son. In 2009, he decided to move back home to Alaska, but the weekend before he was due to leave, he answered his door to somebody who knocked him unconscious. 

It turns out that Tammy had hired two people – Sean Lagoe and Michelle Heaston – to kill James. With Tammy, they stormed into James’s home, where one of them knocked him out with a baseball bat. 

Thankfully, Christian discovered James’s body the next day when he came to say goodbye to his adult friend. James was then rushed to hospital and treated for his injuries. 

What happened to Tammy Fritz?

Tammy, who was being investigated for fraud around the time of the murder attempt, was arrested and charged in connection with the attempt on James’s life.

On May 13, 2015, she was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation of attempted murder. She was given a sentence of 48 years behind bars at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility.

Meanwhile, Sean was given 26 years in jail and Michelle was given a 15-year suspended sentence with five years of obligatory parole. 

Where is Tammy Fritz now?

Tammy Fritz, who wanted a life of financial freedom using the money from the fraudulent life insurance policy she set up in James’s name, is now living a life of captivity in prison. She will remain there until the end of her sentence.

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