Where is Penelope Jackson now? | The Abused Wife featured in A Killer Makes A Call

Where is Penelope Jackson now?

The crime documentary series A Killer Makes A Call, shines a sinister spotlight on those killers who were arrested after making a 999 call.

Episode 5 of the series focuses on a retired accountant named Penelope Jackson who called 999 and admitted to stabbing her husband.

In this article, we briefly outline this true crime case and ask the question: Where is Penelope Jackson now?

What did Penelope Jackson do?

On February 13 2021, Penelope Jackson killed David Jackson, her husband of 24 years,  at their home in Berrow, Somerset. She stabbed him to death following a row after her birthday dinner.

Following the murder, Penelope made a 999 call and confessed to killing her husband. She told the call handler that she tried to stab him through the heart but that “he doesn’t have one.”

She also said:

“I’ve killed my husband, or tried to because I’ve had enough. I might go and stab him again. I am in the lounge, he is in the kitchen bleeding to death with any luck.”

Penelope, who had been married three times before meeting David, claimed her 78-year-old husband had coercively controlled her. After years of physical and emotional abuse, she finally snapped and killed him. 

What happened to Penelope Jackson?

At Bristol Crown Court, Penelope admitted manslaughter but denied murder. She talked about the abuse she had suffered at David’s hands, including one Christmas when he threatened her with a poker during a row about a TV remote control.

On the day she killed David, she said he was angry because she had made bubble and squeak alongside the lobster and steak meal they shared. She went on to tell the court that she took a knife to her bedroom, where she contemplated taking her own life. But rather than killing herself, she decided David needed to “take some responsibility” for what he had put her through. 

Despite Penelope’s plea of manslaughter, she was convicted of murder on October 29, 2021. Judge Martin Picton told her she must remain in jail until she’s at least 84 as she’s shown “not a shred of remorse” for the killing. He also said:

“Despite professing to still love him, you sought to portray David Jackson as a monster. Whilst there was no doubt, as in any marriage, points of friction that the lockdown would have exacerbated, I have no doubt that he was nothing like the person you have claimed.

You took the life of another human being. That is a terrible thing to do and it represents a burden you and all the other family members will have to bear for the rest of their lives.

Their memories of (David Jackson) will always be tarnished by the manner of his death and by the way you sought to portray him.” (source)

Where is Penelope Jackson now?

Penelope Jackson was handed a life sentence with a minimum of 18 years. Her lawyers sought to challenge her murder conviction at the Court of Appeal but the appeal bid was rejected.

At the time of writing, Penelope is still behind bars. Her conviction for murder did not sit well with the Centre for Women’s Justice, who posted a statement in her support online. You can read that here


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