Where is Miranda Knight now? | The Wife of the Conman featured in Imposter: The Man Who Came Back From The Dead

Where is Miranda Knight now?

How well do we know the people we are married to? Are they who they say they are? Or could they be living under a false identity? These are questions you’ll likely ask yourself after watching the Channel 4 docuseries ‘Imposter: The Man Who Came Back From The Dead.’

Miranda Knight is the wife of a man who turned out to be a US fugitive wanted under rape charges. That man’s name is Nicholas Rossi, although, to Miranda, he is Arthur Knight, whom she married in 2021.

The two of them set up home together in Glasgow, Scotland, though Nicholas no longer lives there. At the time of writing, he is awaiting trial in Utah for his crimes.

In this article, we take a brief look at the relationship between Nicholas and Miranda, and we ask the question: Where is Miranda Knight now?

Miranda Knight and Nicholas Rossi – A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Miranda Knight is a devout Christian who met Nicholas Rossi in her home city of Bristol in 2020. At the time, she believed his name was Arthur Brown. 

A year after the two met, they got married and Rossi took on Miranda’s surname. 

During their marriage, Miranda set up a blog to document her life with Arthur/Nicholas. From what we read on the homepage (there are no other entries), the two of them had a happy life together. 

She talks about their love of National Trust sites, sitting in the park, gardening, and finding new places to explore. She also refers to the traumatic events she and her husband went through when he was arrested for crimes committed in the US. To overcome the stress they experienced after the arrest, Miranda set up the blog as a mindfulness tool.

It’s easy to feel sorry for Miranda. Her marriage was a happy one, something that the other women Nicholas Rossi married didn’t experience. But after Rossi’s trial and his extradition to the US, the chances of them continuing to have a blissful and peaceful married life together are slim, to say the least. 

Of course, it might be that Miranda isn’t as innocent as she makes out to be. There’s a suggestion in the documentary that she might be ‘Louise,’ the woman who helped Rossi fake his death. There’s no official word on whether this is true or not, so for now, we’ll have to trust that she had no part to play in his deception.

Where is Miranda Knight now?

Miranda still lives in the UK, where she continues to support her husband. In an interview with the Daily Record, as mentioned in the Daily Mail, she said:

“I’m here with Arthur…I know my husband, I love my husband, and he’s always been the perfect gentleman to me and he’s always wanted the best for me. I know what I’ve read about this other person. The claims and what he’s done is black and white to who I’m married to.”

As to whether or not Miranda will remain with Rossi remains to be seen. Should he be found guilty of his crimes, she might decide to move on. If so, we hope she meets somebody who isn’t a US fugitive trying to evade the law!

More information on Rossi’s case can be found in the link below. 


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6 thoughts on “Where is Miranda Knight now? | The Wife of the Conman featured in Imposter: The Man Who Came Back From The Dead”

  1. Thanks for sharing Mary. I’m sorry you had to deal with Rossi. I hope all is good with you now.

    Lee 🙂

  2. It’s very ironic to me that they chose to use WordPress. I was his 2008 victim from Ohio and WordPress was the platform he used to doxx me and my infant daughter.

  3. Oh dear,what more clarification do you need than a 100 per cent fingerprint match taken from him after his arrest in Scotland and a credible nurse who witnessed his tattoos while in intensive care.It amazes me that even when these facts are presented that some people still have doubts about his true identity.

  4. Thanks for getting in touch Elaine. Re the tattoos, they had apparently been seen on ‘Arthur Knight’s’ arms while he was in hospital, and he had them removed soon after. I’m guessing the technology used to remove them is good enough to not leave scars but I’m not an expert.

    I’m in two minds about Miranda being Louise. But even if the two aren’t the same person, it does seem odd that Miranda didn’t see the tattoos on Rossi’s arms before they were removed. Was she duped by him? Or was she aware of his identity? I’m not sure but the latter seems likely. Perhaps we’ll never know.

    But you’re right, there are unanswered questions. If you ever hear more about the case and our pages haven’t been updated, please do let us know.

    Thanks for checking out the article. It’s much appreciated.

    Lee 🙂

  5. I’ve just watched the whole series about Nicholas Rossi/Arthur Knight, and feel there are still unanswered questions. Why has no one referred to any DNA taken from his father, as surely this would prove identy of the accused beyond doubt? I also disagree that his wife voice was also that of “Louise”. Miranda has a definite “West country” accent, unlike the recording played of “Louise”. Despite the likelihood that Knight and Rossi are the same person, thers are lots of
    discrepancies (eg missing tattoos without any scars or marks?) and I feel there needs to be far more clarification on this, before confirming the 2 men are one and the same.

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