What happened to Scott Scurlock? | The ‘Hollywood Bandit’ featured in How to Rob a Bank

What happened to Scott Scurlock?

The Netflix documentary How to Rob a Bank tells the story of a man named Scott Scurlock (The Hollywood Bandit) who robbed 17 Seattle banks in the 1990s.

In this article, we take a brief look at the bandit’s crimes and ask the question: What happened to Scott Scurlock?

Who was Scott Scurlock?

Scott Scurlock, who was nicknamed ‘The Hollywood Bandit’ because his crimes were inspired by the 1991 movie Point Break, was a very prolific bank robber.

This was a surprise to those who knew him best, including his family and friends, who never expected him to lead a life of crime. 

However, he did show criminal tendencies during his early years. Born in Virginia, United States on 5 March 1955 to religious parents, he was a smart and rather eccentric child who allegedly used to pick the locks of people’s homes for fun. This bizarre pastime was a sign of things to come because his compulsion for thrill-seeking led to him becoming one of Seattle’s most famous bank robbers. 

What did Scott Scurlock do?

Between 1992 and 1996, Scott Scurlock and his accomplices, Mark Biggins and Steve Meyers, stole a total of around $2 million from various banks in Seattle. 

Scurlock enlisted Biggins to help him with his first bank heist in 1992 when he learned his friend was having financial problems. Together, they robbed the Seafirst Bank in the Madison Park neighbourhood on 25 June. The robbery didn’t go as planned as they had to flee on foot after flooding the engine of their getaway vehicle. But this didn’t deter Scurlock who went on to carry out more bank robberies with Meyers and Biggins.

By mid-1996 they had robbed 17 banks, much to the chagrin of the FBI who had put up reward posters of the criminal. Unfortunately for them, the poster looked nothing like Scurlock, so the chances of him being recognized as the ‘Hollywood Bandit’ were slim, to say the least. 

What happened to Scott Scurlock?

On Thanksgiving Eve in 1996, Scurlock and his associates robbed the Seafirst Bank again. The police were alerted to the crime and gave chase. They eventually caught up to Scurlock’s van when it turned into a side street and stopped. A shootout began, though as to who fired the first shot, we don’t know. In the Netflix documentary, Steve Meyers claimed the police fired first. However, this version of events is disputed by law officials. 

Regardless, Meyers and Biggins were shot by police and immobilized. They were still in the van when Scurlock took off again before crashing the vehicle. Scurlock escaped the scene by fleeing down an alley. Meyers and Biggins were not so lucky as they were quickly arrested.

The next day, a man called the police and told them somebody was hiding in his camper. It was his belief that it was Scurlock taking refuge. As it turns out, he was correct. 

The police arrived at the man’s home to investigate and when one of them shone a light into the camper, a gunshot went off. Two officers responded by firing bullets into the camper. Hours later, when there was no sign of movement from within, they fired tear gas into the vehicle before venturing inside. 

The police found Scurlock in the camper, dead, as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The gunshot that the police officer had heard earlier was the sound of Scurlock killing himself. He was 41 years of age at the time of his death. 

Meyers and Biggins were convicted of their crimes and sentenced to 21 years imprisonment. Meyers was released in 2013 and Biggins left prison two years later. 


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